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Chapter Two.

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Chapter 2.

The boys and I had been touring for a couple months now. Almost non stop. And you know, being on a tour bus for that long can be fucking tiresome!

So we were doing a couple of shows in Philadelphia, so we decided to walk around.

"AH! Can we go see the Liberty Bell!! PWEASE??" Brendon was practically screaming at me, Jon and Spence while we were deciding what we wanted to do.

"The Liberty Bell is an educational exhibit. Why would you ever want to go see it?" Spence asked while laughing slightly.

"I dunno. I've never seen it before." Brendon pouted.

"Well none of us have." I interjected.

"Not true." Jon interjected, raising his hand.

"Ok fine me and Spence haven't seen it either. But why go see something like that? Its boring." I said

"We could always go to South Street." Spence said

"Oooooo. Shopping."

"My god Brendon you're such a girl."

"Shut up Jon. You know you wanna go."

"Yeah Jon, you have been talking about how you need a new pair of flip flops." I said.

"Yeah I guess..."

"And I do want some new clothes..." I said

"Ok so its decided, shopping on South Street." Spence concluded.

"Yess. Finally we've been talking about this forever." Brendon said getting up.

"...We've only been sitting here ten minutes." Jon pointed out.

"Well it feels like decades." Brendon yelled from the bathroom.

So when everybody was done getting dressed and clean up (Jon, Brendon, Spencer) and had their make up on (me), we got off the bus and walked down the street. We had had the bus driver drive us there because a) we didn't trust our selves in that city b) the sub way is crap in Philly and c) the shootings are killing more people than the war in Iraq.

So we went in and out of some stores, Guacamole (the shoe store), this really sweet store called the Eyes gallery (just random shit) and the poster store.

We were walking, bags in hand and just looking around at the people around us.

"Its such a beautiful day out." Spencer commented.

"Yeah, perfect." I said while tilting my head back to stare up at the sky.

All four of us were doing this and not really looking where we were walking when all of the sudden something ran into us.

I looked down surprised and noticed two girls, a few years younger than me on the ground. One had medium length dark brown hair and bright blue eyes and the other had a similar cut, but light brown hair with blond and green streaks and green eyes.

The one with the green eyes looked up surprised. My god she had beautiful eyes.

I put out my hand to help her up.

"Hey, are you ok?" I asked.

She just sat there and stared, wide eyed.

"Erm, sorry, we weren't looking where we were going. Having too much fun. Fun is very distracting." The one with dark hair said.

"Yeah, sorry we were distracted too." Brendon said.

The other seemed to gain her composure and grabbed my hand and I helped pull her up.

"Uh, yu-yeah I'm fine. But I think my butt is gonna bruised after that one." She said brushing off her jeans.

We all laughed and she blushed a bit.

"I'm Meg." The one with the dark hair said as she stuck out her hand.

"And I'm Nicky." The other one said sort of waving.

"I'm Brendon, this is Jon, Spencer and Ryan." Brendon said taking Meg's hand and shaking it.

"That's funny, aren't those the same names as the boys in Panic! At the disco? That band your obsessed with?" Meg said asking Nicky.

Nicky turned bright red.

"Um, yeah, that's because, Meg, this is that band."

"Oh! Um, ok, that's awkward. Well, I see why your obsessed with them." Meg said.

"You like our stuff?" I asked

"Yeah, she obsessed with you guys." Meg said.

"Yeah, your stuff is amazing. Brendon, your voice, its gorgeous. Spence, the drum beats are genius and the ugh jon your just awesome." She turned to me. "And you" she said touching my arm so lightly it tickled abit. "your lyrics are wonderful, your such a great writer I always wish I could write like you and your guitar playing is breathtaking along with your voice."

Looks like she got alittle more comfortable. That's quite flattering.

"Wow, thanks! I really appreciate that." I said

"Yeah, thanks" the other three said

"I'm actually really happy you like our stuff. And don't just like us for our looks." I said while looking at her intently in the eyes. I could get lost in them. They just sparkled like she was hiding a secret or something. And I fully intend to find out that secret.

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