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What's left

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About how the rest of 'em are doing...

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Chapter 2

The four of them sat at the kitchen table, eating cereal.
"So, Bert's picking you guys up at one and you hit the road from there, right?" Pete asked Daniel.
"Yeah, it'll be pretty rad. I can't wait to see Ben, Brian and Jess again. And I can resume my bass lessons there too..."
"I knew there was something I liked about you, kid! We can play a bit if you want when we finish breakfast"
"Really?" Daniel asked excitedly, he then shrugged and turned to Allison. He knew she'd kill him if he let her alone. Kamz jumped into rescue,
"How about you and I go to the new Cool store that opened on the mall? I'm sure there are some pretty nice things...There's a Hot Topic there too. I really need some new band T's"
Allison's eyes gleamed instantly, "Sure!" she responded.
"If you want you can also head to Clandestine, new season's up and you can get some freebies" Pete commented, earning the sweetest glance he had gotten from Allison yet.
"Thanks" She said politely.
"So it's settled then" Kamz said.

Brian and Ben were on the bunks, guitar and bass out, playing a simple, melancholic melody. Jess was on one of the top bunks, listening to their pathetic attempt of coming out with a new song. They kept getting the melody they chose for "Daniel: boys do cry".
The song was all over the place, it wasn't even that depressing anymore...well, it was but now there was a small dye of annoyance to it too. People who didn't know what it meant had used it as an hymn of teaching security or some shit.
"This is crap" Brian muttered under his breath.
"Yes it is" Ben commented.
"Uh-huh" Jess agreed from his porno magazine.
"You should stash that somewhere, Daniel's coming" Brian reminded him.
"It's not as if he hasn't stumbled into these before" Jess said, waving an un-preoccupied hand towards him.
"I mean it" Brian hissed.
"Okay, okay mother" Jess retorted, lifting the mattress and putting the rest of them below it.
"Happy?" Jess said.
"As long as he doesn't sleep in this bunk..." Ben said who was on Jess' lower bunk. Brian scooted and saw what he meant. The magazines could be seen from the spaces there were from one piece of wood to the other.
Brian looked at Jess harshly. Jess took them out and paced around the room, looking for a place to hide them, Brian trailing him closely.
"Anyone else would think you're worried you won't be able to find them after" Jess commented.

Gerard walked around the tour bus, hands in pockets thinking of what to do next. His desperation was getting to him and without thinking he started singing one of their songs,
"I'd neeevvver said I'd lie in wait forever
If I died we'd be together now
I can't always just forget her
But she could tryyyyy


At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home

Could I?
Should I?

And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever ever evveeerrrr
Get the feeling that you're never
All alone and I remember nowww-
Frank joined him now and they sang it together, ending up in the floor. Both of them curled up in a ball, crying. They thought of the same person as they sang. Both of them felt guilt and sadness.
Both of them wished they could've done things differently.
They just...

Allison came from her shopping morning with Kamz. It had been pretty fun and the girls had gotten along pretty good. There were times in which Kamz wanted to choke the damn girl to death, and dance around her body laughing. Okay, maybe she was a bit stressed now. It must've been the fans they had encountered that didn't loose any time in asking her just how Pete was in bed and a thousand of more questions.
It was not their damn problem.
It wasn't.
Kamz reached for her keys and opened the door. Everything was silent. It was normal.
"Where are they?" Allison asked, panicking.
"They must be on the room downstairs, it's sound proof so..."she explained as she let the keys on the counter.
"Oh, right"
"Go back down if you want. I'm sure that won't be a problem" Kamz said, lifting her hair and using a pin to have it in place. She pinned her bangs and started unpacking the new kitchen stuff she had bought: new mugs and plates. They had broken most on the past months. This time she had bought Correlle. Her mother would be proud.
"Hmm...who's Alice?" Allison asked Kamz all of a sudden, driving her away from her thoughts.
"What was that?" Kamz asked, turning to face her.
"Who's Alice?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.
"Mmm...she's...she's..."Kamz started muttering some incomprehensible gibberish.
"I should be the one explaining this to you." Daniel said carrying Pete's bass. He gave it to his owner and looked at the clock, ten thirty. Just about time to explain and then have a meal.
"We'll be...outside" Daniel said, grabbing his backpack and Allison's hand.
"Use the backyard, it's more private" Pete suggested.
"Thanks" He said and walked out the back door. Allison let him lead her along. He sat her down below an apple tree.
He noticed the irony of it all. Daniel took the nearest apple from the ground and held it in his not grown hands.
"Alice was..."
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