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A talk and Pastorelli's

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A talk to Daniel and an encounter at Pastorelli's

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Chapter 8

Bert came out of the bunk area fuming. He slammed the door and all eyes were on him as he opened the fridge's door violently and searched the cabinets for beer. He found one on one of the fridge's cabinets and drank half of the golden and bubbly liquid in one gulp, the other half disappeared on his second guzzle. Daniel's eyes widened and he walked to his dad, placing a steady hand on his shoulder and squeezing it tightly, as if driving his dad back to sanity, back to him.
Bert stared into his son's eyes for a minute and he seemed to regain composure. Daniel sighed and asked straight out,
"What happened?"
Bert shrugged and sank once more to look for another beer. Daniel pushed him away from the refrigerator's door and closed it, standing in front of it blocking any attempt at opening it.
"What happened?" He repeated, this time louder.
Bert broke down, and slipped into the floor. The others swiftly went out of their way and locked themselves on the bunk area rather uncomfortably so father and son could have a quiet and private talk. Bert laid on the floor, feeling the wheels against the gravel of the street, stepping over small rocks, perhaps over some animal. Daniel continued to stare down at his dad. He was growing more worried every time he breathed and his dad was still silent.
He was about to open his mouth and ask once more when Bert sat up a little. He rested his back to the kitchen's counter and wrapped his arms around his knees. He stared at his exposed knees through his torn jeans tapping his black and chipped nails on the side of his shoulders in a steady beat. Bert took a deep sigh and stared at his son's preoccupied eyes.
"I'm sorry I made you worry...I'm say the least" Bert coped to say in between silent sobs.
"What-" Daniel began but was once silent as soon as Bert began to the say the name Daniel had been dreading.
"Alice-" Bert spoke, then cut himself off.
"Ben called, he said the department had new information on Alice's death" Bert mumbled, raising his eyes once more. Daniel's electric blue ones watered instantly out of fear and remembrance. He slid his back against the fridge's door until he reached the floor, just as his father had done minutes ago. He landed with a soft thump, and waited for his dad to continue. He started shaking slightly.
"She...erm...She was pregnant" Bert garbled. He felt Daniel's cold stare bore into him, "It wasn't mine" He explained. He noticed how Daniel's eyes turned from confusion and deception to more confusion and desperation.
"Then who was it?" He asked. Before his father could respond he articulated standing up violently and raising a fist in anger,
"I'm going to kill the motherfucker! Gerard Way is SO dead"
Bert was surprised at his son's reaction and stood up as well. He put a hand on top of his son's clenched fist and lowered it,
"Believe me; if it was Gerard's I would've killed him myself. It wasn't, though. It was Ben's"
Daniel sighed in relief, he was still worried though. He kept quiet for a while, pondering things over. He returned to his former spot on the floor, his dad followed hesitantly, knowing the conversation wasn't over yet.
"Was she pregnant when she killed herself?" Daniel asked, unable to contain the tears that were streaming down his cheeks.
Bert shrugged, "I didn't get to ask Ben. I was so goddamned shocked. I don't think I can carry on with that conversation just now." Bert answered honestly as a drop of sweat fell onto the exposed portion of his right knee. He shuddered.
Daniel stood up and took the phone.
"Daniel, he won't talk to you about this, I /know it/. Let me talk to him when the timing's proper, okay?" Bert asked.
"But-"Daniel started to argue, then silenced with his dad's serious stare.
"Okay" He said, giving in.

The bus made its first stop at a small restaurant compilation. Gerard and the rest of the guys jumped out of the bus, eager to get a bite somewhere. They were unsure of where to pick, it was either Pastorelli's, Starbucks or Taco Bell.
"I refuse to enter Taco Bell!" Gerard argued.
"Let's go to Starbucks" Mikey said plainly.
"But we always go to Starbucks" Ray quarrelled.
"Yeah, I'm bored of Starbucks! I mean, coffee's great but I need a real meal. I say Pastorelli's" Bob bickered.
They continued to exchange arguments until Frank finally screamed,
"Can't we just go to freaking Pastorelli's and then Starbucks? Or just eat separately; we don't have to be like five fucking siameses!"
Everyone turned around to face him. They all seemed to be thinking the same thing, Frankie said something smart when he was starving. Shit.
They all agreed to do Frank's first plan.

Allison pushed the door of Pastorelli's, the Italian restaurant she and Daniel had chosen to eat in. The rest of the guys were eating at Taco Bell. Her boots echoed on the rather empty local. There was only a bunch of guys on a dark corner on the back of the restaurant. Allison smiled happily as they scooted on a table near the centre of the place. She sat facing the lot on the back.
A chubby waitress came to them, her white fluflly dress with red apron lifted somewhat as she came close to them and handed the menus.
They glanced through them quickly and she didn't even had have time to turn around before Allison was telling the lady her order.
"I want some vegetarian Penne, without the white sauce please. Oh, and no mushrooms, I'm allergic."
The waitress nodded and turned to Daniel, raising her eyebrows inquisitively.
"I'll have meatloaf"
The waitress nodded once more and asked in her motherly tone what would they like to drink. Allison raised her currently apple red nails to her lips and tapped them trying to make up her mind,
"Do you have lemonade?"
"Only the one in bottles"
"Then I'll have water"
"And you honey?" The waitress asked Daniel.
"I'd like...some vodka please"
The waitress laughed at him, "You're not old enough sweetie!"
Daniel shrugged, "Lemonade"
"Now that's good enough, isn't it?"
She went to the counter and recited their order to the cook. Daniel sighed heavily.
"I really need vodka" He stated. Allison put her hand on top of his, "I'm sorry sweetie" She apologized and brushed her lips against him swiftly. He deepened the kiss and trusted his tongue inside her mouth. She closed in on him and stopped when she felt someone behind her. She turned around and there was Ray, his arms crossed over his chest.
Ray glared at Daniel.
Daniel glared at the silent figure behind Ray.
It was Gerard Way.
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