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Chapter Twelve

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Brendon's POV-

We arrived at the cabin first, and me and Jon walked in, with our bags, and unpacked.

I turned on the T.V (Yeah, we were cheating campers) and hooked up guitar hero to the Xbox.

"Jon, you wanna play?" I asked.

"No, I'm going to put dinner on." he said, walking into the kitchen.

I nodded.

"Ryan and Spencer will play." I said, almost to myself.

Soon, as I was in the middle of a game, Ryan walked through the door, tugging a bag.

"Hi Ry." I mumbled.

"Oh, Hey Bren." he said, putting his bag down, and sitting on the couch, near where I knelt on the ground.

"Wanna play me next?" I asked, my eyes glued to the screen.

"Yup." he said, watching me.

I played out the round, and handed him a guitar.

"We'll do face-off mode." I said, picking that, and getting ready.

"Be ready to cry, Ross." I said, as Spencer walked in.

"Hey Brendon. Where's Jon?" he asked.

"Kitchen, where else?" I asked, as me and Ryan picked out guitars.

"Haha, oh yes. Of course." he said, walking into the kitchen.

Me and Ryan started the game, and were both doing good, I was only winning by a few points.

"Karma Police, arrest this man..." Ryan sang. God damn him, he knew I couldn't focus on the game when I sang, and he also knew I had to sing to Radio Head.

"He talks in math, he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a detuned radio." I sang, missing a few notes, and letting Ryan take the lead.

"Fuck yes!" he screamed, tipping his guitar up for "star power."

"Damn you!" I screamed, trying to catch up.

When I was about two points away from catching up and beating him, he leaned over me.

"Opps, dropped my earrings." he lied, to try and block my view.

"CHEATER!" I screamed, dropping the controller, and playfully, but painfully pulling his hair, forgetting about the game.

"AHHH!" He screeched, as he lightly smacked my face.

And before I knew it, we were wrestling.

I slammed my body against his, into the couch a few times, and he got up, and slapped my face repeatedly.

We were both laughing hysterically the whole time. I can't remember having this much fun with Ryan, in so long.

He sat on top of me, and tried to squish me.

"Uh, your so fat. Get off!" I moaned.

He just crossed his legs, and gave me a smug look, so I gathered up my strength, and got up, launching him into the air, and onto his ass.

"OUCH YOU DICK!" he said, grabbing his ass.

"What the fuck is going on out here?" asked Jon.

"Regarding the noise." Spencer added.

"Oh, me and Brendon were just wrestling." Ryan said.

"You two are, getting along?" Jon asked.

I looked at Ryan, who looked at me, and we both raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah!" we said in unison, almost in amazement.

"Wow, that's great." Jon said, turning back into the kitchen, followed by Spencer.

When they left, I turned to Ryan.

"You know what else is great?" I asked him.

"What?" he said.

"Make up." I said.

Ryan's face lit up.

"I BROUGHT SOME! CAN I PAINT YOUR FACE!" he asked, excitedly.

I nodded, with a smile on my face.

He smiled, and got up to his bag, and pulled out a little box of make up.

"Okay, sit down in front of me." he said, opening the box.

I sat, and he took out some black liquid eyeliner, and started painting my face, his mouth slightly open with concentration.

I thought it was adorable.

"Hmm, okay a little red here." he muttered to himself, taking the red liquid, and painting it on my face, carefully.

"And some white" he said, doing the same.

He worked for about fifteen minutes, it was so fun for him.

When he finished, he smiled, and clapped his hands together.

"Picture perfect. I love your face, it's my favorite canvas." he said.

"Thanks." I said, taking the mirror, and looking at the master design that Ryan had scrawled across my face.

"That's amazing, Ro." I said.

"Thanks, I love make-up." he said.

"Me too, but I think you pull it off the best." I said, putting the mirror down.

"I think you can pull it off too." he said.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Of course, like I said, I love your face. It can pull off most anything."

Another small one, not a lot of time. None the less, we see some more tid-bits of Rydon forming, which is uh, good. =)
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