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The ghost of you

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THE LAST CHAPTER! Hope you like!!

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Gerard lay asleep in his bed, it was late at night and he was so deeply asleep he wasnt even dreaming.
"GERARD! GERARD! WAKE UP! GERARD WAKE THE HELL UP!" Some shouted down his ear, Gerard gave a shocked gasp as he sat up, it was Donner she was inches away from his face.
"MUM?" He cried.
"GERARD, THANK GOD YOUR AWAKE!" Cried Donner. Gerard awoke fully.
"MUM! WHATS WRONG? WHATS GOING ON?" He asked. Donner smiled at him, making Gerard feel confused.
"Dont panick! Its just we need to get Alicia to a hospital! And quick, she's giving birth!" Cried Donner, Gerard went pale, his mum couldn't drive so it would be his task...the thought of a woman giving birth in the back of his car made him feel ill, especially because the woman would have been Mikeys wife!
"You can't be asking me to drive you to the hospital!" Cried Gerard.
"Of course thats what I'm asking! You know I cant drive!" Said Donner.
"But mum! She...she'll be...I cant see..." Gerard didn't know how to put it.
"Of stop being a flaming wimp Gerard! We'll cover below her waist with a blanket, god, anyone would think you've never seen a naked woman before!" Said Donner dragging Gerard out of bed. He instantly began to get dressed.
"Its not that, its jsut its wierd...she was meant to be married to Mikey!" He complained, Donner rolled her eyes.
"I do know Gerard. Now hurry the hell up!" She said before leaving. Gerard sighed and began hunting for a top.

"DRIVE FASTER GERARD!" Cried Donner as Alicia gave another cry of pain.
"I'M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN! DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL IS ALL?" Gerard replied. Alicia yelled again.
"I thought that you have at least a few hours after the waters break until gets painful!" Said Gerard turning a corner.
"You do. But she must have been having her bath when they broke so she may not have noticed." Replied Donner.
"DAMN!" Yelled Gerard as he almost collided into a fence.

Gerard sat in the waiting room of the hospital with his mum. A doctor approached them.
"You can go see her now." He said.
"Has she given birth?" Asked Gerard recieving a slap off Donner.
"Dont be such an ass Gerard, he's not going to let us go see her if she's still giving birth!" She cried, the doctor smiled.
"Yes Mr. Way, she has, to a healthy baby boy." He said. Donner smiled.
"Oh how wonderful! Come on Gerard!" She grabbed Gerards hand dragged him along the hallways until the reached the right room. Alicia was sat up in bed holding a small baby wrapped in a blue blanket in her arms. Donner let go off Gerards hand and rushed into the room.
"Oh isn't he beautiful!" She cried. Alicia smiled.
"I've called him Mikey...after his father." She said. Donner had tears in her eyes.
"Oh how wonderful!" She said tears of happiness starting to fall down her cheeks, Gerard walked over and looked at the small baby. Even now he looked a lot like Mikey. He only had a bit of hair, but it was a dark brown like Mikeys. And he had the same nose.
"He's just like Mikey" Said Gerard quietly. Alicia smiled.
"He is, isn't he?" She agreed. Donner took him and turned away cooing over him.
"Mikey would have loved him to bits" Said Gerard. Alicia smiled, though it had been 9 months since Mikeys death, it still hurt some times. Not as much as it had, but there were the odd days that it would feel as painful and un - real as it had when she had first found out.
"I wish her were here would make everything perfect." She whispered. Gerard smiled sympathetically at her.
"I know what you mean...but we'll see him again..." He said. Alicia smiled and nodded. Donner was too busy focusing all her attention on little Mikey.

A week later and Gerard was given the task of changing Little M's nappy. "Eugh...this is no job for a man" He mumbled, Alicia laughed.
"Thats sexist." She said, Gerard shrugged.
"Yeah - but its true" He said, Alicia grinned an shook her head.
"Men are such babies!" She said.
"I'm no baby! I fought in that damn war!" Gerard protested.
"So whats the big deal all over a nappy? Its not a bomb!" Alicia replied, Gerard scowled and mumbled something under his breath. Alicia giggled and leaned back into the sofa.
Donner walked into the living room and handed Alicia a cookie.
"HEY WHERES MINE?!" Asked Gerard, Donner shrugged.
"Alicia needs to rest" She said.
"Oh come on! She gave birth a week ago!" Moaned Gerard.
"Hey Gee, you try giving birth once in a while!" Said Alicia, Gerard scowled, there was a nock at the door and Frank, Ray and Bob came bursting into the house.
"SHOW ME THE NEW KID!" Cried Frank.
"Gerard, are you changing a nappy?" Asked Bob.
"Hey guys" Said Alicia with a wave.
"Hey, do you three want a cookie?" Asked Donner.
"Would I ever say no?" Asked Frank going over to see the now freshly changed baby.
"I will" Said Bob.
"No, I'm fine thankyou" Siad Ray, sitting down. Donner walked off into the kitchen and Frank picked up Mikey.
"What did you say you've nicknamed him?" He asked as he pulled faces at him.
"Little M" Said Gerard. Frank chuckled and stuck his tongue out. Little M gugrgled happily.
"AAAAW HE LIKES ME!" Cried Frank happily.
"Well he better because I want you to be his godfather." Said Alicia. Frank stared at her with his mouth open.
"Really!?" He asked, Alicia nodded.
"Yeah. You were one of Mikeys best friends and I know it would mean so much to him if you were Little M's godfather." She said. Frank grinned.
"OH MY GOD WOW!" He cried. Alicia laughed.
"Is that a yes you will be his godfather?" She asked, Frank looked shocked at the question.
"Of course I will!" He cried.
For the rest of the day, they all sat happily talking and cooing over little M, Ray, Bob and Frank stayed for dinner and Bob and Ray were given the task of bathing the baby. Alicia stood by and helped them out, but burst out laughing when Bob some how managed to get soap in his eyes. He ran round the room rubbing his eyes and yelling in pain.
Later that night once they had gone home and Alicia, Donner and Little M were all in bed, Gerard was sat in his room on his bed drawing. There was a small knock at his door and Alicia came in.
"Gerard?" She whispered.
"Hey. Whats up?" Asked Gerard quietly. Alicia crossed the room and sat down next to Gerard.
"I...I had a bad dream..." She mumbled. Gerard put down his pencil.
"Are you ok?" He asked, Alicia nodded.
"Yeah but...It was about Mikey...he was killed by a vampire and then Little M was killed too and...I dont want to go back to sleep." She looked down at the floor, trying to hide her tears but Gerard saw and put his arm round her shoulders, pulling her into a hug.
"Don't cry Alicia, it was just a dream, Little M's fine and Mikeys in a better place." He said Kindly. Alicia nodded.
"But...if I die, little M isn't going to have anyone...will...will you take care of him?...w...what would happen if I died?" She asked, Gerard was shocked by the question.
"Of course I would take care of him, we all would, me, mum, Frank, Ray and Bob. We would never let anything bad happen to little M, regardless whether you were alive or not." Gerard assured her, Alicia smiled and sniffed.
"Thankyou Gerard...your too good to me, you all are." She said. Gerard shook his head.
"Mikey loved you...I'de be defying my little brother I wasn't kind to you" He said. Alicia giggled.
"I miss him..." She said.
"I miss you too."
"What?" Alicia looked at Gerard in confusion.
"I didn't say that" He whispered, they both looked around and gasped when they saw Mikey, pale, but smiling, sitting on top of Gerards chest of draws. He was wearing his best suit his mother had bought him. His gold rimmed glasses glinted in the dim light and his grin widened at the sight of Gerard and Alicia's faces.
"Are...are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Asked Alicia, never looking away from Mikey.
"Well...if its Mikey...then yeah...I see him." Said Gerard, staring at his brother.
"Yeah you better be able to see me! I only have five minutes until I go back, so I just want to say a few things -" Mikey began.
"Back...back where?...Whats going I dreaming?" Asked Alicia, she pinched herself...she felt it.
"No, your not dreaming...its me...I can't tell you where I have to go back, the living aren't aloud to know but you can probably guess anyway - I just want to say I love little M, he means so much to me and I'm watching over you all...thankyou Gee for taking care of Alicia, I love you both more than words can say, I miss you all but please, stop crying over my life, I'm happier now, but one day we will all be together again. Until then I will be watching over you - oh, and one more thing - just so in the morning you know you weren't dreaming, Hitler has commited suicide about half an hour ago and has just been found so it should be in the papers tommorow - so if it is, you know you werent dreaming...My times up now though, I love you and I can't wait to be with you again, because we will." Then Mikey dissapeared. Gerard turned to look at Alicia.
"W...what the hell just happened?" He asked. Alicia shrugged.
"I...I think that was Mikeys ghost..." She mumbled.

The next morning Gerard woke up to find Alicia curled up on the end of his bed, they must have fallen asleep when they were talking. He nudged her awake, for a moment she looked confused at being in Gerards room, but then she remembered last night and she sat up, just as they heard the sound of something coming through the letter box.
"Its the paper." Said Gerard. Alicia instantly got up and ran out of the room closely followed by Gerard. The morning paper lay on the carpet infront of the door, Alicia siezed it and un - folded it. The front page showed a picture of hitler. "NAZI LEADER KILL HIMSELF" Read the headline. Gerard and Alicia looked at eachother.
"It was Mikey" Whispered Alicia, Gerard grinned, they instantly hugged eachother. Gerard didn't know wether it had been a dream, and that this was just a coincedence, but what he did know was that what ever pain he still had from Mikeys death had gone, and he knew, he would see his brother again one day.

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