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One life fades and another begins

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Mikey may have left but part of him still the form of an un - born baby

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It was the day after the funeral and Mikey was being buried. The thought scared Gerard. Burying Mikey would make it all final. The thought of his little brother being forever six feet below ground was also scary, he would just lye there trapped in a fancy box, with the wieght of the Earth blocking out all oxygen and life...but of course Mikey was dead. Why would it matter?
Gerard stood next to Alicia as the preist read from the bible, Gerard wasn't really listening, he was just staring at the coffin, ready to be layered into the hole, thinking about all the wonderful memories he had of Mikey. All the things that would have become wonderful memories, if only Mikey was alive, things like the wedding he should have had, Gerard sighed, he would never become an uncle...well...not an actual blood uncle...Mikey was his only sibling and of course there was no way Mikey would ever have children now, because he was dead.
Next to him Alicia sobbed quietly, her face buried in a handkerchief. Donner was also crying, Frank, Bob and Ray were staring sadly at the coffin. The priest stopped talking and he held up a small box.
"In this box is some of the dirt dug up for the hole -" The preist began to walk towards Donner. "You may take a handful each and throw it onto the coffin saying your final message to Micheal" Donner took a handful of dirt, the coffin was lowered into the whole and Donner stood on the edge of it.
"Good bye Mikey, I love you so much son!" She gave a loud sob and chucked the dirt onto the coffin, it gave a hollow thump, reminding Gerard of his heart beat. Frank was next to chuck in some dirt.
"See you again one day Mikey" He mumbled before throwing in his dirt. Next was Ray. "Hope this isn't the last goodbye Mikey, see ya mate" Then it was Bob. "Nothing will be the same without you Mikey, miss you" next was Alicia. She took some dirt and clutched in her hand as the tears poured down her face. "I love you Mikey...more than I you could ever know. I'll miss you." She chucked in the soil and instantly ran over to Donner, the two women hugged and sobbed into each others shoulders. Last was Gerard. He took some soil and then looked down in the hole at the black coffin, soil was scattered randomly over it. "I love you Mikey, your my little brother and I hope I'll see you again one day, miss you bro." He threw in his handful of dirt, there was so much more he wanted to say, but he knew your only supposed to say small messages. So he walked away and went over to his sobbing mother.

Gerard was in the back garden, sat on the grass, like he used to sit with Mikey, inside the house was a party in remembrance of Mikey. The house was filled with people, some Gerard didn't even remember but they remembered him, exclaiming how much he had grown, which was strange since you stop getting told that once you reach at least 17. But they hadn't seen him since he was a baby, so of course he had obviously grown. He had had to come outside, he felt like he couldn't breathe when he was inside, with all those people crying, or telling him they were so sorry.
The cold night air felt good on Gerards burning face, his tears had since dried up, and now he just felt hollow. Mikey was gone and he was never coming back, now Gerard didn't have the energy to feel upset anymore, his sadness had gone and had been replaced by a terrible emptiness and loneliness.
He barely noticed when Alicia sat down next to him.
"I wondered where you had gone...are you ok?" She asked, Gerard nodded silently, not even looking at her.
"Its nice out here isnt it? I feel like I can finally breathe." She said, there was a hint of hapiness in her voice. She hadn't sounded happy at all since she had been told Mikey was dead.
"Oh Gerard look! Theres so many stars tonight!" Alicia pointed at the stars, Gerard looked up, there was a lot of them. "You mother used to tell me when some one we love passes away, they turn into a star...then when we pass away, we join them in our own little heaven...the brightness of the star depends on what the person was like...I think that ones Mikey" Alicia pointed at the brightest star. Gerard had to agree with her, Mikey was always happy and smiling, nothing was bad when Mikey was around, he made everything Ok just by being there.
"He loved you know..." Said Alicia quietly. "A lot, he was always talking about you, telling me how kind you were and all the funny times you'd had, how you never argued and how you were mysterious but you would tell him everything...he adored you Gerard." She smiled at Gerard who was feeling the pain of loss.
"He loved you too...when he was with me he talked about you a lot, he adored you too...he didn't want anything but to be with you..." Said Gerard. Alicia gave a sad smile.
"I didn't want any man but Mikey...I'm never going to fall in love again." She said looking back at the stars.
"Nah, you'll marry one just doesn't feel that way right now." He said, but Alicia shook her head.
"No...I love Mikey, I always will." She said.
"Yeah, but you will marry, everyone does." Said Gerard, Alicia laughed.
"Not me. I'm never going to marry, I love Mikey." She said.
"But...Mikey told me you wanted to have a family, that it had always been your dream...he wouldn't want that to change because he isn't around anymore." Said Gerard, Alicia smiled and looked at Gerard.
"I will have a family, it was my dream to have a child with Mikey, and thats still going to happen..." She said. Gerard was confused...what did she mean?
"What?" He asked, tears were in Alicia's eyes, but they were of happiness.
"I'm pregnnant Gerard...with Mikeys child." She said.
"But how...when...?" Asked Gerard, he wanted her to be pregnant with Mikeys chold but it didn't make sense.
"You know the night I danced with Mikey...well, I was about to get in my car to leave when he came up behind me. He had snuck out of the dorms, he said he couldn't sleep because he kept thinking of me and then...he took me to a spot by a near by lake, we sat and...talked....he kissed me and first I wasn't sure, I wanted to wait until we were married...but he pursuaded me....I guess I did want to...But I kind of wanted to be all good and proper...wait until we were married but...We didn' just kind of happened...and now I'm happy that it did...because I'm going to have Mikeys child and that means so much to me!" Alicia smiled at Gerard who grinned back.
"Alicia thats possibly the best news I've heard my entire life!" He cried, Alicia laughed and Gerard pulled her into huge hug. She half - laughed half cried into his shoulder.
"Your the first person I've told! I'm so glad your happy...but I'm so worried that I won't be able to cope on my own!" She said.
"Oh Alicia your Mikeys true love! Me and my mum and everyone will help you!" Gerard insisted.
"Thank you, Gerard, thank you so much!"
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