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Chapter 9

Daniel felt his heartbeat's rate rising, every one of his veins enlarging and making a bump against his skin due to all the rage he felt inside. He wanted to stand up and punch the guy in the face, kick him until all Daniel could see was blood oozing from every single part of Gerard's body.
"Hey Allison" Ray saluted, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence.
"'Sup, Ray?" She greeted, giving him a toothy smile.
"Errmm, want to sit with us?" He asked, then added "Gerard here wanted to meet you" He said, turning to Gerard who took a small step forward.
"Hey! So you're Ray's cousin, huh?"
That was it. Daniel furiously stood up and stood in front of Gerard, blocking Allison from view. Gerard arched an eyebrow at this, and then recognized Daniel's face.
"Hey, you're the guy who helped me with my cigarette! Nice to see you again!" He said, placing a hand on Daniel's shoulder. He figured that Daniel must've been some tremendous fan trying to play it cool the other night, and now felt heartbroken because Gerard hadn't recognized him. Gerard wasn't trying to be egocentric or anything; it's just that this kind of things had happened to him quite a lot to say the least.
Daniel took Gerard's hand from his shoulder beastly, gripping it hard and then throwing it toughly away from him.
"What the fuck, man?" Ray screamed as Gerard clutched his wrist in pain.
"YOU- YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" Daniel screamed as he had never screamed before, rage pulsing through his veins as if someone had injected such a high dose that could kill an elephant. Gerard stared at him in confusion, normally he would've screamed hard at him, but his wrist hurt too much and he hated making scenes in front of Ray, he got easily worried.
"ALL OF THE SHIT YOU PUT HER THROUGH I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU'LL TALK TO ME LIKE THAT ARGHH!" He turned around briefly, rolling his eyes. Then he did something he had never done before: he raised his fist and smashed it against Gerard's face, throwing all of his body weight into the punch. He felt the hot red liquid on his own wrist, some of it splattered across his arm and a few drops falling over his face. Everyone hurt the loud crack of Gerard's nose breaking because of the blow, Allison trembled instantly.
Everyone started screaming around them, Gerard said something and next thing Allison knows he's been pushed back by Ray. There was confusion everywhere and Daniel wanted to take another swing at Gerard and continue to yell at him.
"ALICE DIDN'T DESERVE YOU, YOU FUCKER!" Daniel finally screamed, and everyone turned silent. Everything stopped, no one moved. It was as if someone that turned on the freezing spell over them or something, the only sound on the restaurant was the heavy breathing of those present. Allison took the courage to stand up and wrap her arms around Daniel,
"That's enough. We're getting out of here" She said as roughly as she had ever talked before. She was scared for him, didn't want her boyfriend to end up in a coma or something after the beating Gerard and god knows who else would give him. Daniel refused to go, he stood his ground.
"Listen to me Daniel" She said, shaking his head until he faced her, "We are going out of here right now" And with that she took the plates away from the waitress and left a fifty-dollar bill on the table. She took Daniel's hand with her free one and dragged him out of there. She entered the bus just as Bert was exiting Taco Bell. Bert thought he had seen something red on Daniel, probably his imagination.

Gerard stood there, looking at the place where Daniel stood. After some time he finally asked the words that were roaming his head, "Who was that?"
"He's...He's Daniel. Daniel Mccracken." Ray said softly, kicking himself for doing such a stupid thing. Why did he had to drag Gerard with him to Allison's table and introduce him to her? He was such a stupid ass. Dear God...
"Oh, fuck" Gerard mumbled under his ragged breath.
"I think we'll better get the hell out of here" Bob said, taking the Styrofoam boxes out of the waitresses' hands. "How much is it?"
The waitress replied and Bob handed her the money and they all left. Gerard walked looking at his feet the whole time, lost in thought.
"Why's he so upset? He doesn't have anything to do with me, or Alice for that matter" He stated at no one in particular.
"I wonder what the bitch told him" He asked himself out loud.
"Don't call her that. I've told you that a thousand times" Frank groaned from his side. "She's dead, let it go"
"The fucking bitch still bothers the shit out of me from the grave and all you say is 'Let it go'?!" Gerard grunted, a little louder now.
"You honestly think that? Jesus, you're sick you know that?!" Frank hollered, opening the tour bus' door violently and stepping in.
Gerard stared at his back blankly.
Everyone thought he was guilty somehow of her death.
It bothered him, it bothered him a lot.
He didn't do anything wrong, if anything she messed it all up.

Author's Note
Ha Ha
I'm sorry you guys, I know you want to know the other half of Alice's baby and her suicide, right?
I know I'm being mean, uploading these past two chapters in which I say absolutely nothing about it.
I will, though, I'm just creating a bit of suspense here.
Have me patience.
Love you all.
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