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**It saddens me to say that this is the LAST CHAPTER!!!...I cry.....I might have a small sequal, but I woudn't know where to start...This is the first story I finished, and well, I'm proud. Just not proud that it couldn't last longer...damn...Well, read on, and enjoy. I think you'll like it...

*Mikey's POV*

I woke up with something pressing against my body. And it was slightly moving. I opened my eyes, confused as hell. When I saw Bella's sleeping face next to mine, I couldn't help but smile. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight shining on her face. I looked down and realized that it was her stomach against my body. So it wasn't a dream. She really was pregnant, with twins, and with me. I smiled and placed my hand on her stomach. One of the babies softly kicked, causing me to jump a little. I couldn't help but smile as tears were broght to my eyes. The girl I was inlove with since highschool, the one that I lost and got back TWICE, was laying in the bed next to me, with twins. I pulled her as close to my body as I could get her and felt as she shifted a little. "Mmmm...Mikey, I'm hungry." I couldn't help but laugh and look at her. She looked at me with her sleepy green eyes and smiled, which turned into a look of concern. "What's wrong? Why is your face leaking?" Laughter escaped my lips and I just leaned in, kissing her softly. "I love you. I'm just...I just realized its not a dream. Your really pregnant." She pulled back, and wiped away at my face. "Mikey...I love you too..." She sat up and yawned. "Now, about a snack..." She rubbed her belly and I stood up with her. "Lay back down. I'll get it for you. What do you want?" She shook her head. "I can get it. I just need help getting down the stairs..." She took my hand and we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I stood back as she raided every cabinet and drawer, for food. 7:43 am...Great...I stretched as she found what she wanted and smiled at me. I couldn't help but watch her. I can't believe I missed it. The whole, pregnancy thing. She looks so beautiful. I watched as she made a fruit salad, and her body basically move with her. She seemed to glow...All too soon she pulled me into the living room and popped in a movie. " I fat?" I looked at her confused at the answer. "No, your just pregnant..." She laughed and handed me a fork. "Here, you need to eat..I noticed you got thinner.." She smiled sweetly and just watched the movie, not saying another word.

*Third POV*

Bella looked at the screen with the bowl resting on her belly. Every so often it would move and Mikey seemed amazed by it. "You know, the baby is going to knock it over...?" She nodded. "Yeah, but I can't ground them as soon as they pop out." Mikey laughed and Bella memorized the features of his face. He still has those dorky glasses, that strong chin, and the heart warming smile...but..His body changed. He's still lanky, but, a strong kind of lanky. And he's still as sweet as ever..Why did I run? She moved closer to him and placed his hand on her stomach, catching his attention. "I love you Mikey." He smiled as he felt the twins shift under his hand. "I love you too Bella." He fell silent and looked her in the eyes. "Will I be a good father?" She smled so sweetly that he regretted asking the question. "Of course you will be." She kissed him softly and rubbed her stomach. "They'll tell you so when they learn how to talk." He laughed and they basically spent the day with eachother...
Well, the day came when she had to give birth. Mikey was found near her bed, holding his first born in his arms, and trying to gain the feeling back in his hand. Bella looked up from her daughter. "She's so beautiful..." Tears fell from her eyes and Mikey couldn't help but smile at his son in his arms. "They both are." He watched as she touched her son softly and smiled. Pretty soon, the whole gang was in there. Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob, Joel, Benji, Paul, Chris, and Billy. Mimi was there too. Mimi hung over Bella. "What names did you pick out?" Bella smiled widely. "Michelle Marie Way." Mikey spoke next. "And Alex Jerome Way." Gerard seemed to be all smiles at his brother. "Which is the oldest?" When Mikey did nothing but coo over his son, he knew it instantly. "I take it that Alex is huh?" Mikey nodded and Gerard stood next to him. "Can I hold my nephew?" Mikey handed him over and Joel basically took over Michelle. Bella looked at them, and giggled softly. "I can't believe...I have kids..and I'm only 24..." She started crying and Mikey held her close. "Bells, come on...don't cry..please?" She nodded and wiped away her tears. "I'm just so happy...I mean.." She laughed and sniffed. "Never mind.." Gerard spoke clearly. "Alex looks like a smaller version of Mikey, only, with jet black hair and...." He scrunched up his face. "I can't tell what color eyes..." Mikey spoke softly. "They both have green eyes. Just like Bella." Joel smiled. "Great. Michelle stays with her uncle Joel, every other weekend when she's old enough and I'll spoil her ok?" Bella laughed and nodded. "Ok Joel. If you want." Benji held Michelle next. "She looks just like you Bella, only, pale..and...midget sized.." This made the whole room burst out in laughter. They spent all that time cooing over the babies, and basically, getting along..

Months passed by since the birth of the twins. They were spoiled worse than any other child in the world, only because the family they were in, were famous... Bella went back to being a model, but she was always home to take care of her kids. The kids were still just little tiny things, and Mikey loved them dearly....

Bella was getting ready to go out with Mikey. Gerard and Joel agreed to watch the kids for them. Mikey watched as she made her way down the stairs. She was wearing a black corset top, with a black knee length skirt, and some boots. She smiled at him and he held her hand lightly.. The drive to the restaurant was silent. When they were seated, he looked at her. "You look so beautiful." She blushed and looked down. "Oh shut up. Your just saying that because I gave you twins." He laughed and held her hand. "Bella, I love you." She smiled and giggled. "I love you too Mikey..Dinner went as usual. They ate,and talked. Now they were walking around...Bella looked at him. "Mikey, tell me where we are! I'm soconfused.!!!" He laughed and held her hand. "You should know. Open your eyes, and look." She looked at him. "My eyes ARE open. What-?" He put a hand over her mouth and sighed. "Shhh..." She felt as he moved his hand up and covered her eyes, walking a bit further. "Ok...LOOK." She opened her eyes and looked around...Then it clicked. "OMG, Mikey...." She began to tear up as she realized she was back in the housing block. She saw the Way house across the street, and she was standing on her old porch. He looked at her softly, and smiled. He leaned in and kissed her lips softly. "This, is where we were standing when I gave you your first kiss." She nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I remember.." He took her head in his hands and looked her in the eyes. "This is where I stupidly let you go, without telling you how I felt." She gave another soft nod and he got down on one kneee. "I'm not letting it happen again. Arabella Mionette, I'm so inlove with you. You gave me two beautiful kids, and you've made my life so worthwhile. I love waking up next to you every morning, and seeing your beautiful smile, and your beautiful eyes look at me. I love the way you laugh when I've done something stupid, and I love every single thing you do when its just us. I don't want to miss out on this. I want to have it for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?" She began to cry as he pulled out a box from his jacket pocket, revealing a beautiful sparkeling diamond ring. She fell to her knees and nodded, hugging and kissing him. "Yes Mikey, I will." He smiled and kissed her lips passionately. He slipped the ring on her finger, and she just, burst out crying. They stood up and he held her hand. "I love you Michael." He smiled and pulled her in. "I love you Arabella." The ride back to their house was silent, and well charished. When they got home, they did more than just enjoy each other's company. They enjoyed, everything, their kids, their bodies, and their lives........

**You can decide, should this be the end?


Mikey stood at the front of the alter, white flower pedals were falling everywhere as He saw Arabella walking up to him. Joel was giving her away. She smiled and his breath caught in his throat. She's beautiful He took her hand and after a few, they exchanged vows, which resulted in them kissing afterward. As they walked back down the isle, they each held a child, smiling and laughing, as tears were shed. They walked out the church, waiting for the unknown, but knowing they loved each other... what more could they want?

*It's over...But then it? I've decided, Hey, why stop at the engagement? I'm gonna do a sequal. Yep, so, for those people who enjoyed reading this, disreguard the ending... For those who didn't....Why get this far?? Lol, ok, yeah, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for reading and sticking with the story so far. And thanks SAFEFROMROBOTSDAMN!! Gurl, Your the BEST!!....I'd hug you if I could....hugs air...*
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