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Love Is a Marathon

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**Mikey's POV

Twins? I was beyond shocked. I looked around my empty apartment and I could'nt think. I just wanted her here, with the kids we're about to have. I stood up and drove to the studio as usual. "Hey Mikey, whats up with you?" I smiled at Gerard and he looked so confused. "Dude, your having both a neice AND a nephew. She's having twins." I watched as Gerard's jaw drop and an instant grin spread out on his face. "REALLY? I have to see her!" He got up and grabbed his coat. I looked at him. "What? You don't even know where she lives..." When he broke out in his goofy ass grin I knew that he was up to something. "Yeah, I do. Come on.." We all hopped in Gerard's car and had a silent drive. To be honest, I didn't know what to say. She was having..TWINS... After what seemed like hrs, we pulled up in a driveway. Bella's car was parked in the yard. "When did you find out where she lived?" Gerard smiled slyly. "Well, I drive around this town alot. I saw her car here and she was getting out..but that was way before I knew she was pregnant. I just thought she was gaining weight..." He trailed off and I didn't bother to listen. I hopped out and practically ran to the door. "Bella!" I knocked hard till I heard the locks click and the door open. "Mikey, what are you doing here....?" She smiled as she noticed the other guys and shook her head. "Oh, I take it you told them?" I nodded and looked at her softly. She really didn't change much. She was still skinny, but..with a belly. She still had that long beautiful hair, and her smile. Her green eyes just..looked at me intently. "What are you guys..." I was shoved to the side as Gerard engulfed her in a hug. "TWINS!!!" I heard her laugh that wonderful laugh that she does and hug him back. "Yeah, I was just as shocked as you guys were. I mean....I thought I was only having one!" She let him go and the tohers walked up to her. Frank kissed her cheek. "I'm glad to see that your happy and they're treating you well Bella.." I watched as she blushed and smiled sweetly at him. It was so clear that Frank still had a thing for her. Hell...he even told me so. When...I broke her...*Flashback It was the night Bella ran. I was freaking out...She heard every word I basically said to Alice. Things were running through my mind. The next thing I know, Frank barged through the door, and was on me before I could blink. "What the Fuck did you do to her??" I went to shove him off, but he held me down. "I didn't do anything! I just met up with Alice and we talked!!" Frank went to hit me in the face, but Gerard and Bob pulled him off. Bob held him back. "Frank, cool it." Frank nodded and sat down. I stood up and looked around. Ray looked at me. "Tell us everything that happened.." I nodded and sat away from Frank. "I got a call from Alice, and she wanted to see me, to talk...Before I could say no, she hung up. Bella called me asking if it was ok for her to hang out with some of the guys from GC...And I said sure, then hung up...Uh, Alice came by and talked to me, I have a kid...a son.... We we're talking, and she said she wanted to get back together, because of the baby, ...She said she loved me...and I told her the same thing...She kissed me, and Bella walked in..She heard the whole thing....oh God.." I buried my face in my hands and cried. I never really showed my emotions to the guys, but I didn't care. I love Bella more than I love anything else. I looked up and found that the guys had solomn faces. "I don't love was impulse. I mean, she has my kid...I didn't know what to say...." I watched as Frank got up and took a swing at me, hitting my jaw hard. Bob and Ray pulled him back and I could see that he was angry. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING BREAK HER!! NOT AGAIN....." I watched as he completely broke down. "I still love her Mikey...I told you to take care of her.." He shook his head at me and I spoke, despite the blood coming from my mouth. "I didn't mean it to Alice. It's just one big misunderstanding...I need to talk to her..." It was then that the guys tried to reach her..End Flash Back* We all gathered in her living room and smiled. She sat on the sofa surrounded by us guys...She seemed really happy here.

*Gerard's POV..for*

I couldn't help but look at her. She was glowing...I guess she was happy knowing that she was ging to have kids. "So, dollface, what names did you pick out?" I watched as her green eyes got a small bit teary. "I don't know..I mean...I wanted to...ask....Mikey about it for a while...I mean,....." She fell silent and then looked me straight in the eyes. "I'll be honest. I didn't want Mikey around. I wasn't even going to tell him..But...its his kids..He should help name them right?" I nodded my head and looked over at Mikey. He was happy. Its the first time in a while that I've seen him smile. "That's good Dollface.." She looked down and Frank stood up. "Hey Lil mama. Let's talk ok?" She nodded and he helped her up. I watched them walk away, to the kitchen to talk I guess... Mikey smiled. "She looks great pregnant.." I laughed at my baby brother and shook my head at him. "Mikey, what are you going to do about your kids? I" The blood drained out of his face and he got silent. Ray spoke. "Wow, I didn't ever think her belly could get so big...haha...she's like..." He fell silent..."Poor Ray. Your too stupid to function." I laughed at his sarcastic face and continued talking to my brother..

*Bella's POV*

I walked, more like waddled into the kitchen with Frank. He closed the kitchen door and smiled at me. "Its good to see that your ok Bella." I blushed a bit and felt my heart race... "What did you want to talk about?" He got closer to me, and placed me on the counter..."Whoa.." He smiled. "You loved sitting up there back before you ran... I figured you miss sitting there since..." He motioned to my belly and I smiled at him. "Thanks...I really did miss it.." He nodded and got eye level with me. "Bella...You love Mikey, I can see that.." I looked down and felt as he was staring holes in me. "I do..but...I don't want him to be with me because of the babies. And...He still loved Alice...Frank.." He moved closer and sat on the counter with me. "Shut up. Your making up excuses." I fell silent...He was right. I was making excuses.. "I know..but Frank..He.. loved her..he didn't even stop me from leaving.." That thought hit Frank and he sighed. "True..He called us as soon as you left...Well, I think when Alice left..." I froze and held my stomach. "See? Do you know how many times I wanted this kid to be anyone else's but his? He didn't care enough to run after me, or notice that I was gaining weight...He never bothered to see that I was sick every morning for the past three months we were together.. before I ran..." I let the tears fall down my cheeks. "I wanted the kid to be yours rather than one point in time..But..I love Mikey to ever think that for long. And I hated myself for thinking that way..." Frank moved in closer..His eyes looking into mine.. He wiped away my tears and smiled at me. "Everyone wants to have my kids. I'm flattered." I couldn't help but laugh and tilt my head to the side. He leaned in, and kissed me softly. Just like old times, back on the bus. I kissed back, parting my lips, and letting his tongue slide in. All too soon, my brain kicked in, and I pulled back. "Frank.." He sighed and smiled, sliding off the counter. "I still care for you Bella. I'll always be here when you need me. Ok?" I nodded and he helped me down. At that moment, I leaned up, and gave him a short peck on the lips. "Same here Frank." He smiled and we walked back out.

*Third Person POV*

Bella sat on the sofa again and Mikey looked at her. "Bella, I know your mad at me, but..maybe you can come back to the house, so I you out, you know, with the kids and all." She looked at him, blushing, then back at Frank and the others. "I don't know Mikey. I mean, I have a home here, and they said they would help me out. And they've been doing that all this time. I can't just say. "Thanks for all the time and money you spent on me, but, I'm leaving now to live happily ever after with the Father of my twins." It doesn't work that way Mikey." His face fell, but he didn't give up. "I don't care what you say, as long as I know your coming back to OUR home, where OUR twins were concieved. Where I plan on helping you raise OUR kids." Bella shook her head and looked up at the ceiling. "Mikey, you don't understand. I love these guys. I'm not going to leave them again..." Just then, a voice, other than the guys spoke. "You better go home with him Tinker Bell." Bella looked up and found Benji standing there with the guys. Joel looked at Mikey like he was going to kill him. "I don't want her to, but if you care for her like you say you do, you won't make her run back here...GOT IT??" Mikey nodded and Chris spoke. "Bella, we we're going to take care of you if he didn't man up to the responsibility. He's doing that now, and there's really nothing we can do." Bella pouted. "But..I'll miss you guys too much.." Paul laughed. "Yeah right Prego. You'll see us. We're still gonna spoil those kids. Especially if the baby girl looks like you." Bella bushed and Mikey stood up taking her hand. "Come on. Lets go home. Please?" Bill spoke and basically pulled her up. "Yeah Bella, go home. We don't want you here anymore.." She burst out laughing and nodded her head. "Ok, I guess I'll go back home with Mikey.." They all smiled ans stood up, gathering around her to give out hugs. She hugged them all back and smiled. "You guys better be there when I give birth to these two!" They all nodded, and helped her pack her things. Joel and Benji were the hardest for her to say farewell to. They've been there for her when the others couldn't be. Soon enough, she was back at the old apartment where everything began...She unpacked her stuff and laid in the bed. Mikey laid beside her. "Despite what I said to Alice, I never meant it to her. Only you. I love you Bella. Please believe that.." She nodded against his chest and yawned. "I believe it..I just...I want you to know...I love you too Mikey. I never meant to keep this from you....I .-" He smoothed back her hair. "I know. Go to sleep...ok?" Too late. As soon as he spoke, she had already fallen into a deep slumber...

**Ok, everyone your going to hate me...The next the last chapter...I'm sorry, but I had to end, enjoy....
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