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The Model Home.

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Che and Seth were in the cab, it was very late at night, and both of them had a lot of things in their minds..

"Hey Che, remember this is only for a couple of days, I'll talk to my mom, and convince her into, letting u stay"

"Yeah I know....Thanks."

After about half an hour they both reached their destinition, and went down the cab. They arrived in an enormous
house, which was in construction. Seth showed Che around, altough it was in construction, it was a real nice house.
As they walked around they heared someone entered the house. Che went to check out, who was it and he saw Ana
standing in the front door....

Seth came into the main room and sho"uted....

"O great look who has come!!"

"Come on Seth, can't you be in peace for a second?" Ana said.

"Me?!? oh, come on ur the one who...

Before Seth could continue, Che interrupted.

"Ok, you too better stop it, we don't want anyone hurt here.."

The three of them went to the empty pool, Che and Ana, sat down to talk, while seth went to the pool to skate.

Ana seemed to be happy and was kind of laughing.. Che asked her:

"Um... What's so funny?"

"haha, nothing, I like to laugh... Hey I heard that your mom, threw you out, but what about yout dad?"

Che took a deep breath and said:

"Well... he was arrested for armed robberry.."

Ana got kind of shocked and said:

"..'am sorry to hear that."

Na, its ok, am already used to see my family member get arrested or something.."

Seth stopped skating and went to Che and Ana...

"You know I think its time for us to leave... If my parent's caught me up, they would for sure kill me"

Ana grinned

"Omg Seth, ur shuch a child.."

Setha and Ana left the home.. While Che took out a sleeping bag, he had on his backpack, he turned on a small fire,
and went to sleep.
On the next morning about at 9 am, Che woke up kinda dizzy, and began doing some exercise.. He waited for Seth to arrive,
but he didn't knew that back at the cohen's home, the police was already seeking for him...

Meanwhile..Seth was getting ready a bag with food and other stuff to take to Che, he tooked his skateboard and went
out of the house, once outside, he saw his parents talking with a police officer. Seth figured out they were
talking about Che, so he tried to get his ass out of the house as fast as possible, but Sandy saw him...

"Hey Seth come here! We want to have a word with you" Sandy shouted.

Seth got near his parents, and the officer immediately asked him, if he knew something about Che..
Seth nodded.. "Not really last time I saw him I don't remember sorry."

Then he took his stuff and went running to the street, after taking a long ride in the cab, he reached the home, he
went running to the entrance but before he could get any further.. He saw Luke and some other guys, standing in
front of the door..

Seth got really nervous and stepped back...He was hoping Che would come out at any second to help him.....
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