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This is Acima's story, from The Devil's Bargain.

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The little girl curled up in a ball whimpering, her family had been murdered, her home destroyed. She felt the life leaving her body as her soul slipped out of her body. A figure bathed in light appeared next to her, "Acima," it said, "it is not your soul's time to be in heaven, your mortal body will die, but your soul will live on." The light brightened until everything else was gone, when it faded away, Acima found herself lying on a cot.
A well-dressed man stood next to the cot, "Hello," he said, "I am Abdeel, welcome to The Sanctuary." Acima's new life had begun.

Acima stiffened when she saw the picture in the morning paper. The man standing there with his arm around the president was the demon who had murdered her family, two thousand years before. Jessica noticed Acima's expression, "what's the matter?" She asked concerned, Acima pointed to the picture with a shaking hand, "that's the demon who murdered my family," she closed her eyes, seeing the demon walk into her house, throwing a fireball at her father obliterating him immediately, she remembered the stench of burning flesh, the sound of her mother and sister's screams. The demon laughing as he murdered her family one by one.
She wiped away tears, "Belshazzar" she spat in anger, Nigul grabbed the paper, "it seems that he's now going by Michael Sweeny and is the president's top advisor." Acima jumped up, "where are you going?" Jessica asked, as she and Nigul followed her. She whirled around, "I'm going to find Belshazzar," she said, "and I am going to kill him. He'll find that I've changed from that scared five year old girl two thousand years ago."
Nigul grabbed Acima's sleeve, "you can't go in there, guns blazing so to speak," he said, "consult Abdeel, find out how we can deal with this demon." Acima nodded her head, than turned away wiping her eyes, "ok," she said. Than turned, and walked up the stairs, Jessica started to follow her, but Nigul grasped her arm, "leave Acima be for now," he said.

Acima shut her door, than leaned against it, tears streaming down her face, her family had been demon fighters and slayers for generations. Than Belshazzar, hunted them down, killing everything she knew and loved. She laid down on the bed fully clothed, trying to block out the screams, the smells. She shivered, as in her mind she saw Belshazzar laughing, as he gutted her grandfather with a sword. She closed her eyes, soon falling into a troubled sleep.

"Acima, run!" She could hear her mother screaming, "get the other demon slayers." Than a bright flash, as her mother shrieked in pain, Acima turned, crying out as she saw the smouldering corpse of her mother. She ran back, falling to her knees next to her mother's body, a shadow fell over her and she looked up. Belshazzar stood there, "the demon slayer's daughter," he said, than drew his sword. Acima cried out as his sword bit into her flesh, she fell onto her mother's corpse, as the demon walked away.
Acima sat up breathing heavily, she got out of bed, she had promised Nigul that she would talk to Abdeel before hunting down Belshazzar, but she had to get out for a while. She walked out of the front doors of The Sanctuary. She got on her motorcycle and roared down the driveway, out the front gates.
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