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A New Serena

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Serena meets a stray cat, and she feels like she can do anything.

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Chapter 11

"I gave my mother lots of chances, you guys never lived, in fact never even slept over to know my life. My life was a living hell. Yeah, it was rough, I tried soo hard not to show how much of a bitch my mother was." Tears now glistening down my cheek. "You have no idea." I took off running.

Everyone glared at Rei," What?"

"How could you be soo mean?" Ami chirped.

"I didn't mean it honestly. It sorta slipped out," She gave puppy eyes.

I didn't know where I was running to but I just kept running. My mind was whirling and I couldnt think straight. I finally stopped running, I stopped at the football track. Our football team was practising, hmm they really suck. "MEOW!" I jumped and looked down and there was a black cat with a cresent moon on her forehead. She meowed at me again and she hinted for me to follow her. I did, and we went under the bleatchers-how crazy do I sound? following a cat-oh well.

"Hello Serena."I jumped once again. "Please don't act like you've never seen a cat talk before." I shook my head and she sighed." Alright, Im Luna, and this guy over here is Artimes. And you Serena, are Sailor moon, princess Serenity of the moon Kingdom." I was dumbfounded, couldn't speak.

"Serena, I am Mina's cat. She has no idea I talk yet soo you have to keep it between us. Alright?" Artimes replied.

"Of course not." I smiled. "But who is SailorMoon?"

Luna's cresent moon shone brightly into Serena's head. Serena, had flashbacks of her past-I think- her on the moon Kingdom and with a guy who looks like Darien. She seen someone on the moon that looked like her identically. She got out of her transe and looked at Luna with such shock on my face they both started laughing. I made a face and they shutted up.

"Ok so Im sailormoon, but why was Darien in my so called past?" I ducked from passing couples.

"Well, Darien is Tuxedo mask. He helps, but not that much. Then there is Mina-Sailor Venus, Ami-Sailor Mercury, Rei-Sailor Mars, Lita- Sailor Jupiter, and Veronica- AKA Queen Beryl." Luna smiled once again.

"So is Veronica like my enemy or something?" I looked confused big time.

"Yes, and she will try make Darien go to the other side.But Serena you must relize something, You are the future queen, You will have kids and live happily. UNLESS, Queen Beryl get a hold of Darien so you have to be careful." Luna gave a stern look.

"That sounds fair." I was about to walk away.

"Serena!" I stopped," You must not be friends with Veronica. ALso I need a place to stay." She smiled.

"Oh? Okay. Do the others know?" I looked at the football team.

"No! not yet. That's why we all need to meet at Ami's house. At, lets say 6pm?" As of that she and her other fury friend left.

I walked to the football players, and all of a sudden I wanted to play football. Odd as it sounds, but it feels like I liked it all my life without knowing it-if that makes sense-.

"Hey Serena! What brings you out here?" Marquis asked.

"I was wondering if I could have a game with you guys?" She smiled.

"Sure! If you know how, or do you want us to run the rules down for ya?" Brad replied and everyone laughed.

"Nah! I think I got it. But I only want two other ppl on my team. Got it?" I smirked evily.

"Only two Serena? You do relize that we-"

"I don't care, let's just play already!" I yelled

"Alright!" Marquis replied.

We started playing, I was pretty good. I seen all my friends, the whole school too watching me play football-CRAZY!- Everyome was cheering my name! It was sooo cool.As I was kicking the so called 'team' I was thinking of what Luna had said. It was odd, I must admit; but Im like a clutz and has no brains when it comes to thinking of how to beat up someone. I just couldn't handle it. Me, Serena beating on someone-or something- and maybe just about killing them. How am I going to explain all of this to everyone. Jezz, I miss my mom.

"Serena!" A voice broke my trance.

I turned around," Oh, Marquis, hi."

" How could you and two other guys beat a whole football team?"

I shrugged casually,"I don't know, guess it runs in the family." I smiled and headed to Lita and them.

"Oh, well later Serena!" Marquis relpied.

"Yea!" I finally got to everyone, I looked up at them, staring at me once again."What?"

"When did you start liking football? And when were you so good?" Rei looked at me.

"Um, just before I started playing." I smiled and turned around," Oh by the way, Ami I hope its okay if we all meet at your place at 6! Later" I called over my shoulder and ran into Veronica.

"Hey Serena!" She smiled-or was it a smile?-

"Oh hey veronica. Sorry, gotta jet." A held up the peace sign and took off to the gym.

"Peace?" She looked confused and her friends started laughing.

I finally got to the gym. 'Yes just in time!' Today, the cheer squad was holding audtions and I wanted to join.

"Serena? What are you doing here?" Ashley-cheer squad captain- asked.

"Trying out." I said excitedly.

"Oh? Well I guess your gonna have to wait a while." She snickered.

"No prob, ASHLEY" I snickered back

I finally got to go. Well if you ever been to a cheer tryout, you would know that they usually pick a routine for you. And well they picked one for me, that the cheer captain herself couldn't do. Even though I don't care if I make it or not. 'That's what I think anyway.'

"Okay Serena. Hope you got the routine memorized?" She smiled.

"Yup." I said. I started my routine-author doesn't kno any actual cheer moves- by the end all 4 girls had their mouths open, I hoped in astonishment.

"I say she's in!" Co-captain Sassy yelled.

"Yeah!" the other girls screamed, and they all looked at Ashley.

"Fine whatever. She's in. ONLY, if she wants to be." She smirked.

"Well, I dont really, but only if you let me cheer on some of the games." I smiled widely.

"Sure." Ashley replied and everyone cheered. "Settled then."

"Okay, see ya." I ran out the door and into Darien.

"Hey Serena" He smiled and kissed me," Why are you in such a hurry?"

"No reason. but I am late for class, so talk to u at home."I took off again."Bye!" I called over my shoulder.

I finally got to my english class, a second before the bell rang. I was the last one in the class so, of course, everyone was staring at me. I looked at my teacher, and she smiled and told me to come there. SO I did, but it was wierd, I wasn't even in trouble.

I smiled."Serena. You are all over the school today. Everyone is talking about you." She looked at me.

"Really what are they saying?" I smiled even bigger.

"Well, they are saying that you beat a whole football team with only two guys and yourself, and it surprises me, 'cause you don't look like the type to play football. Also, they are talking about how you got into cheerleading so quickly."

I blushed slightly. "Oh, well it's true. I've been to every sport this past hour, and it almost made me late. Also, that, and people kept stopping me."

"Yes, about that. Everyone has handed in their papers on hamlet. Where's yours?" She rose an eyebrow.

"Oh that was due today?" I put on a pouty face and pulled paper out of my backpack. "It's right here."I smiled.

"Wow, you actually did you homework. I'm surprised." She smiled. "Class!" She sang, "Serena has actually done her homework." Everyone started clapping and I could feel my cheeks getting warmer.

"Look at that. The Serena is blushing!" Veronica stated and laughed.

"Yeah thanks for stating the ovbious, Veronica!" I spat. Everyone laughed at that.

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