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Chapter 11

Bert finished "The Bird and the Worm" magnificently, and bowed at the crowd. He cracked a smile and a second later walked off stage, leaving his band mates behind. He rumbled through his things until he found a towel which he used to shake off the sweat from his face and hair. He didn't have time to change clothes, and showering was not even a possibility when you're on the road.
So the guys'll have to bear his corporal smell. He ran to his tour bus at top speed and banged the door rapidly. Allison walked up to greet him in Spongebob Squarepants pjs and a white wife beater, her hair was in a high, messy bun. She was holding mascara on her hand and a liquid eyeliner on her mouth.
"Let's go" Bert mumbled hurriedly, taking her by the arm rather aggressively. She slipped her feet on the nearest pair of flip-flops, threw her makeup on her purse and threw her cell phone inside before she was dragged away by an anxious Bert.
"Where's Daniel?" Bert asked as they hurriedly ran in between roadies and sweaty people. Allison jumped every now and then.
"He said he'd meet us there after the show was over" She replied in between sharp intakes of air, Allison was no good running. In fact, she was helpless in any physical activity, she ran out of breath quickly.
"Can we...slow down?" She asked, almost choking.
"No, we can't. GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Bert yelled, pushing past one of his sound guys. The guy swore at him as he landed roughly on the floor. They continued running, running as fast as Allison had ever ran before. Bert jumped a small concrete wall, and that's when Allison tripped and fell face first into the gravel. Bert picked her up and continued running, and then they finally reached the Last Word Uttered tour bus, much to Allison's happiness.
Never had that tour bus looked to miraculous, so wonderful so...
Then Bert opened the door and all Allison could see was food leftovers and random dirty clothes thrown here and there, accompanied by the latest music magazines and piles of books. She sighed as Bert finally slowed down and let her on the floor, they sat with the rest of the guys on the living room area.
There were obviously the guys of Last Word Uttered on their usual show attire, dressed in black from head to toe and several details in other dark colors sitting over each other on the biggest couch, legs and arms flying everywhere and a grunt from time to time. Then there was Daniel with his ragged band tee and jeans staring at his scribbled converse, with his back resting on the side of the couch. Allison sat on one of the remaining chairs and Bert took the other one.
They all sat in silence.
"Okay...we're here" Bert said, stating the obvious.
Ben sort of pushed Jess from his lap and spoke up,
"Look, I asked you all to be here 'cause I wanted to...get this done with once and for all" he sighed heavily and stared at his hands. Allison noted how Daniel's head sort of perked up whenever Ben spoke; he seemed to have a sort of admiration for the guy.
"You see...I received some more information on Alice's sui..suicide" He stated, and this time the silence was longer.
Everyone tried to distract themselves with something, unanimated objects seemed to be very interesting now.
"What is it?" Daniel mumbled from his shadowy corner in a low, almost undecipherable tone.
"Well...I told you guys she was pregnant and that it was mine...I'm not sure she ever stopped to think who the father of the kid was, I mean I don't think she ever had time to do so.
But what I didn't tell you guys is that she lost the baby. I'm guessing that the time in which she knew she was pregnant it was too late."
"It was by the time she stopped consuming, right?" Jess asked.
Ben nodded, "That's my guess anyway"
Bert cradled his face on his hands, rocking himself back and forth.
"You think the drugs killed the kid, right?" Bert asked, slowly raising his head to meet Ben's eyes.
Ben locked eyes with him before responding, "Yes and no"
Bert sighed in relief them motioned Ben to continue.
"I think that and the fact that Gerard caused her so much distress and also...well, I don't want to be harsh, but you and Daniel were a bit overwhelming for her too"
"So she...blamed them?" Brian asked in bewilderment.
"Of course she didn't." Ben said, glaring at his band mate "You know her, she wouldn't blame anyone. She blamed herself for loving them, all of them, and also...for consuming.
I think everything became too much for her. Too much to handle, and she didn't really think that she could deal with anything. Then the baby died and that was it that was her breaking point. She killed herself on the day she and I...had sex. I guess by that time she had figured out I was the only possible father." Ben exclaimed, tears streaming silently down his cheeks.
"How do you know all of this?" Daniel asked.
"Her parents send me this notebook she used as a song book; turns out she also used it as a dairy. I read those pages, its all disturbing in so many levels I can't even begin to describe you"
"I want to read that" Bert said silently, keeping his head down. He was afraid that if he raised it all of the thousand thought that were roaming his head would turn into daggers and kill whoever he chose to look at instantly.
He was stressed, no wonder Alice ended up killing herself.
He could understand her, he really could.
But at the same time he didn' could she just let go.
Fade away?
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