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Chapter Three

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Chapter 3

Orginal POV.

This...this is not happening. I thought to myself This is the best day of my life

I sat there staring into his eyes as he did the same to me.

Why is he staring at me? Theres no way I can deserve this attention let alone to be looked at by him

My hand went subconsciously to my wrist. Tracing over the old scars and scabs. What I wouldn't give to be at home with my-

"So, what are you guys doing?" Meg asked.

"Just taking a break from the bus. It can get so fucking claustrophobic on there." Brendon answered.

"I bet." I mumbled looking at the ground and fidgeting with the sleeve of my hoodie.

"Are you guys doing anything later?" Jon asked

"Erm, no, but we have school tomorrow." I said.

"Do you want to meet up to, like, eat dinner and get to know each other better?" Ryan asked while not taking his eyes off of me.

"Yeah!" Meg said, "but lets even up the numbers. We'll bring my twin sister, Lane, and our best friend, Emily."

"Sounds good" Spencer said "Where do you guys want to eat?"

"Umm, on of my favorite restaurants is Fado. It's a pub/ restaurant right off of North Broad Street." I said.

"Ok. So maybe we should exchange numbers in case something comes up." Ryan said never taking his eyes off mine. Its getting alittle creepy and making me shy all over again.

"Yeah sounds good. Mines 610-444-9273" I said

"Mines 720-883-4792" Ryan said as we punched the numbers into our phones.

"Okay" I smiled "sounds good" I got lost in his eyes. They were so gorgeous. Then I was brought back to reality when Meg put her hand on my arm and said "Maybe we should get going so we can call Lane and Emily and get ready."

I nodded. "Ok I guess we'll see you guys in a few."

"Bye" They all said waving, turning and walking down the street.

I stared after them for a minute and saw Spencer say something to Ryan and Ryan push him playfully while laughing. Then I turned around and walked after Meg smiling to myself.

"Look at you!" Meg said hugging me. "now I know your feeling more emotion than that."

I looked behind me to see if the boys were out of sight and since they were I turned to her and beamed. Then, I a five year old.


I was squealing and jumping around in the middle of South Street, but nobody really gave a damn. I mean I've seen weirder things. During the time of the Mummer's Day Parade I saw two drunk mummers fighting in the middle of the street. High-larious.

All of the sudden I felt my pocket vibrationg. I took out my origami phone and looked at the caller id.

"Ryan" I said and looked up at Meg smiling. She rolled her eyes.


"Hey, Nicky?"

"Yeah, hey Ryan, whats up?"

"Um we realized we forgot to set up a time."

"Oh yeah, that might be useful."

He laughed "Yeah, what do you say to 7:30?"

"What time is it now?"

"Hold on..." I heard mumbling "About quarter to six."

"Sounds good. We'll meet you at Fado at 7:30"

"Kay, Later."

"Bye" I said hanging up.

Next on the agenda, call Lane and Emily. I knew they would be happy, but wouldn't believe me. Lane likes Ryan, but not as much as me and Emily loves Brendon so it should be fun.

As expected when I called, neither believed me, but decided it would be nice to got out for dinner, Panic! At the Disco tagging along, or not.

So Meg went home to get ready and I went home too.

I took a shower, straightened my bangs, put on my eye make up and got dressed. I decided to wear clean jeans. I'd been wearing the same pair for about a week and decided going to dinner with my favorite band constitutes for a clean pair of jeans. What? You don't wear you jeans for a week in a row? Water waster. So I put on one of my favorite pairs of jeans, my black Fox hoodie, a black beater and my green cons, signed by Jeff and Shaant from Cute Is What We Aim For.

I still had some time left so I went to the bathroom and found what I had been wanting earlier. I dragged it across a part of my wrist that didn't already have scars on it (not many places for that) and drew some blood. Not too much but enough to feel and see it. Then when I cleaned up, I went to my computer to see if any of the Fanfics I liked were updated. Surprise, surprise none were. Nobody ever updates. What the fuck?

I then heard my doorbell ring. I got up and ran to the door and opened it. There was a girl with dirty blond hair really layered about shoulder length, with bright blue eyes and light freckled skin, and very skinny, Meg's twin, Lane, one of my best friends. Next to her was Meg and on Meg's other side was a tall girl who I was about chin height with. She had shortly cropped black hair, brown eyes and extremely skinny, with legs that went on forever, Emily, one of my other best friends.

"Hey guys! You ready to go eat with Panic??"

"Hate their music, but love them, so yes." -Meg

"Um, yes!" -Emily

"whatever." -Lane

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