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Chapter 13

Gerard sat on the cold floor, adrenaline rushing through his veins. He looked at his right to meet his brother's nervous gaze. Mikey gave him a lopsided grin and grabbed his bass firmly as a tech came out and said,
"Out you go guys"
"Whoo!!!" Frank yelled, jumping up and down before following Bob's lead into the stage. The crowd roared as the previous band left the stage and My Chemical Romance entered it. For this show they had skipped any dramatic entrance since it was extremely hot and they didn't have to time to rush and arrange the stage in between shows. They started jamming as soon as the equipment was installed correctly.
After a few songs Gerard paused briefly, giving the guys time to arrange the instruments for their next one. He walked up to the stage's front and flashed a smile watching the excited kids beam at him. He passed a sweaty hand through his even sweatier hair, heavy drops falling into the already wet floor.
"Man, I've fucked this whole stage up, it's so wet...and someone is gonna break their ass, how are you all doing?" He hollered into the mic, raising his arms above his head. The crowd roared and he smiled once more, bending his body forward slightly.
"You know, I know a thing about contrition

'Cause I got enough to say
And I'll be grantin' your permission
Cause you haven't got a prayer
I said, hey hallelujah
Well come on, sing the praise
Let the spirit come on through ya
We got innocence for days

"So we're going back to home, huh?" Daniel asked his dad quietly.
"Yeah..."Bert responded as he flipped through the channels. Things had been awkward between them to say the least. Everything had changed the minute Daniel had started everyone else. He couldn't stare at any of them the same way, he refused to have anything to do with 'Last Word Uttered', and he barely spoke to his father's band mates. It was hard for him to be polite to his dad. Allison was stuck in an uncomfortable position as well, and he was more than happy when he knew they were returning home.
Allison walked in a towel wrapped around her head, a gigantic pink shirt and her bare, long legs protruding from beneath it. Her lips were slightly bluish from the cold water, and she was trembling a bit. She sat by Bert's side and stared at him with her gigantic hazel eyes, a wet strand from her red hair had escaped the towel and now laid on her forehead.
"We're going home already? That sucks!" She wined as she noticed the strand hair and decided to remove the towel from her head and use it to dry her hair instead.
"Yup. It's been good having you around, though. You've made things pleasant to say the least, Ally" Bert said, smiling at her. She smiled in return and shook her head, sending drops of water in every direction as Jepha sat by her side. He received a slap from her hair straight on the face and the rest of the guys started laughing uncontrollably at him. Allison did to as she touched his face and apologized. Everyone enjoyed the moment. Everyone but Daniel.
He continued to sit on the couch, knees up to his face and he stared at them coldly. He couldn't help to feel that way. He kept going back to the things Ben had told them, and there was something that didn't fit in. There was a bit of that story that had been untold, he was sure of that. He knew Ben well, he had learned to know when he was lying, and Daniel was sure he had been right at the end.
What is Ben hiding?

Gerard sat on his bed, trying to refrain from thinking about Alice.
He couldn't help it.
But the worst was that he didn't think of her like he wanted to. He wanted to think she was a bitch, she was an unworthy being of living and that it was better for her to be dead.
The truth was otherwise, and he knew it well. He lied to himself so it was easier to cope with it all. It was not working. He needed to do something. As if that wasn't worst he didn't knew shit about her suicide. He just knew that she had killed herself and that was it. No more details. He had refused to read any article concerning her death, and walked out of every room in which her name and death were uttered together.
He passed a hand through his longish black hair out of habit; he had missed having it black and long. He was sure Alice would've liked the length of it now. He felt so guilty, so alone.
What was he supposed to do?
Then it hit him.
He knew just what he had to do. He released his phone from the gigantic bundle of dirty clothes that were suffocating it. He realized he didn't know what number to dial. He froze by his unmade bed's side, phone clutched on hand and staring at the floor strongly, as if waiting for it to respond his question.
He could call the operator.
"Hello, operator? Could I have the number of Kamz...Wentz, please?"
"What city?" He monotonous voice asked from the other end.
"Las Vegas" He mumbled, hand slightly trembling.
"Excuse me?"
"Las Vegas" He repeated louder and firmer.
"Wait a minute, please" The voice asked. After a short paused she came back "The number you've been looking for is..." She dictated the number and he wrote it down on the wall since he didn't have any sheet of paper at hand.
"Thank you very much" He said as he hung up.
He dialled the number and bit his thin lip as he heard it ringing. He was about to hang up and give up when a voice answered,
"Hello?" A sleepy voice greeted him, "This better be good, I was sleeping whoever the hell you are"
"Kamz?" Gerard asked hopefully. He heard a sound of sheets and movement and a door close from her end of the line.
"Yes...who's this? 'Cause if this is who I think it is I'm sure I haven't woken up" Kamz mumbled, laughing nervously.
"This is Gerard" He stated firmly.
"I didn't think you'd ever call..." She said faintly.
"I've never talked to you, why would you expect a call from me?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Well, I thought that maybe you'd like to visit.../her/"
There was a short pause.
"You're right, that's what I want to do. I was planning on going to Vegas, can you tell me where she's buried?"
Kamz ended her conversation with Gerard and returned to the pink room in which she had fallen asleep. The almost six-year-old girl she had been reading a story was still asleep. Her eyes where opened a bit and Kamz could only see slits of the girl's gigantic brown eyes. Her face was covered with strands of slightly wavy almost black hair. Kamz rested her back on the side of the door, watching the girl intently. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and turn her around,
"Don't stare at her too long, she feels stares too you know? She'll wake up and start asking for another fairy tale." Pete whispered on her ear. She nodded and closed the door behind her carefully. She distractedly zipped her Clandestine hoodie up and down as she took a loose strand of bleached hair back into her tall ponytail,
"That girl amazes me, she reminds me so much of her mother" Kamz mumbled, staring into her husband's eyes. He nodded,
"That's the only reason for her to be alive"
She smacked his tattooed arm slightly, "That's not fair!"
"You hate kids! You've always said that!" He argued back quietly.
"Yes I do, but-" She wined, stamping her foot.
"There are no buts on that one honey. Don't even try." He stated back, kissing her nose. She groaned. She didn't like loosing on an argument; she was very competitive on some things. And arguing with her husband was one of them.
She grunted all the way to the kitchen until Pete handed her a chocolate bar.
"You can't win me back so easily, you know..." She commented as she opened the chocolate bar.
"I can't? And I was thinking of making chocolate fondue for dessert!" Pete said in regretful voice.
"Okay, Okay!" She replied, eyes shining. Then her gaze dropped as she remembered how Alice and her used to play at Creppes and Waffles with the chocolate fondue.
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