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The women warriors

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The sisters have grown to women

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Fifteen years later
Rina laughed as she parried with Malick, in the fifteen years that she had been his daughter, he has taught her all he knew about raiding and fighting. Her life before Malick and Breina adopted her was hazy, sometimes in the middle of the night, she would awaken from a dream but it always faded before she could remember what it was about.
Malick sheathed his sword, "come Rina," he said, "it is raiding time again, we must make plans."
Rina walked beside Malick as they crossed the practice yard, "where are we raiding this year father?" She asked as they entered the manor house through the kitchen.
Malick pointed at a map that had been hung up in the great hall, "we raid Isram," he said. Rina suddenly felt faint as she looked at the little island that had been her home for seven years, taking a deep breath she nodded, "Isram it is."

Bela aimed slowly at the target as the other amazon women watched, in the fifteen years she had lived among them, the amazon queen had trained her to one day take her place. Today was the day of the trials to see if she was worthy. She smiled as the arrow hit the target in the center, ten direct hits in a row. As the woman crowded around to congratulate her, she found herself wishing that Rina was there. Her sister was never far from her thoughts, the amazon women had gone to the site of the massacre but they had found no trace of her sister. It was like she had disappeared.
Bela turned as someone called her name, Alana walked up to her, "you have done well my daughter, the council has decided." She said, "the fete for you will take place in two days, you are our new queen."
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