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Let The Games Begin

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When they arrived home, their neighbors were standing outside screaming at what their house was now looking like, draped in toilet paper and such. At least they didn't know it was Pete.
Everyone got inside and into the livingroom. They all sat down where they originally were before going and trashing the neighbors yard.

"Well, i'm guessing Truth or Dare is something in the past." Andy joked.

"Oh yeah. Thanks to Patrick." Pete huffed.

"It's not my fault the cops were called!" Patrick defended himself.

"Uh huh, yeah. You are going to pay. It's go time. It's on like the break of dawn. I got my game face on now! You are going down!!!" Pete yelled.

By now, Patrick was quite scared as to what exsactly Pete was going to do. The only thing he could do was be alert and prepair for the worst.

Later on that evening, Kate went home, due to the fact that the tention between her boyfriend and Patrick was unbearable. And quite frankly, put her in an aquward situation.
Andy, Joe and Patrick sat down and had a quiet meal at dinner time. Pete took his serving of mashed potatoes into the other room, because he refused to sit in the same room as 'The Demon Spawn from hell' as he liked to call Patrick from now on.
After eating dinner by his lonesome, Pete emptied his dish and went into his room to come up with a diabolical plan to get sweet revenge.

"You should watch out, Stump." Joe warned.

"Remember last time we finished off his favorite chocolate chip cookies from the bakery and he got super mad and sprayed glue in our hair when we were sleeping?"

"Oh god. That was horrible. I mean, for christ sake. They were cookies." Andy mumbled.

"Yeah, i know. He'll probabley come into my room in the middle of the night and cut off my family jewels." Patrick shuttered.

Joe and Andy both agreed it would be horrible if Pete were to neuter Patrick in the middle of the night, and decided to keep watch for him while he was sleeping.


"Congratulations Pete. Your a genius." He said to himself as he starred at a huge piece of posterboard.

"Let the games begin. Muwahahahah!!" He laughed evily.

He grabbed the huge board and snuck into the hallway. Both Andy and Joe fell asleep in the hallway, while on guard. Pete quietly snuck by them and went down the stairs to begin his revenge.

Oh boy....
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