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Chapter 4

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3 Years Later
"Usagi, it's late and it's time to go. Come on, I'll take you out for dinner tonight." A handsome man said as he helped a woman up off of the ground.
"Thank, Mamoru. I'll meet you in the car. I want to talk to them for a little longer." The woman said.
"Ok, but don't stay too long, it looks like it's going to rain." Mamoru said.
"I promise I won't be long, just go and wait for me in the car." Usagi said.
Once Mamoru was a good distance away, Usagi faced her family's graves. "Happy birthday Shingo. I wish you could be here so we could have cake and you can open your presents like the immature little brat you are. I miss you, little brother. You know when you left I almost fell apart, but Mina, Lita, Ami, and Rei were there for me. Oh and the guys too. Can you believe it? Motoki and Mina are a couple again, and the others are still together. Even Mamoru-baka came back. I remember when he came over the first time and you and him wouldn't stop calling me 'odango atama.' I miss that. He still calls me it every now and then, but it's not the same. I love you, Shingo"
She then placed one of three rose bouquets on his grave. After doing that she walked down the row a little more and placed the remaining bouquets on two graves next to each other.
"Hey mom, hey dad. I bet you're up there with Shingo, huh? I miss you guys too. Why did you have to leave me so soon after Shingo did? I needed you, but you ended up leaving me too." she started saying before tears of sorrow and anger flushed down her already swollen cheeks. "I wish it were me that died that day, instead of you. Why was I put through so much? I was only 14 and during the course of 2 months I lost my annoying little brother and my embarassing parents that I loved so, so much. The girls and guys are always looking out for me now. Oh, and can you believe this? I'm graduating highschool soon enough. I'm actually getting A's in class now. I bet you're proud of me. I know Mamoru is. He's taking me out to dinner tonight because I'm ranked 12th in my class. Don't tell the baka this, but if it weren't for him I wouldn't have made it this long with out you guys. We don't want his ego inflating any more than usual. I wish you were here mom. I'm having such strange feelings for him now and they scare the crap out of me. If you were here dad, I don't think I'd even be feeling these things. Speaking of the baka, I have to go. I know you're always watching over me. I love you."

With that Usagi left the graveyard and headed to Mamoru's car.

"Hey, are you ok Odango?" Mamoru asked, trying to cheer her up a little bit.
"I'm fine Mamoru-baka. I just miss them so much." Usagi said as she stared out her window. It started to rain, matching her mood. She felt like crying again, but she knew that no tears would fall. Strangely whenever she's around Mamoru she doesn't feel as miserable. The ride to the restaurant was silent, not even the radio was on. During the whole ride Usagi would just sit there and stare out her window, watching the rain drip down the windows and only give curt, one-word answers to any questions Mamoru asked.
After many attempts to try and strike a conversation with Usagi and only getting short answers, Mamoru decided to just drive in silence. 'She's still really upset about them. Who would blame her though? After that day 3 years ago when we all found out that Seiya raped her, he disappeared. Then a couple months later her parents were hit by a truck. They died on impact. I lost my parents when I was young in a car crash as well. I don't remember them much, so I don't really know how she feels. But for her, she lost her whole family. Atleast she's gotten better over the years. She's back to her old self, but she still has moments where she relives the misery. She tried to once, but thank god I was there to catch her. No one even saw her leave the house and walk to the bridge. I almost died that night. If Usako were ever to die I wouldn't be able to live. I love her so much. I just wish I could tell her. What do you feel about me, Usako? Am I really still your enemy? No, I know I'm atleast her friend now. She even told me I was one of her best friends. The day she said that she trusted and considered me as a best friend I couldn't stop smiling. I still can't stop smiling when I see her happy. My dear Usako, is it possible that you might be able to return my feelings?' Mamoru thought during the ride. Little did he know that Usagi was thinking along the same lines.
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