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Frank and Gerard are caught in the act...well...kind of.

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In the morning I heard Mikey, who was on the bunk above mine get up. Opposite us was Ray, he got the only single bunk, Frank and Gerard shared one just slightly further down the bus. Frank got the top bunk and Gee got the bottom one, but I was pretty sure that this morning, they were probably sharing the bottom one.Mikeys feet appeared above my bed, then the rest of him, he dropped down onto the floor and stretched. "Morning B - ob!" He yawned.
"Morning" I replied. Mikey made his way down the bus, in the direction of Gerards bunk, probably to use the bathroom. But then I heard him come running back, he punched Rays shoulder, waking him up. "Bob Ray! Look at this!" He whispered excitedly, I already knew what he had seen, but I pretended to look confused and followed Mikey and Ray down the bus.
Ray jammed a fist in his mouth to stop himself laughing out loud, Mikey grabbed Ray shoulder and buried his face in it, his body shaking as he too laughed. I have to admit, I had cover my own mouth, it was really quite funny.
Gerard and Frank were, as I predicted, sharing the bottom bunk, Frank was curled up against Gerards chest, and Gerard had his arm round Franks waist, they looked like they had spent the night 'together' because they were in love or something. Only I knew that it was because Frank had had another nightmare.
"Oh my god! They're gay!" Whispered Ray.
"Oh come on, we all knew they'd get together eventually!" Mikey whispered back, he had a huge grin on his face. Thats one good thing about Mikey, he doesn't mind the fact that his brother is Bi, talking of which, Gerard was beginning to stir, me Mikey and Ray exchanged glances, un - sure of wether to run or not. But we didn't have to time to make a decision as Gerard opened his eyes and stared at us sleepily.
"What are you guys doing?" He asked gruffly. Mikey chuckled.
"I think the question is what are you doing? Or should I say, what have you been doing?" He said. Gerard looked confused for a moment, then he noticed that he was holding a sleeping Franks waist. He gasped and pulled his hand away causing Ray and Mikey to burst out laughing. Waking Frank.
"Huh?...what the - ?" He noticed that he was curled up against Gerard and that we were all laughing our heads off and pulled away, almost falling out of the bed, but Gerard grabbed him and stopped him.
"Thanks Gee...err...whats going on? Why are they laughing?" Asked Frank, looking very confused and upset.
"Well...we just found you two curled up happily sleeping together!" Laughed Mikey. Frank realised what was going on and got up.
"ALL THAT HAPPENED WAS I HAD A NIGHTMARE!" He cried. Mikey and Ray laughed even harder at this.
"Oh and so Gerard made you feel better?" Asked Ray, Gerard scowled at this.
"For your information, Frank was too scared to go back to sleep and was keeping me up, so, because I was tired and had no other option I told him he could share my bed so he wouldn't be scared, it was the only way I could go back to sleep!" He explained.
"Of course Gee, whatever you say" Said Ray.
"ITS THE TRUTH!" Cried Frank. Ray and Mikey looked like they were enjoying themselves.
"Yeah, and Gerard just happened to be holding your waist and you just happened to be cosied into his chest!" Mikey laughed, Gerard and Frank both blushed.
"Well...err...we did it without realising..." Mumbled Frank. Mikey and Ray spluttered with laughter.
"DID WHAT!?" Asked Mikey.
"HELD EACHOTHER! GOD! WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! WE WERE JUST SLEEPING!" Frank was maaaaaaaaaad! Mikey and Ray were holding eachother for support as they shook with laughter, I had to bite my tongue to hide my own laughter. Gerard scowled.
"Fine. Believe what you want, but we know we didn't do anything so thats all that matters." He said, Mikey wiped tears of laughter out of his eyes and gave a final giggle.
"What will mum say when I tell her about this!?" He said, both Gerard and Frank went pale.
"Your not going to tell her anything!" Said Gerard through gritted teeth.
"Oh aren't I?" Mikey teased, Gerard had had enough, he gave a loud battle cry before knocking Mikey to the floor and sitting on his chest...why does Gerard always do that when he fights people?...probably because he weighs a tonn, even if he is quite skinny.
"OW...GET...OFF...ME!" Cried Mikey. Gerard put his hand round Mikeys throat, he wasn't really choking him, just trying to scare him a little, but Mikey knew Gerard to well and it just made him laugh.
"YOUR NOT TELLING MUM ANYTHING YOU RAT!" He cried. Mikey struggled to laugh, but Gerard had knocked all the air out of him.
"Or....what?" He asked, Gerard looked thoughtful.
"Or we'll tell you mum that you have phone sex with Alicia" Said Frank, Gerard nodded his head in agreement, Mikey looked shocked.
"Ok, I wont...say anything...I...swear!" He cried, satisfied Gerard got off of him. Mikey sat up and took a puff of his inhaler.
"And if you mention it one more time then I really will strangle you!" Gerard threatened. "Any of you" He added, looking at me and ray, with the scariest evils I've ever seen.
"Err...mention what?..I can't think of anything to mention!" Said Ray quickly, Gerard nodded his head.
"Good" He said, then he walked away. Frank rushing off after him.
"Is it just me, or does the whole, following each other around kind of ruin there excuse a little bit?" I asked. Mikey chuckled.
"Yeah - they don't get up to anything, nooooo, they're just 'friends'" He said sarcastically. Ray laughed and we all made our way back down the bus to the living area.
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