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The sequel to "Kill All Your Friends"

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Chapter 1

Author's Note
Okay, so I didn't really think I could do a sequel, but them AlexSanDee gave me this fantastic idea =D. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to pull it off, I hope I am. Okay, so ENJOY and give your girl some love in the form of reviewsss!

He stared at the grave in front of him; it had been quite some years since he had visited this place, since he had been to Vegas...about five years now. The place was still depressing, still full of those horrible memories. He was now tall and skinny, just like his father, his recently acquired fifteen years where making him look better in his opinion.
His electric blue eyes rested once more on the grey stone, his longish black hair caressing his face lightly. He didn't want to cry, but the memories kept flooding in. The way she had her back to him, the horrible noise that erupted from his father's pistol and then collapsed against her mouth, how her face jumped backwards and her beautiful eyes were no longer so, he remembered all of that. All the blood, all the pain...all of that was still fresh on his this day he couldn't step into his father's house and feel safe anymore.
Such was his resentment against that room that he had preferred to live with his father but sleep every night at his grandma's just so Alice's ghost couldn't haunt his dreams.
Once more that song drifted into his ears, his memory...he could almost hear her sing it...then the last words came to his mind, and he heard her telling him in her sweet, heavenly voice:

" But I've already bitten down all my nails
There's only flesh and blood
As in the start
So I'll imagine your sweet tender body below my arms
I'm sorry I didn't teach you that boys do cry

Daniel, boys do cry

They do."

"Umm, Daniel. We really need to get going. My mom's going to kill me if she knows we haven't even gotten on our way to your friend's house yet..." His girlfriend told him impatiently, staring at her cherry nails. He couldn't blame her for not liking being here and watching him dwell over a 'stranger's grave', it's not as if he had actually took the time to explain her what all of this was all about. He sighed and ripped his eyes apart from the grave. He stared at his two-month old girlfriend. Her natural red hair was tugged into a small ponytail and her bangs fell to her face. She had nice freckles on the bridge of her nose and pretty, lush red lips. Her eyes were a shade of green slightly reaching brown, awfully gigantic and communicative.
"Sure Ali-"Daniel chocked on his words, remembering just how two more letters could recreate that name...Allison turned her face to him, preoccupied.
"...?" She stared at him questioningly.
"Sure Ally"
She continued to stare at him, waiting for him to bring her confidence. He walked up to her and slid an arm around her shoulders, picking his cell phone from his pocket with his free hand and dialling Kamz's number.
"Hello Daniel! Want us to pick you guys up?"
"Hey...wait, /us/?"
"Yeah, you're still with Ally, aren't you? You didn't ditch her in some bar, right?" Kamz said rapidly, as far as she knew Daniel could. She hadn't seen him in five years.
"I meant, who's coming with you?"
"Pete. Pete Wentz...I thought Bert had told you about him and I..."
"Oh yeah, since Ali- cough...Sure, pick us up"
Kamz noted how he hadn't said Alice's name. The poor kid...all that he had seen... Kamz's eyes watered at the thought. Alice had killed herself.
She had...
"Be right there" She said before the words would fail her. Daniel nodded to let Ally know everything was ok and He had noticed how Kamz's voice had quivered, he made a mental note not to try to talk about... around Kamz.
"Umm, Pete Wentz is coming along too"
"WHAT?!" Ally, said turning around completely "you know just how much I HATE FALL OUT BOY!"
"There's nothing I can do about it, he's her boyfriend. He really is." Daniel said, staring at the gravel in front of him. He hated that about Ally. She hated EVERYTHING then you would find her listening to whatever the hell she was supposed to hate. He had caught her several times doing that, too. They'd be catching his dad on the tour's stop on Vegas, hopefully she'll become better there, more influences...he didn't think things like that were easy to rub off but that didn't mean he couldn't try.
They sat on a bench outside the cemetery, waiting for Kamz to come pick them up. Daniel watched the sky, picturing the name on that grave. That sole name gave him the creeps now


"Without a sound I took her down,
And dressed in red and blue I-
"Ally hummed under her breath.
"SHUT UP!" Daniel screamed at her automatically.
Her eyes watered instantly, she backed away from him.
"I'm sorry Ally...I just...can't stand the fucker...I'm sorry"
"Why can't you stand Gerard?"
Daniel actually flinched at the name.
"There's...some things I haven't really explained..."

Ben scratched his head. He sat on the sofa on the tour bus with a piece of paper all scratched up and a pen in hand, the rest of the guys sleeping on their bunks. He felt empty. Alice was nowhere in sight.
She isn't alive He reminded himself. The band had had a sort of artistic breakdown. They had been touring and playing for the last five years, but they hadn't thrown in anything new. Their manager was starting to become a bit worried about their future. It's not that five years was a lot, there were bands that took longer in between albums, it preoccupied him that without Alice they wouldn't work that well. It preoccupied Ben too, and Brian, and Jess. Ben had replaced Alice on the guitar, but it still wasn't the same...the stage felt sorrowful, it was a depressed thrill.
Their crowd almost always wore black, as the band itself did, to show the sorrow and grief they all felt inside. Ben looked at his wrist, at his four year old tattoo


Kamz and Pete parked in front of the cemetery, Pete lowered the window for her to look for Daniel and his girlfriend. She spotted them and hollered at them to come close. They noticed them and climbed into the van.
"HEY! It's so good to see you Daniel! It's been too long!" Kamz shrieked, wrapping her arms around him. He hugged her back and Allison and Pete looked away embarrassedly.
"This is Allison, my girlfriend"
"And this is Pete Wentz, my boyfriend"
They said their hellos and as the car started Kamz turned to Daniel, "Want to drive somewhere or are you guys tired from the drive?"
"A bit tired as a matter of fact..." Daniel said, yawning.
Kamz nodded and stared back at the road. Allison snuggled up in Daniel's chest and soon fell asleep. Daniel's head hit the window as the tiredness got to him and he drowsed into a dreamless sleep.
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