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You are never coming, never coming home.

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Gerard returns home and see's Mikeys body.

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Gerard stepped out of the car and sighed sadly as he saw his home infront of him. The last time he had stood on the end of this driveway he had been saying goodbye to his mother and promising he would take care of himself...and Mikey.
The door burst open and his mother came running down the drive, she had tears pouring down her cheeks and as soon as she reached Gerard she flung her arms round his kneck and began kissing his cheek over and over again as she sobbed.
"M...mum!" Cried Gerard, slightly shocked.
"Oh Gerard! I've missed you so much! I'm so glad your home!" His mother cried. Gerard hugged her back and allowed her to sob in his shoulder.
"Mum...wheres Mikey?" Asked Gerard. Donner pulled away.
"He's in the house." She said, Gerard instantly made his way up to the house, Donner gave Ray, Bob and Frank alll hugs before following.
Gerard walked into the living room. Alicia sat on the sofa, she was asleep. Her eyes were red and puffy, Gerard knew how she must feel.
He knew Mikey would be in the spare bedroom. He walked quietly up the stairs so he wouldn't wake Alicia and then he walked into the spare bedroom.
Inside the curtains were drawn, and candles were everywhere, plus flowers and other gifts. In the centre, lying as if asleep, was a coffin. Gerard crossed the room and over to the coffin, inside was padded with silk and looked comfy. Mikey had been cleaned up and put in a suit, his skin was pale and his eyes were closed, but his hair was like it always was, and he seemed peaceful. Tears filled Gerards eyes as he looked down at his little brother. This wasnt right, Gerard was supposed to die before Mikey, that was the way it always was, the parents would die, next the eldest, and last, the youngest child. Not the youngest child first!
"Mikey..." Gerard took Mikey's hand and held it, it was as cold as ice, and though Gerard had expected it to be cold, he was shocked at how cold it was. Also, it was so life - less, and it wasn't soft like Mikey's hands should be. It was wrong, it was all wrong.
"I miss you bro...I miss you" Gerard gave a small sob and began to cry.
"I don't know if you can hear me Mikey -" He sobbed "But I love you bro', I wish I had told you that every day of your ife because I do love you, your my little brother and one of my best friends, this is all my fault, I should have done something, I shouldn't have let you go to war..." Gerards cheeks were soaked with tears.
"I wish you were here now. Not like this...alive, happy, laughing, getting married...thats how its supposed to be..." Gerard couldn't go on, he burst out crying and let go of Mikeys hand, sinking to his knees, he covered his face with his hands.
Some one walked over and hugged him.
"Don't cry Gee..." It was Frank, he, Ray, Bob, Donner and even Alicia had all been watching Gerard and now Frank wanted to comort him.
"Please don't cry...Mikey wouldn't want you too..." Though Frank said this, he too was crying.
"I just want him back...I want him to be here with me...I want him to get married and be happy...I want him to be alive!" Sobbed Gerard.
"We all do" Said Frank.
"That...that isn't Mikey...Mikey was warm, and he wasn't pale and his hands were soft and...and..." Gerard was talking about Mikey's body.
"Gee...thats what everyone is like when they...pass on." Said Frank.
"You can say die Frank...don't try to make it seem less like a big deal, just say it like it is - he's dead...and he's never coming home." Gerard pulled away from Frank and looked at Mikey.
"I love him so much." He whimpered.
"We all do Gee...just because he isn't alive doesn't mean we can't still love him and think of him." Frank replied. Gerard nodded. He got up, Donner smiled at him, but tears were running down her cheeks, she crossed over to him and hugged her eldest son. Alicia was crying and Ray and Bob were trying hard to remain strong.
"Alicia..." Gerard noticed her for the first time. She smiled weakly at Gerard.
"I just...want to let you know that Mikey loved you...very much, and he couldn't wait to be with you...I just hope you realise that he still loves you...wherever he may be now." He mumbled. Alicia smiled properly.
"Thank you Gerard. I know Mikey loved you very much too...its going to be a hard few months, but I know we will get over this, we all will, and Mikey's memory will live on." Alicia was a very spiritual person, and though she missed Mikey more than words can say, she knew she would see him again.
Suddenly Ray burst into tears.
"I...I'm s...sorry! I c...can't it!" He cried. Gerard walked over to him and hugged him.
"Don't worry Ray, we can't be strong all the time." He said.

A/N: Just incase your wondering, in those days people would have the bodies of recently deceased family members in a room in the house until the funeral - people weren't scared of the dead then.
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