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Acima saves a innocents life, than finds out a startling connection between them.

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She ended up in a tough part of town, which suited her mood just fine. She was hoping to find some minor demons, or other slimy evil creature so she could kick some ass. She heard the sound of someone getting beaten up, hopping off her motorcycle she hurried toward the sound. Three messenger demons were beating and kicking a young man. Acima casually whistled, "hey boys," she said. The demons turned toward her, eyes lighting up at the sight of new prey. One bounded toward her, Acima grabbed him by the collar of his leather jacket, sending him flying into the brick wall of the building. The second demon, summoned up a fireball, throwing it at her, she snapped her fingers and it flew back, obliterating the demon.
The third one began to shake as she neared him, "who are you?" It squeaked in a whiny voice, "I'm the Demon Slayer's Daughter," she said. "BOO," the demon squeaked again and ran off down the alley.
Acima, knelt next to the man, "can you walk?" She asked, "we have to get out of here, before the whiny demon, brings some of his friends." The man nodded, Acima helped him to his feet, and they walked to her motorcycle. Before she got on, she flipped open a cell phone. "Abdeel, I found an innocent," she said, than got on the motorcycle and roared away.

They returned to The Sanctuary where Abdeel waited for them, Abdeel helped the man off the motorcycle, "I am Abdeel," he said to the man, "this is The Sanctuary, you are safe here." The man slightly smiled, "I'm Mather," he said, wincing. They walked back into The Sanctuary, "I need to know why those messenger demons were attacking you." Abdeel said as they stood in the foyer, "my father is displeased with the fact that I am wholly human, and have scruples," the man explained, "he sent those messenger demons to send me a warning, not to try to interfere with his latest project."
"Who is your father?" Abdeel asked, "my father is Belshazzar, now known as Michael Sweeny." Mather answered as Acima gasped.

Later Acima stood in the library, looking out the window, not really seeing the scenery. She heard the soft sound of a footstep, but didn't turn. "I wanted to thank you for saving me," Mather said. Acima stiffened, "it was nothing," she said cooly. Mather walked up behind her, Acima whirled around, pushing him away before he could touch her. "I have to go, I have classes to teach," she snapped, than began to storm out of the room. Mather grabbed her arm, "I want to know why you seem to hate me," he demanded. She glared at his hand on her arm, "let me go," she snapped. "Not until you tell me why you hate me." He snapped back. She gripped his arm, flipping him, making him land flat on his back. "I hate you, because you have the blood of my family's murderer in your veins," she hissed, than walked out, leaving him lying on the floor.
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