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And Frankie, your sexual orientation has nothing to do with me.

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You wanted it folks, and you got it. This is THE SEQUEL to Sing Until Your Lungs Give Out. We're back with Becca and the guys three years later, and people seem to have grown up (seem being the key...

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Chapter 5

Becca's POV

Kate and Gabby walked through the door, and Gerard, Joe and Pete were all entranced. Men.

I got up to introduce everyone, but didn't really see a need after they started freaking out. They dragged me to the bathroom. Literally.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"You actually know them?"

"Do I look OK?"

"This is soooo much better than going shopping!!"

"Why are they here?"

"Is one Ally's dad?" All the questions were giving me a headache. Especially since they were all asked in that shrill tone that Gabby and Kate both got when they were excited. I held up my hand for them to stop. I swear, sometimes they acted like they were 12 year old girls again.

"Girls, one question at a time," I scolded. We all had a laugh about that. I was the youngest of the three of us, but I was the only one with a child. Ironic, no?

"What's going on?" Gabby asked. I sighed.

"You really should have been here about an hour ago," I said, looking at my watch. Had it really been an hour already? "But no problem, we'll just tell you everything. Before you even start, yes, you look fine, no, they aren't all taken, and yes, they will be here for a while. Most of them. Let's go." I ushered them outside, almost forgetting something. "Oh, and guys?" They nodded. "Don't make me look like a freak and spaz out again." We laughed and went back to the table.

The guys had taken the liberty of ordering a basket of cheese fries and a round of sodas by the time we got back. "I hope you don't mind, I got you a root beer," Patrick said when we got back. "And we got you ladies Sprites. Is that OK?" We all nodded. Patrick was so sweet at times like this. And I had pushed him away earlier. I am so stupid sometimes.

"Thanks," I said. "Now, I believe some introductions are in order." I noticed that Joe, Andy, Pete, and Ally had come back again. Ally was in Pete's arms, asleep, and Pete also held what looked like a drawing of Joe as a clown. I'd have to ask about that later.

"Well, I guess you two already know the guys. Guys, this is Kate and Gabby," I said. They all nodded and greeted each other calmly. From 12 year olds to adults in mere seconds. I swear, these girls were bipolar. They all started chatting, and I sat down next to Patrick, exhausted.

"Tired?" he asked in my ear. I nodded. He put his arm around me and I snuggled into his side. "We should go back."

"I owe them an explanation. I kept everything a secret," I said. Patrick shook his head.

"I don't care. You're tired and you've had a rough day. We can meet them for dinner and talk then." I smiled and nodded. How could he be so considerate?

Getting up, I called them all to pay attention. "Hey, guys! Stop flirting and start listening!" I said. Frank laughed.

"You mean I'm flirting with Andy?" he asked chuckling.

"I don't care who you were flirting with, just stop it. And Frankie, your sexual orientation has nothing to do with me," I said. Everyone laughed. "Anyway, I'm tired so we're pretty much going home and meeting up later for dinner."

"Where?" Gerard asked.

"That's a good question." I looked to Patrick for help. He signalled to Ally. Crap. What were we going to do with her? She couldn't be there for my explanation. I'd have to get a babysitter. Or something. "Tell you what. Why don't we meet at my place and decide from there?" They all nodded their agreement, and I gave Gerard and Frank directions to my house. I knew they'd get lost anyway.

Walking out of the diner, we noticed that the press was all gone. As I got to the car, Patrick grabbed my wrist and turned me around. I gave him a quizzical look and he kissed me. Pulling away, he gave me a grin and I smiled back.

We didn't notice that there were people watching us.

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