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she adores you!

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Joyce likes Bob too!

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Back at the bus, Frank was awake and smiling weakly at us all.
"Whats wrong this time?" I asked. No need to be sensitive, he's been ill so many times we just treat him like normal, in fact, we're probably more sensitive when he's not ill!
"Food poisoning" He practically beamed at me. Freak, he has food poisoning and he's happy about it! Gerard sighed.
"Great, when will you get better?" He asked. Frank shrugged.
"Well, I feel ok right now, I don't know what happened on stage, one second I was fine, next second I really needed to puke, but I managed to finish the song. The paramedics think I should be fine by next week." He said.
"What are we meant to do until then?" I asked.
"We'll just have to get one of the crew to fill in for him" Said Gerard. I nodded, it wouldn't be the first time. Frank made to sit up but Gee forced him back down. Frank looked shocked and hurt.
"You need to rest as much as possible Frank, get you healthy again as soon as possible." Gerard said. Frank scowled, he didn't seem keen on the idea of spending all the time in bed.
I walked away into the living area and sat down on the sofa. It wasn't long before Gerard sat next to me.
"Are you ok?" He asked me. I looked at him, he was grinning at me.
"Yeah, why?" I asked him. He shook his head and leaned back, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket, he lit it and inhaled the smoke. I watched the smoke curl and twist in strange shapes, enchanting me, I must have been sat there a while because -
"Are you ok Bob?" Gerard asked me again, I came crashing back into the real world.
"What? Oh! Oh, yeah. I'm fine" I said quickly, Gee raised an eyebrow.
"Your acting so weird, are you sure you ok?...Is it Joyce?" He asked me, I almost choked on the air.
"What!? Of course it isn't Joyce, why would I care about Joyce?" I asked.
"Well, you like her, right?" God, if I've ever wanted to kill Gerard, then I wanted to even more now.
"NO!" I insisted - why am I such a crap liar?
"You know, its ok to fancy someone Bob." Gerard said. I scowled. Well no duh!
"No shit sherlock." I replied, yeah crap answer, I know. Gerard laughed.
"Come on, just admit you like her. Hey, maybe I can get you two together!" Gerard looked excited at the idea.
"Who do you think you are? Matchmaker?" I asked.
"Oh come on Bob! You like her, now do something about it, before I do!" With that Gerard got up and walked away.
Git, I know what he's like, and he WILL do something if I don't. But what the hell am I meant to do? Why would Joyce like me, she probably likes Frank - he's the cute one. Or Mikey - because he's cute too. Same with Gerard...oh how mistaken people can be. Frank isn't cute, he's hyper active...and short. Mikey, is a mischevous bugger who can tell if your lying from a mile away. And Gerard...well he's just down right weird.
But then I'm not cute either...Ray's probably the cutest. He's a hopeless romantic, kind, empathetic, funny and...frizzy...
Oh my god what am I supposed to do!? Wait! RAY! Of course! I got up and stretched, my bones cracked in a satisfying way. I turned and ran down the bus, until I found Ray sitting on his bunk pulling a pyjama shirt on.
"RAY!" I cried, he looked at me.
"BOB!" He cried back, but in a bored voice.
"Ray! I need your help!" I cried. Ray yawned and swung his legs under the cover and lay down.
"Thats nice" He mumbled as his head hit the pillow and he closed his eyes. I smacked his cheek and he opened his eyes, looking angry.
"What was that for!?" He demanded.
"Don't go to sleep, I need your help!" I was desperate.
"With what?" He groaned.
"A...girl." I mumbled, he sat up smiling.
"Why didn't you SAY so?" He asked.
"Look, I don't want to ask her out...well I do...but...I don't really want to yet...I don't know...what if she doesn't like me?" I asked, starting to pace, Ray raised an eyebrow, he never saw me like this.
"Err...I don't know...who is it?" He asked.
"Erm...Joyce" I wasn't prepared for the yell of excitement he did - right down my ear.
"JOYCE!? OH MY GOD!" He yelled. I rubbed my ear.
"Yeah...and Gerard found out I like her and now he said if I don't do something about it then he will...Oh I can just imagine what he would do..." And I could, probably a blind date kind of thing. Ray grinned.
"Well...what do you want to do?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.
"I don't know. Thats why I came to you! I mean...I want to ask her out on a date, but I don't know how" I said. Ray rolled his eyes this time.
"Oh come on Bob, its not difficult! Just go up to her, tell her you really like her and you would be really happy if she would join you for a coffee or some sort of crap like that" He said. I sighed.
"But...what do I say?" I asked.
"What do you want a script or something?" Asked Ray.
"Why, do you have one?" I asked hopefully.
"Bob, don't you have any common sense?" Ray said.
"Yeah! But...oh its no use, she doesn't like me" I said sitting down sadly. Ray looked shocked.
"What makes you say that?" He asked.
"Well...why would she like me?" I challenged him, he burst out laughing.
"Oh come on Bob! She adores you! I was talking to her outside the bus two days ago and she was raving on about how she had seen you earlier walking out of the bus to go to the showers and how your hair had been falling 'sexily' in your eyes. And then she went on about how your eyes are so beautiful! Then how she loved it when you played drums, and how your lip pierce is THE best! It was really annoying actually...." I stared at Ray.
"Really?" I asked. He nodded.
"Yeah. She loves you, in fact, she thought that you would never like her because she was just another crew member...anyway, now you know, so can I go to sleep?" I got up and hugged Ray.
"Sure dude!" I cried and then I ran off, to go see Joyce.
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