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04. And it just keeps moving faster then we can handle.

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In the airport CiCi held Gerard close to her, afraid to let go. She hated it when he left her, and she hated it more not knowing when he'd be back. She sighed softly feeling a tear fall down her cheek. She kept her arms around his neck and bit her lip, her green eyes meeting with his hazel ones.

"When will you be back?" She asked him softly. He bit his lip and sighed.

"I don't know. I have to go to Jersey for a couple weeks, then back on tour. If you can, you should come to Jersey for a weekend." He smiled. "I'd love that." She smiled softly.

"I would too. I'll let you know, okay?" She asked him kissing his lips one more. He nodded as the loudspeaker came on, announcing that they were now boarding flight 139. He sighed.

"CiCi, I know we've spent the past couple of weeks together, and I'm sure it might be a little soon to be saying this but... I think I'm falling in love with you." He muttered under his breath, sighing again. She smiled slightly.

"Gerardo, You're amazing." She whispered kissing his lips softly. He picked up his bags and gave her one last lingering hug before boarding the plane, CiCi waving as he walked down the terminal to go back to Jersey.


"Frankiee." CiCi whined over the phone to Frank Iero, who she had been talking to for the past couple nights. He was in Orlando visiting his sister and he was about 10 minutes down the road from her.

"CiCiii." Frank said, mocking her whine. She pouted.

"I miss him." She muttered softly.

"Then go to fuckin' Jersey and visit his ass." Frank said. He covered the mouthpiece but it was still audible that he was talking to his girlfriend, Carly. She was a really sweet girl and she had meet CiCi once when her and Frank we're hanging out. Carly and Frank had been together since freshman year of high school and CiCi knew they were inseperable.

"It's only been like, two hours." She told him, laughing.

"Well figure something out girl, you aren't stupid. I gotta go, my sister needs help doing some shit and Carly wanted to watch a movie. You're welcome to come over if you want." He offered.

"Wait Frankie, can you give me Gerard's adress?" She asked. He gave her the adress as she wrote it down and they hung up. She sighed, looking at it and went to the computer, booking a flight out for the same night. She knew Felicia would give her a paid week off of work and just have Tony take care of the front desk, plus Tony has been complaining about hours anyways. She grinned to herself once the flight was book and went to her closet to pack her bags, her main goal to suprise Gerard.


"Gerard Authur Way you have been moping around this house since you've gotten here, what's gotten into you?" His mother asked, a stern look on her face. Gerard sighed.

"CiCi... I miss her." He said. His mother shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Is she coming to see you while you're up here? I'd love to meet this girl you keep going on and on about." She told him. Gerard nodded.

"She told me she'd let me know, but-" Gerard was cut off by the doorbell ringing and a blank expression came on his face. They wern't expecting anyone unless it was Mikey and Alicia but why would they ring the bell. Gerard peeled himself off the couch, his black tight jeans, the only clothing he was currently wearing, hanging at his hips. He opened the door and an expression of shock, glee, and content came over his face.

"I couldn't stand knowing you were millions of miles away wearing little clothing when girls could see you at the 7-11 and ask you're hand in marriage." CiCi said, laughing softly. He picked her up in his arms and pressed kisses to her lips, cheeks and forehead.

"Even if girls did that, I'd tell them no because I have an amazingly wonderful girlfriend who lives in Orlando. When did you leave Orlando?" He asked her, still in shock, his arms around her hips as he grinned uncontrolably. She laughed softly.

"About two hours after you did. I called Frank and told him that I couldn't stand it, and that I needed to come see you." She said, smiling still.

"Well I'm glad you're here, come on in, you can meet the family." He said, picking up her bags and placing them outside the door to what she suspected to be his room. A woman who looked about 50, but young walked into the room as a small smile came to her face.

"Honey who is this?" She asked, looking at Gerard then me.

"Mom, this is CiCi, the girl I've been telling you so much about. CiCi this is my mom." CiCi extended her hand to shake hers but his mother pulled her into a hug.

"You're the girl that Gerard always talks about! Oh my goodness Gerard she is gorgeous you were right!" She said. CiCi blushed furiously and bit her lip but still smiled. She hugged his mom and stood awkwardly. She smiled softly at her.

"Its nice to meet you Mrs. Way-"

"Please baby call me Cindy." She told her, that same smile that Gerard had gotten from her crossing her face. Gerard looked down at CiCi and grinned.

"Come on." He told her softly, leading her to his room. She walked in, and sprawled out on the bed, laughing slightly. He sat down next to her and ran his fingers along her back.

"I'm glad you came to see me." He told her. "I missed you."

"We were apart for five hours Gerardo." She said, grinning as her eyes met his. He leaned down to kiss her head.

"Yeah well... don't make fun of me." He said fake pouting. She got up and kissed his lips, lingering there for a minute as her tongue slid along his lower lip.

"You're too amazing for me to make fun of." She told him.

"Am not." He said, rolling his eyes. She pushed him down onto the bed and tickled him, smirking as she straddled his hips, her hands resting on his abs as she kissed his chin.

"You are." She said. He had stiffled his laughter and kissed her again.

"Don't you ever tickle me again." He said, faking seriousness.

"And if I do?"

"Bad things will happen." He said, smirking. She sighed and laid on him, her head against his chest as she felt his heartbeat.

"Gerard Authur Way you're probably the most amazing man ever, and I think I'm falling in love with you." She whispered, her eyes meeting his at the end of her sentence.

"Cecilia Autumn Thomas, you're probably the coolest chick ever and I know I'm falling in love with you." He whispered back as she smiled contentedly, closing her eyes.
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