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Just a short chapter about Franks nightmares and how they affect Gee.

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It was the middle of the night and I was asleep, I woke up slighlty, so I was in a light doze, that always happens when I need to roll over or fidget because I'm un - comfortable, in a way its a good thing because it means I never get a bad neck from sleeping funnily because I wake up. I rolled over and was about to go back into a deep sleep when I could hear something...whispering.
I opened my eyes and listened carefully, I couldn't hear what was being said, but I could make out that it was two people...Gerard and Frank I think. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. My knees clicked and I staggered slightly, my body just wanted me to go back to sleep, but I'm very curious and I wanted to know why Frank and Gerard were up.
I walked along the bus, following the sound of their voices until I reached the door seperating the living area and kitchen from the rest of the bus. I pressed my ear to the door and I could just about hear what was being said -
"Oh my god can't you please go back to sleep?" Yawned Gerard.
"Noooo...I keep having bad dreams...I can't sleep, I've already tried!" Whispered Frank. Yay, I was right, it is Frank and Gerard.
"Well...why do I have to stay awake just because you are?"
"Because I'm too scared to sit up on my own"
"Oh my god Frank don't be such a baby! Your a grown man!"
"Geeeeeeee, its not my fault if I keep having bad dreams...there really scary!"
"Agh! I dont care! Please just let me go back to bed! Or at least do something interesting to keep me awake!"
"Like what?"
"Well...for a start tell me what these dreams are about."
"I've already told you - there about vampires."
"Well no offence but that isn't exactly interesting Frank."
"Look! Just stay with me so I don't get scared!"
"Well...why do I stop you from being scared? I mean, everyone tells me I look like a vampire so it doesn't really make much sense does it?"
"I guess its because your obsessed with vampires, so you'd know how to protect me"
"What makes you think I'm not a vampire?"
"Gee dont! I'll get scared!"
"Oh whatever, I'm going back to bed!"
"No dont leave me!"
"Frank just go to sleep!"
"I cant! I get scared!"
"Well...what if you share my bed with me? Will you sleep then?"
"Just like friends, it wont mean anything, its purely because I need to sleep!"
"Well...I guess...I wouldnt get scared"
"Great, now come on, I'm dead on my feet here!"
I heard them walking towards the door...I don't know why but I didn't really want them to know that I had been eavesdropping so I turned and ran back to my bunk, I dived under the covers and lay so I was facing the wall, I heard them walk pass me, thankfully they didn't know I wasn't asleep.
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