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The Coming Battle

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This is about two sisters parted by tradgedy than united by war. The title is a working title, I may not keep it.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-20 - Updated: 2007-05-21 - 425 words

Rina walked down the beach of the island that she hadn't set a foot on since she was a child, Malick had shown her where the massacre had taken place. It troubled her, not knowing if she had siblings, if they were still alive. She closed her eyes listening to the waves crashing on the beach. "Bela" the name came unbidden to her mind. She jerked her eyes open. She turned as someone called her name Rashid, Malick's chief commander was walking toward her. "The scouts have come back," he said as she joined him. "They found a village of Amazons not far away. We'll be raiding their village tonight. Your father needs you for a council."
Rina nodded, "thank you Rashid," she said quietly, he grasped her arm as she began to walk down the beach.
"Are you all right?" He asked with concern, Rina smiled and nodded, "I'll be fine," she said gently caressing his face. He gripped her hand in his, "I worry about you Rina, ever since we came to Isram, you've seemed haunted." Rina pulled her hand away without another word, walking toward the camp as Rashid stared after her troubled.

Bela was sitting by Alana as the Amazons celebrated her becoming queen. She felt strange vibes,
Almost as if something was going to happen. She looked toward the opening of the village, "what's wrong?" Alana asked when she noticed Bela's nervousness, Bela shook her head, forcing her attention back to the dancing in her honor.
Suddenly a bloodied figure staggered into the circle of light, falling to the ground. Bela jumped up as people rushed, toward the fallen woman. She pushed through the crowd, kneeling beside her. The woman moaned, "barbarians," she whispered, "they attacked the sentries in the forest, their coming this way." She passed out as the last of her strength was used up.
Bela rose to her feet, "the barbarians have returned," she said to the gathering women, "they will fight and they will die." The amazons cheered, as they parted to prepare for the coming battle.

Rina sat on her horse, flanked by Malick and Rashid, she felt a chill, as if she was facing her destiny. "They know we're here," she murmured, as they rode toward the Amazon village.
"That last sentry escaped, she will have gone and warned the others."
Malick nodded, "we'll just have to prepare our selves for a battle." He said urging his horse forward, Rina felt the chill again, before she nudged her horse forward. Toward the amazon village.
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