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Life At Newport

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As Che walked into the bright sunlight out of the pool house, he stared for a long time at his sorroundings,
as he looked he heard some weird noices, like if someone was playing video games, so he decided to go into
the main house. As he opened the door, he saw a kid about his same age who in fact was playing PS2, the kid looked
at Che for a short time and then said ''Hey'', Che tooked a fast glance at the whole room and then said ''Hey''
Che figured out that it was Seth, Sandy's son. Afterwise both of 'em were playing. As they played Che noticed that
Seth talked too much, he gave a comment about almost everything and never shut up. Suddenly Sandy Came into the
room with a bag of groseries and said to Seth to show Che around, and so Che and Seth went out to have a walk.

Newport was a huge town, and the people that leaved there weren't exactly nice. Except for the Cohen's.
Che and Seth went to a dinner place they saw on their way, to take lunch, they entered and sat down, afterwise Che
saw that the girl he had ''met'' last night, Ana, entered the dinner place. Then Seth said:

''umm.. you know that girl that just came in is my neighbor she is really pretty.

Che was staring at Ana and was interrupted by Seth's words, then he said:

''Ya I know, I kinda met her last night, and yeah she is pretty.''

''You mean She talked to you ?!?'' Seth asked surprised.

''Yes, why is that so weird? She seems to be a friendly girl''

''Actually she is, but she has never said a word to me... Anyway, why don't you go talk to her?''

Che looked at Seth,and said: ''Look, I only know her name there isn't any reason She would like to talk to me, but
I will give it a try''

Che rapidly stand from the table and began approaching Ana, and when he was close enough to the table, he fastly
said ''Hey''.
Ana turned at Che and then said: ''Oh, its you.. Hey''

Then Ana asked Che: ''So... what are you doing here at Newport?. Seriously.''

Che tooked a deep breath and said: ''Seriously.. I stole a car, actually my brother did, since he was carrying a
gun and some drugs in his pockets he was arrested, then my mom threw me out, she was drunk, and Mr. Cohen took me in.''

After hearing this Ana said: ''Wow, what a story, but you know I still don't know your name.''

''O ya, 'am sorry my names Che ''

''Oh, I see, well I gotta go so see you around.''

''Ok, see ya''

Ana and her friend who Che didn't notice she was there, stand up, and left the place.

Che came back to the table were Seth was and he saw that some guys were bothering him, he went to the guys and Said almost shouting: ''Hey! leave him alone!'' The biggest of the guys came to Che and told him: Oh, but look who's here the little bitch from Chino, you know this town is a place for rich people not, people from dirty towns such as yours, you know kid.

Che got kind of angry and said ''You know what I like about rich kids.. haha.. nothing''

And inmediatley threw a fist at the guys face.

Che and Seth went out of the dinner place, fastly, while Che took his bike Seth standed by the door blocking it, so that the guys wouldn't get 'em.

Che got into the bike and Seth junped at the back of it, so before the guys could catch them, they were gone....

Once at the Cohen's home, Seth talked to Che about how awesome the punch had been.
After a while they heared the doorbell, when they went to check out who is was, the maid of the home, Rosie, had already opened the door, it was Ana, she came directly to Che and said:

''You didn't need to hit him! he only was bothering you, come on you could have killed him!''

Che didn't realized what she was talking about, so he asked:


''You know what am talking about, what happened with Luke at the dinner place.

''Oh, so your boyfriend called you to tell you, that a kid had punched him, great.''

''Oh My God! You are such an idiot!''

Ana turned and pushed the door real hard, on her way out.

Then Che went to the pool house were his bed was laid on the bed and began thinking:

''She is so.... Beautiful...''

Che! Che!

Sandy was calling Che but wasn't paying any attention, 'till Sandy shouted:


''Huh?, oh Sandy I am sorry I was distracted''

''Yeah, I can see that, anyway Che I got you news, they called from child services and told us that they have a foster home were you can stay.''

Che was surprised and at the same time sad, when before he could say a word, Seth came into the room angry and said:

''God dad, We have extra rooms in this house, and we have a pool house! And you just want to place Che in any damn foster home?!''

Then Sandy said:

''Look, if it was for me Che could stay, but your mom and child services don't think the same way.''

Just in that moment Kirsten came in the room and took Seth to the living room and talked to him about Che. There was nothing they could do, Che was going to be sent to a foster home.

Late that night Che couldn't sleep he was moving and moving in the bed, we was thinking about a lot of stuff, Ana the foster home... Everything.
Until He decided to escape from the Cohen's House.

Che put his jeans and his jacket on, took his backpack and left. When he was getting out of the house, Seth came to him, and told him:

"hey men what are you doing?"

"Seth go back into the house"

"wait a second do you really plan on leaving? Cuz you know I have a plan"

Che had a surprised expresation on his face he was wondering what Seth's plan could be...

Seth went silently and at the same time rapidly to his room he took a bag, his skateboard and left the room. He went to were Che was and told him:

"Che did you have the chance to hear about my mom's new house in development?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Ok, lets say that you are going to stay there for a short time, 'till I can place into the house. Houw 'bout it ?"

Che closed his eyes for a short time, then said: "My mom always said to me to stay away from trouble.."

There was a long silence....

Nevertheless in was interrupted when Ana came to were the guys were.

"So you are leaving huh?"

Che opened his eyes and said in a low voice:

"Not really, 'am actually moving"

"Oh, good to know.. Hey I wanted you to know that am sorry for shouting you earlier, I think I overreacted a little about what happened to Luke."

Che kind of smiled and then said:

"It's ok."

"So you guys need a ride?"

Che was about to accept the offer when Seth interrupted and said: "No thanks Ana we are perfect."

He inmediatly took Che from the arm took a cab and left.....
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