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Pace Yourself

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Ryan and Arielle meet. Well, sort of. WOOOOO!

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WOO! haha. it's the very first chapter! are you ready for it?
Oh yeah, just a fair amount of warning; there will be a lot of gawking. as in, "OMFGZ he/she is soo h@w+." know what i'm sayin'? oh yeah, and this VMA thing is totally fictional. its kind of like the one from last year, but wiht my own personal touches, so just work with me okay? haha. enjoy and don't forget to review! :D


"Now, Arielle, baby, do you remember who you're presenting the award to?" Julian sat in the limo with her and Sophie, reviewing what she need to do and say, "Yes, Riot At The Ballroom, right?" Julian raised his eyebrow and immdiately started laughing....and just a quickly his mouth form a straight line " Thats my Arielle. No, it's Panic! At The Disco. Remember, when you present the award, don't shake their hand, you have to hug them and kiss their cheeks. I mean, i'm sure they'll enjoy it hands down, but at least pretend you care that they won the award," Julian then proceeded to answer a cellphone call

"Don't worry about what he says, just have fun," Sophie smiled "Yeah, i'll try," Arielle smirked. This was going to be a long night.

Arielle POV

Julian continued to tell me what to do and how to act for a couple more minutes before I exited the limo.

The crowds of people screamed with joy and excitement as I walked down the red carpet, smiling at waving at people "Arielle! Over here!" I saw the MTV journalist Su-chin Pak flailing her arms at me. Eh, why not? I had some time to kill before I had to go inside "Hi," I waved at her, "Well you certainly look amazing tonight," she smiled, "Thank you, and so do you," I smiled widely at her, "So tell me, rumor has it that you'll be presenting an award?" " Yes, i'll be presenting the award for Break out new band," I used my finger quotes, making her laugh, "Sounds like a pretty big honor. So I hear that you have a new movie coming out? Critics have already said that it's going to be the blockbuster of the year! Care to give a little spoiler?" she suggested, raising her eyebrow," Well, critics always say that every big budget movie will be the blockbuster of the year, you know? But I have a good feeling about this one. I think it'll be pretty amazing," she seemed satified with ym answer. She always liked to interview me because I was realistic. Not to mention because I was really nice to her "No kidding "So in the movie, you had a pretty intense relationship with James Franco, how was that?" I started to laugh, "Well it was fun. He's a really nice guy and he's pretty talented. We actually got along amazingly well while filming. But the relationship between us in the movie is really weird, considering my character is well....a weird-o," i shrugged my shoulders, making her laugh, "So what are your thoughts about tonight?" " Well, I think it'll be an experiece, that's for sure," she smiled and continued to talk, "And there you have it from Arielle Ocean! We'll be right back, so don't you dare step away from that telelvision set," and then the cameras stopped rolling, "Thank you so much Arielle, you saved my ass. I got an interview with Paris, but that was pretty bland, you know?" she rolled her eyes, " Yeah, I could only imagine," I smiled at her.

After a few more interviews and pictures, I sat in my assigned seating. I was to sit next to Fall Out Boy. I guess this wouldnt be so bad, "OMG, i'm sitting next to Arielle Ocean?! SWEET!" Pete pumped his fist in the air. I couldn't help but laugh, "Don't mind him, he's just a really big fan," Patrick smiled shyly, "More like crazy obsessed stalker," Joe mumbled, making Pete glare at him "It's okay, i'm actually a rather big fan of you guys as well, so this is just as much fun for me," I smiled, making them all blush, even the unshockable Pete Wentz himself.


Ryan POV.

I sat nervously throught the whole damn awards show. I sat perfectly still between Brendon and Spencer," Dude, would you relax?" Spencer stared at me, "What?! I can't. We've never played on national television before," I hissed at him, "Don't worry, no one will notice if you mess up. I mean, they'll probably just blame it on Brendon," Spencer assured me, "Thanks asshole," Brendon commented, slapping Spencer in the face, "Hey guys! I'm sitting next to Nicky Hilton!" Jon mouthed, giving an excited thumbs up, and getting a smack from his girlfriend.

I don't know how they could all be so calm. What if we didn't win? What if i fell on stage...or worse...what if my pants fell down?!

After their performance:

"Dude, your voice was squeaking so bad," Jon chuckled to Brendon, "Yeah, see Ryan? I told you Brendon would take the blame for any mistakes," Spencer patted my shoulder, "Whatever, you guys are assholes. I sounded AWESOME!" he puffed his chest out triumphantly.

Now that our performance was done, I felt a litle better, no more pressure "...And now, presenting the award for Break Out Band Of The Year, Arielle Ocean!!" Oh dear Jesus. This was one of the awards we were nominated for. I held my breath and gazed firmly at her. God she was so beautiful. I watched intently as she spoke, her voice was so soft "So i'm presenting the award for one of the newer that has done better than just 'well for themselves'. They have worked hard, played harder, and well, to be quite honest, made themselves look pretty damn good while doing so. The award for Break Out Band Of The Year goes to...." I gulped. Not only because I was nervous, but because if she were to call our name...I would have go up there..."Panic! At The Disco!" she smiled widely and clapped furiously. Oh dear merciful God, I think i just pissed my pants, "Ryan! Let's go!" Brendon pulled me up. I swear that i was so nervous that I couldn't even hear the roar of applause. The scary part was over right? I could just let Brendon say the 'thank yous'. No, i was scared about something else.

You see, Arielle Ocean is kinda sorts my celebrity crush. The guys all exchanged hugs with her. But when she arrived at me, her bright blue eyes piercing mine and her pearly white teeth graciously smiling at me, I couldn't even mumble a 'thank you' "Congratulations," she whispered in my ear softly, and brushing her soft lips against my cheek.

To say that i had never been more horrified and happy in my entire life would be an understatement.


YEAHHHHH! Now watch for the next one! Reviews plz :D
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