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Chapter One

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Its my first fan fic. I'm not sure where its going yet. but its basically a girl in philly meets Panic!

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Hey Guys! This is my first fan fic. Like ever. I actually sucka t writing but would love to know what you think. I've had this idea in my tiny brain for a long time so yea.

Chapter One.

"Bye Mom!" I yelled as I walked out the door. I went down my front steps and turned down the steet.

It was a beautiful Tuesday evening in Philadelphia. The breeze was blowing slightly and I was walking down the sidewalk, I couldn't help but think to myself what a perfect say it had been and was at the moment. The temperature was just right, not warm, but just cool enough that all you needed was a hoodie and you were fine. It was sunny, yet there were clouds scattered about the sky. In school, we didn't do much. I sat through my stupid double period American Studies class, honors English/ history, but that was the only bad part. I barely paid attention, but took notes. It had just been a really good day. Plus, I didn't have any homework, which was why I took advantage of my free time and grabbed my MP3 player and went outside to enjoy the fresh air.

I had walking for about 20 minutes when I felt a steady thumping coming from behind me, like some one running. And it was getting closer. Then, I toppled over. I felt the weight of another body on top of mine, but couldn't see who it was. Then I realized. "Rawr" I heard whispered in my ear. "Hey babe." I said getting getting up since Meg had gotten off of me.

Yes, the person was none other than my best friend, Margaret Fulton, but it was Meg unless you wanted to get killed. She's about my height which is about 5'5"-5'6" and is thin, but not thin enough to look dead. Her dark brown, almost black hair (which I know is dyed, her naturel color is dirty blond) comes to her shoulders and her long, choppy bangs hang over her ice blue eyes. Her skin is pale and freckled but suited her well.

"Ah! I love your hair!" she said while picking up pieces and turning me in circles.

I had just her at school 5 hours ago, but I had gotten my hair cut and colored in that time.

So I guess this is the point in time where I describe myself. I my mid length hair just hits my shoulders, much like Meg's, but mine is a lighter brown. I had gotten blond and green highlights in it. I'm not skinny, I'm not fat, I'm average with alittle extra in the tummy/ butt area, but HEY! I like my junk in the trunk. My eye brow and both ears are pierced, but my favorite characteristic about me are my eyes. They're green with ocean blue circling them and when I get sun they get orange and yellow around the pupil. I don't wear much make up except for green/ black eyeliner and mascara.

I don't know what you would classify me. Meg and I always have some form of black in our outfits, but people label me Emo/Punk/Scene/Skater. You choose. Meg is Goth/Emo.

"Whatchya listenin to?"

"Give me envy, give me malice, give me attention! Give me envy, give me malice, baby, give me a break!" I sang as I danced in a circle.

Meg made a face, then covered her ears while singing "La, la, La."

"Oh shut up, Meg!"

"No, you shut up Rain!" Rain is short for Rainbow Sprinkles, which is her nickname for me, but I've always loved the name Rain, thus, Rain. My real name is Nicole, but everybody calls me Nicky or Nick, except Meg.

"You know I HATE Panic! At the Disco."

"Well, I LOVE Panic! At the Disco...So DEAL."


One thing you should know about me is I LOVE Panic! At the Disco. It's a sick, sick obsession. And I absolutely LOVE Ryan Ross. You need to understand that I loved the band before I knew what they looked like. In fact when I first found out what they looked like I thought they were ugly. Then I was watching the VMA's because they were going to perform and I saw Ryan and I do believe I went brain dead and started drooling. It was sad. Not only is he gorgeous, that's just a bonus, but his lyrics make my life. They are so wonderful. They flow together so well and they just, ugh, I don't know how to describe it. And his guitar?? Geez. That guy and don't even get me started on his singing voice, taste in music, movies or books. He's perfect.

Meg likes HIM. I like HIM, but she LOVES HIM and Cradle of Filth, etc. We're different.

We started walking down the street, talking about how ours days were, not that we didn't know already, but yea. I grabbed her arm and started skipping just hyper from the good time, just like any other 17 year old girls...just a litle more odd. We were laughing and shouting when, BAM! I toppled over for the second time in 10 minutes.

I looked up from where I was sitting, on a side walk, in the middle of South Street and realized I was surrounded by four boys. I looked up further, to their faces and was met by three pairs of brown eyes and one pair of ice blue. The most beautiful of them all reached out his hand to help me up.

"Hey, are you ok?"

So what did oyu think? Please review!!! The Character of the girl is well me. With some tweaks, things I'm hoping to get done (the eye brow piercing, the hair) and that is my best friend meg. Yeah. And I do live like 45 minutes outside of Philly, so some is fact. My English teacher would say Post modernism?? REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!
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