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First Impressions

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When two girls leave their home and come to present day Santa Carla, in an attempt to escape their nightmare they never realize that even if you loose something, you can gain something in return. (...

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Chapter 3
First Impressions

When the girls looked up they realized that they were surrounded by four guys on motor bikes.

Acting on instincts Sam and Allison put Laddy between them, and stepping in to a defense stance.

"Shit" Allison swore.

"And here I thought things couldn't get more complicated." Sam confessed.
"Well you know what happens when you assume things... it makes an ass out of you and me." Allison said sarcastically.

"Now is not the time for humor Al." Sam said.

As they talked, one of the men got off his bike and walked towards Star. He was tall, and had a blond mullet. But the one thing that stuck out the most was his long black leather trench-coat. [1]

"Star where have you been? And who are your new friends?" he asked in a deep voice.

"Their no one David." Star replied.

"cough ouch cough cough" Allison coughed.

"Allison~... shh!" Sam whispered, nudging her in the ribs.

"What? What she said was cool blooded..."

"Dear God would you shut up?!"


"Shh... that dude is coming over here."

When Allison looked up it was just as Sam said, the man called David was headed towards them.

"Who are you two?" he asked.

"I don't belie it's any of your business who are." Allison responded coolly.

"What are you doing with Laddy?" He asked.

"I don't believe that's any of your business either."

"Just answer my questions, and we might just let you go." He demanded threateningly.

By this time his friends have gotten off their bikes and were surrounding them.

"Too Bad...So Sad..." Allison quoted from Van Helsing.

"Then let go of Laddy." Star demanded.

"HELLO! We're not holding him!" Sam yelled. "If you haven't noticed he's holding on to me." She stepped to the side so everyone could see the little boy, who was hugging her leg.

"And let me tell you" she continued "the kid is like a leach, a cute leach, but a leach nevertheless. My God its like he's glued to my leg, he's got such a tight grip on my leg."

"Hey, I thought you said this wasn't the time for humor..." Allison said.

"Who said I was it's not like you listen anyway."

"True" shrugged Allison.

While the two of them were talking, David nodded to one of his companions, who started to walk towards the girls.

He has long wavy bark brown dark brown hair, tall, and mysterious looking. His face is beautiful...and his jean jacket was open and no shirt underneath to reveal his drool worthy body.

As he came up to the girls, he looked down at Laddy.

"Laddy, come on lets go." The man said calmly, his silky voice sent a shiver down Allison's spine.

Hesitantly the boy let go of Sam's leg, and started to walk towards the man, who has yet been identified. Once Laddy reached the man, he turned around and ran back to the girls, hugging them.

"Will I ever get to see you two again?" he asked shyly, releasing them.

"Well that all depends on your keepers over there." Allison said.

He looked back at David who nodded. Turning back around he smiled.

Sam copied down their new address and gave it to Laddy, who then ran back to the man with the jean jacket on.

"Well it seems that our presence here is no longer necessary, let us take our leave, so...come on Al." Sam said quickly, pulling Allison by the sleeve of her jacket.

"Wait!" called a man with long blond hair, jean jacket and a fish-net shirt underneath.

The girls turned around.

"Don't we get to know you names?" he inquired.

"Do we get to know yours?" Sam asked.

He looked over to David who nods.

"I'm Paul, he's Marco," he said pointing to a guy with shoulder length curly hair and a jacket with patches all over it, "Dwain" pointing to the man with the long dark brown hair. "David," the one with the mullet; "And you already know Star and Laddy."

"I'm Sam" she said keeping her end of the deal.

"Names Allison" she nodded.

"Now if you excuse us, we'll be leaving now." Sam said excusing them.

Leaving the boardwalk, they got into the car, and went to find their new house =.

... and they didn't get lost this time... that much...
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