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Chapter Six.

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Chapter 6.

Still Ryan's POV

I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I mean we got back to the bus late, but I only fell asleep at like 2:30 and I only woke up at about 9. Too little least for a 20 year old man. I also didn't eat much; when I got up I just walked out into the kitchen and got some coffee then went back into my bed and read.

She's amazing. Why did she have to leave so fast? I hope she's ok. Her family life sounded not that great, I guess that's something that we have in common. I thought to myself as I lay on my bed. There were so many thoughts running around in my head that it started to hurt.

I shut my eyes to try and think of anything but what had happened during the day, but I then felt the mattress sink. My eyes slowly opened and I let out a small yip when I realized that there was a face only centimeters away from mine.

"Brendon, what are you doing?"

He was rolling around in my bed laughing because of the noise I made. "Well, I was coming in to see if you were ok. You've been sitting in here for a good couple of hours." He said when he gathered his breath.

I couldn't lie to him or any other of the guys so I decided to just tell him the truth.

"I've only known her for a couple of hours but I feel like I've known her for years. She's so amazing." I sighed "but she lives here, in Philly, and we're touring. 17. She's 17!" I let out a frustrated sigh.

"Well I really like Emily and she's 17 too."

"But that's totally different. You just turned 20 and she'll be 18 next February which means there's just under 3 years between you, but I turn 21 at the end of August and she'll be 18 at the beginning of October which means there's over 3 years. What would the press think of that?"

"Well, you do have a point, but does it really matter to you that much? I mean if you really like her can you get past that?"

I thought for a couple minutes. I really do like her, a lot. Maybe I should just get to know her better before I think about this seriously.

"Hey, Brendon?" I looked down at the younger boy who was now cuddled into my side, his arms tightly around my ribs and his head resting on my chest.

"Yeah?" He looked up.

"How much longer are we in Philly?"

"Umm..." He thought for a minute. "I think we have two shows, the one tomorrow and the one on Friday."

"Ok. And what time is it?"

Brendon took out his sidekick. "Oh, well. Hehe, its about 2:30 PM. Didn't realize that it was so early."

"Do you know what time the girls get out of school?"

"I think Emily said they got out about 2:18. That's such an odd time. 18? Why not 15? Or 20? I mean seriously." He said pondering.

I crawled to the end of my bunk and grabbed my own sidekick. I looked at it and decided to text Nicky instead of call her in case she wasn't out of school. She said she kept her phone on all the time so I figure that she would text back. I slid it open and typed:

Hey, r u out of school? -Ryan

I waited. About a minute later I felt it vibrate. I looked at the screen 1 new message. I slid it open and read:

Yeah, I'm out. Why? -Nick

O ok, good, just checkin. U wanna do sumthing? -Ry

I waited for a reply, but then my ringtone went off instead. I looked at it and saw: Nicky calling... I answered.


"Hey, Ry. I figured it'd just be easier to talk about this over the phone. The back button on my phone doesn't work so I make so many mistakes its annoying so yeah, umm I'd love to do something, but I have some work to do. And thank god I was quiet enough when I got in last night that my mom didn't catch me so I'm not in trouble...yet." She rambled.

"Haha, ok. Um how about tonight? Are you free to go out tonight? To go to a movie or maybe stay in and watch a movie? What do you think?" I asked.

"Oh that sounds great! What do you want to see?"

"Are there any good movies out?"

"If there are any, I've already seen them. Like Pirates, Shrek, seen them all."

"Oh, ok well do you want to just come to the bus? And we can get some take out and rent a movie?"

"Yeah! Excellent." She said.

"Ok what about 6?"

"Um hold on." I heard some mumbling in the background. "yeah my mom says that's fine but I need to be home at a reasonable time." I could hear the eye roll on my side of the line.

I suppressed a giggle "Ok. See you then."

"Wait! I don't know where the bus is."

"Oh yeah that's right. Haha. Um how about I come by your house and pick you up?"

"Ok." Then she gave me her address and we hung up.

I sighed and fell back onto my bed. But it wasn't on to my bed. "Brendon, your still here?"

"Yes, and you, sir, are crushing my stomach."

I laughed "As if I weigh enough to crush you."

"Yeah that's true." He said shoving me off of him. "So you have plans tonight?"

"Yeah, do you think that you, Spence and Jon could go out tonight?"

"I believe we could arrange that." He said smiling.

"Ok fine I owe you two packs of Capri Sun and some skittles."

"Yesssss." He said getting out of my bunk and heading toward the front of the bus. "JON! SPENCE!" I heard him yell.

"Brendon we're right here. No need to yell in our ears." I heard Spence say.

"Ok fine. Ryan wants us off the bus tonight so that Nicky and him can have rampant animal sex."

"Not true!" I yelled.

"Ok fine I think we can leave. What time do you want us out till?" I heard Jon ask.

"Um is 10:30 ok?" I asked/yelled.

"Yup, we can do that." I then heard them talking, making plans for tonight, no doubt.

For the rest of the afternoon, until about 4:30, I read. Then I got up and took a shower and did the rest of the necessary things for looking presentable. Then I map quested how to get to her house and I started off.

I arrived at her house...well if you can call it a house. It's more like a town house. Anyway I went up and rang the doorbell. I stood there for a minute, then she opened the door.

You know the drill!
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