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When two girls leave their home and come to modern day Santa Carla, in an attempt to escape their night mare they never realize that even if you loose something, you can gain something in return. (...

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Boardwalk...Boardwalk (oh ... wait sorry it's bad)

Disclaimer: ... I don't own the Lost Boys... though I wish I owned Dwain.... All I own are the horrible puns, as well as Allison and Sam.

After two hours of driving and listening to rock music, or something of the likes (Allison called it a band called Motorhead.) They finally arrived at their destination.

"Sam, Welcome to Santa Carla." Allison announced in a face Romanian accent, "Where all that is weird, comes together." [1]

"Al, where in the hell did you come up with that? ...-.-..." Sam asked.

"I don't know, I just made it up...but I like suits us." smiled Allison.

"Speak for your self." Sam mumbled.

"...I am ...and you..." looks around

After driving around the city of Santa Carla for a while they realized that they had traveled around in a circle, about 10 times...

"Hey...ummm...Al?" Sam asked/


"Do you even know where your going?"

"...umm...looks both ways ...kinda..."



"Do you even know how to get there from here?" Rubs bridge of nose


"...-_-...then pull over and ask for directions..."

"...don't wanna..."

"...why not..?" sweat drops

"...because I don't need to..."

"OMG... what is it with you and guys that they can't stop and ask for directions along with reading them... I DON'T GET IT!"

"...sigh..." Allison shakes her head.

"Will you PLEASE ask for directions?"

Allison slides her a side ways glance.

"Will it shut you up if I do?"


"Hey look it's the Pier, we can get something to eat, and then ask for directions." Allison interrupted.

"Now you want to stop and ask for directions...-.-..."

"Where there are rides and guys there is a way...^.^"

"...isn't it 'where there is a will, there is a way?'"

"Not when I say it" Allison smiled.

Sam sighs and shakes her head "You'll never change, will you?"

"Nope ^.^ Besides you know you love me^.^"

"Of course," Sam said laughing.

As they walked around on the pier they discussed things that they would be doing...
Soon they walked by an add for a talent show, the winner wins $10,000. Sam looked at Allison, giving her a knowing look....

"Oh no, OH hell no!" Allison stated not even hearing Sam out.

"... Come on Al... its not going to kill you."

"But~ Sam~, we just moved here... and I would rather spend my time doing other productive things..." Allison said looking at a man who walked passed them.

"Allison, you are such a perv..."

"Thank you, Thank you very much" Allison said while doing a horrible Elvis Presley impersonation.

"Al come on ...hey look, there's a place and it's perfect..." Sam said while dragging Allison by the collar of her jacket into a video store.

"Hello can I help you ladies?" said a tall middle aged man, with a bald spot and bottle-cap glasses.

"Um...I hope so, you see my friend and I are looking for a certain type of video..." Sam started.

"Please don't have it, please don't have it, please don't have it, please don't have it..." Allison chanted like a prayer in her head, as Sam talked to the man.

"It turns out that we do have that video, I'll be right back, let me get the tape." The man said, then went to get the tape.

"Damn, Shit, Goddamn it, Mumble, Mumble, Bleep, Bleep, Bleep..."

"Here you go ladies, if there's anything I can help you with, my name is Max; just let me know." He said while placing the tape on the counter.

"Actually there is" Allison commented, "You see... we're kinda, sorta...well umm... you see what happened was... um..."

"Christopher Columbus here got us lost, and we're wondering if you could point us in the correct direction." Sam interrupted, while pointing at her friend, who just glared back at her.

After getting the directions, Allison and Sam left the store with the "evil tape" (or so Allison calls it) they started walking around the boardwalk. Not long after, they saw that there was a band playing.

They stood and watched the band play for a while, when they noticed a young child walk by them; thinking that he got separated from his family, so they stopped him.

"Hey kid, are you lost?" Allison asked.

"No...I just got separated from my friend..." the boy said nervously.

"Well, my name is Allison and this is my friend Sam... want us to help you look for them?" offered Allison.

"O-Ok..." mumbled the boy.

"So... won't you tell us your name?" Sam asked.

"Laddy...its Laddy..." he said quietly.

"Okay Laddy, so what's the name of your friend?" Allison questioned.

"Her-her name is Star..." Laddy mumbled.

"Okay then, lets go star hunting" concluded Allison.

After looking for the girl named Star for about a half hour, they stopped to plan where to look next.

"Okay we looked just about everywhere, do you have any idea where she might be?" Sam asked.

By this time Allison was starting to get pissed about the fact that some one would leave such an adorable little boy, who doesn't seem to be older than 9-10 years old, alone on the boardwalk.

'OO- I swear as soon as we find his friend, their going to hear a butt-load from me.' Allison ranted in her mind.

"Laddy? Oh my, Laddy? Is that you Laddy?" a female voice called from behind them.

When the turned around, they saw a young woman, no older than 23, with long brown hair, white tank top, and gypsy-like skirt, coming towards them.

Sam took a step to stand in front of Laddy, as Allison walked toward the girl.

"Are you Star?" Allison asked in a demanding voice.

"Yes, who are you? And what are you doing with Laddy?" Star questioned.

"But what I want to know" Allison continued, ignoring Star's questions, "Is why in the bloody hell you would leave a young boy alone on the boardwalk, where anything could happen to him." She said protectively, taking a threatening step towards Star.

"Al cut it out, she's here now, just leave it be" Sam called from where she stood in front of Laddy.

"You're a lucky one," Allison said before glaring at her, then turning to walk to Sam and Laddy with Star following.

"Laddy where did you go? I turned around and you were gone." Star asked solomly.

Laddy didn't respond. Star crouched down to his height and offered her hand to him.

"Well it doesn't matter anymore, I found you now. Come on lets go find the guys." She said.

Still he didn't answer, and hid behind Sam's leg.

They stood like that for a while, everyone staring at Laddy who refuses to go with his friend. The only thing that seems to get their attention was the roaring of an engine... or several.


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Lots of Vampire Kisses
-Aubrey's Girl


[1] Sorry I just watched Van Helsing.... And I have been using lines from the movie all week.
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