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Chapter 6

"Who could've thought there'd be so much hate?
Who could've thought all of these things would be happening once again?
I was so sure all of this would be ending;
I was so sure I'd never see it again
I'm so not certain if I can handle this
Oh, God
Can I say that to her grave?
Allison finished singing Daniel's words. He had been accompanying her with his brand new bass, and they sounded pretty kick ass. Jepha's face popped out of the fridge,
"Why'd you guys stop?" He asked childishly, "I want to hear more"
"Er, cause that's all we've got" Daniel said as he stood up, delicately resting his bass on the couch as Allison pulled her knees close to her face.
"You could've freestyle or something" Jepha argued
"Like I'm a fucking raper?" Daniel groaned, he was so not in the mood for this.
"You don't need to be a raper to improvise" Jepha retaliated
Daniel moved his hands in the air in desperation and paced around the room, returning once more to his spot next to Allison.
"Continue" Jepha ordered.
"Look, I'm not going to fucking continue if I don't feel like it, okay?" Daniel roared, lifting compulsively out of his seat, teeth slightly bared
"Whoa, chill buddy" Jepha said, taking a step back and putting his hands in front of him.
Allison wrapped her hands around Daniel's arm and he slapped them away. Allison's eyes instantly watered, her lip started to tremble. Daniel noticed and cradled his face in his hands,
"I'm just having a bad day. I'll walk it off.." He said, standing up once more. Allison hesitantly stood by his side. He gave her a hug and left her standing in the tour buses' door staring at him as he walked away.
There was something about that song she had been singing, the one Daniel had written the night before made something click in Allison's mind. There was something bothering Daniel and he wouldn't speak about it. She took the hoodie Jepha was about to put on from his hands and walked the way Daniel had gone.
She was not about to let him kick her out of his problems. Her pace was steady and quick, she caught up with him in no time. To her astonishment, he didn't even flinch when he heard her footsteps behind him; it was almost as if he had been expecting her to be by his side.
"I didn't think two months could make you understand a person so much..."He commented, staring into nowhere in particular as he walked.
"Neither did I"

"That's the kid that lighten my cigarette the other day!" Gerard commented as he pointed towards Daniel. Frank neared him and followed with his sight to where Gerard had pointed. He squinted at the skinny figure, then gulped when he saw Bert hug him lovingly. Frank remember Bert having a son, apparently the thought hadn't even crossed Gerard's mind. Frank was sure he didn't remember the existence of the kid, and he thought through whether he should remind him or not. He went for no almost immediately. His attention fixed on the red-haired girl by the boy's side. She reminded him of someone...

"What's up?" Bert asked his son, shaking him by the shoulders.
"Pissed" Daniel replied plainly. Bert looked at him questioningly, then at Allison.
"It's nothing really! We're just walking so he can clear his mind" She explained. Bert nodded in approval and continued to talk to the roadie.
"Look, man, I'm telling you those speakers were like that before we got in stage. My screams are not that dangerous"
"I doubled checked them Bert, you're not cheating me this time!" The roadie replied exasperated. Their voices muffled as Daniel and Allison walked away. He intertwined his fingers with hers and felt her tense up beneath his touch.
"What up?"
"What happened the other night? You know, the guys told me you had came all shaken up...I never took the time to ask you what had happened..." She asked hesitantly.
"You were asleep" Daniel answered coolly.
"Yeah, I know. What happened?"
Daniel opened and closed his mouth a couple of times in vacillation before muttering, "I helped someone with his lighter"
Allison turned to look at him, eyebrow furrowed, and spat "Cut the shit."
She normally wasn't like that, she didn't respond to him that way. She was starting to become exasperated.
"I did...To Gerard Way"
It took a moment for Allison to understand just what was so special about giving a hand to some random guy. Then Gerard's name clicked.
Gerard Way, the man who had broken Alice's heart.
Gerard Way, the guy who had treated Bert like shit.
Gerard Way, the number one guy on Daniel's 'Who I'm gonna kill when I buy my gunshot' list.
Gerard Way, her boyfriend's most hated person in the whole wide world.
No wonder he had been so shaken up. She didn't know what to say and continued to walk at his now slower pace. Then he stopped. Allison looked up to see the reason for him to stop.
There were two guys in front of the My Chemical Romance, a guy with an afro and a rather short one with black hair. The short one was flapping his hands around, apparently in the middle of a discussion, they kept glancing their way. The short guy started walking towards them, even though the one with the afro had tried to grasp his arm. The short one had been quicker and was now hollering at them,
"HEY, Wait up!"
The guy with the afro sighed and jogged at the other's side. Allison thought he was strangely familiar.
"Hey, what's your name?" He asked Daniel. Daniel stared at him cold then he murmured a low "Daniel...Daniel Mccracken"
Frank smiled triumphantly at his companion as he introduced themselves, "This stupid guy right here is Ray Toro and I'm Frank Iero, nice to meet you young Mccracken" he said.
"Yeah...This is Allison Ortiz" He said, introducing his girlfriend.
"Wait, Toro?" Allison asked, shocked.
"Wait, Ortiz?" Ray solicited, taking a closer look at Allison.
"Alli?" Ray asked, hunching to look at Allison closely.
"Ray ray!" Allison shrieked, embracing Ray in a hug.
"I can't believe this!" Ray exclaimed as he lifted her from the ground lightly.
"It's been soooo long!" Allison said.
Daniel coughed "Would someone care to explain me what's happening here?" he asked.
"Ditto" Frank interjected.
"Babe, Raymond is my cousin! I haven't seen him in years! Ever since my family moved out of Jersey!"
"Yeah!" Ray agreed, "How's your mom and dad by the way? Your dad used to hand me money for babysitting you"
"Divorced. He gave you money so he could be with his bimbo" Allison replied in a mocking voice.
"Shit!" Ray's tone was extremely shocked.

Author's Note
Tell me, who saw that coming?
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I did say she was red-haired...not that THAT was such an obvious clue, but it was one nonetheless.
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