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Arielle Ocean is one of Hollywood's brightest young actresses. She is beautiful, charming, offbeat, and absolutely brilliant. Though most of her life was composed of glitz and glamour on the outsi...

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Arielle Ocean was one of the most promising actresses in all of young hollywood. She had bright blue eyes, long wavy chocolate brown hair, porcelain skin and a famous lopsided smile.

She was a very charming speaker. She had the ability to make even the stiffest bunch laugh. Her voice was soft, but vivid with arrayed ranges of happiness and excitement.

She was always on the cover of the hottest magazines and was an idol to girls everywhere. Men wanted her and women wanted to be her.

And somehow, she had managed to always appear graceful enough as to stay out of negative tabloids, unlike the promiscuous league of young actresses around her.

People liked her because she was dedicated. They liked her sense of mystery. They liked that she was genuine. And most of all, they liked that she was so seemingly real.

Seemingly, being the key word.

In actuality, Arielle's life was quite a sad one. She was not allowed to have friends, only virtual ones. That of party girls who would rather stab her in the back for some media attention.

She was not allowed to date anyone except for the most prominent or attractive people in hollywood.

She was rarely ever allowed to make choices for herself and spent most of her free time locked away just to keep her image. Perfection. What every girl dreamed of. Arielle knew no one was why did she have to pretend to be?

She had no social life aside from public appearances, movie sets and parties.

As a matter of fact, the only real friend she had was her personal assistant, Sophie.

" Is it ABSOLUTELY neccessary that I attend the VMA after party? I mean, its bad enough i have to go to the damn awards show on my little brother's birthday," Arielle pouted to her small blonde friend, "Yes, unfortunately. Julian says it is imperative that you attend. Sorry Elle," Sophie frowned at her boss and best friend. Arielle was to visit her family the weekend of the VMAs. Now she was stuck presenting an award to a band she had never heard of and attending a party full of fake people. Julian was her manager AKA: The asshole who lets her do no thinking of her own, "Cheer up Elle, I mean, you'll get to meet lots of cute musicians. I hear they're quite the interestin' bunch of people," Sophie attempted to cheer Arielle up, her Australian accent peaking through.

Arielle appreciated Sophie's attempt, but it didn't work. Nothing made her feel better most of the time.

She would just continue to smile and laugh for the cameras, as though nothing was wrong. Little did she know her life would be changed from this night on.


Ryan Ross was not your ordinary musician. He was not crazy and blunt, nor did he say ridiculous tings or 'party too hard'.
He was very reserved and shy and didn't enjoy being vulnerable, so he shut himself off from the world.

He had gotten into this business to make a change. He wanted to do something different.

And he was doing a very good job of it so far.

Panic! At The Disco had won 3 VMAs and were to perform live on MTV. Needless to say, his nerves were shot.

"Relax Ryan, everything will go fine," Brendon, one of his best friends and bandmates assured him, placing a hand on one of Ryan's tense shoulders.

Brendon was not at all phased by the 'Hollywood Types'. They intimidated the shit out Ryan. Although some appeared pleasant, some poetic, and some utterly bizzare, most of these acts, he had come to find them to be very fraudulent.

He had a hard time believing anything they said. Was it for shock value, or just to get on his good side?

They were like dolls. Ones with pearly white teeth and perfect physiques. He could never find someone utterly genuine amongst that crowd. Little did he know, his assumtions about Hollywood would soon prove to be quite false.


This is just the prologue btw. How did you like it?
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