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Chapter Five

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We're out to dinner!

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Chapter 5.

Ryan's POV.

Well, the dinner was going well enough. Jon wasn't drinking too much and everybody seemed to be getting along. Emily and Lane were really awesome. Nicky and I have been talking for almost the whole dinner. She was so awesome. She and I had a lot in common and not only that, she was really smart and funny also.

"So we've been over likes, dislikes, friends, what else is there?"

"Family?" She asked

"Oh, yeah! Tell me about your family." I said.

"Um, well I have an older brother, who's 18, almost 19, and is failing out of college. I live with my mom, who enjoys her drinks. My dad lives in Rochester, NY with my step mom. He just told me on Saturday that she is pregnant...with triplets...I think that's about it." Nicky said, I think without taking one breath. "So tell me about your family." She said smiling and laughing.

I smiled. She was cute and it was nice that she could have a sense of humor about a sort of a messed up family.

"Well, as you may know, seeing as you like our stuff and well at least according to Meg, your "obsessed" with us" I said smiling. "My mother and father divorced when I was younger. My mother still lives in Vegas, but I rarely talk to her. My dad was an alcoholic who wasn't the greatest father in the world and died last year. I also have a younger sister who is so adorable and I think that's about it..." I said thinking about anything else that I should tell her. "Nope, nothing else." I said smiling.

"What else should we talk about?" Nicky asked looking around the restaurant and picking at the chicken pot pie that she ordered. "Maybe we should talk about how much I love this chicken pot pie. I love this chicken pot pie. It's just SO DAMN GOOD!"

"Well, this burger is certainly very tasty too. It was a good choice to come here." I said smiling at her.

"Thanks! I have good taste don't I?"

"Yeah, your friends are great too. Everybody seems to be getting along great." I said looking around at the pods of people talking.

"Agreed." Then she leaned in to my side and whispered close to my ear, "I think that Emily and Brendon are developing a thing for each other, which is good because Emily loves Brendon." Her breath against my ear sent shivers down my spine. It was an odd but wonderful sensation.

I looked across the table at Brendon and Emily, who were leaned close together and looked to be in a heated debate. Suddenly, Brendon exploded.

"The O.C. is not a stupid show! It's a classic show about life as a teenager!"

"That is so not true! Its stupid and pointless and contains some really bad acting." Emily argued.

"Ugh, is there any way I can change your mind?"


"Yeah, Brendon, you might as well give up now. Emily is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to her opinions." Meg chimed in.

"True" Said Lane.

"Double true" said Nicky.

Emily shot them all an evil look, then shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head.

"Ok, I guess I'll give up, but I still think it's a master piece of a show." Said Brendon hanging his head.

"Aw, its ok Brenny bear" Said Emily patting him on the back. "You can believe what you want, I just don't agree with you. That's all."

"A lot of people don't agree in what we believe in" Nicky said nodding and taking yet another bite of her god like chicken pot pie.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked/

"Well, we're, um how do you say, not the most popular kids in the world. We're in the earth club, we attend protests, we have political debates, etc." Nicky said "In fact, apparently most of the kids in school think that we're a group of lesbians because we did a day of silence to protest gay rights. Stupid kids. I mean if they knew me, or even saw my room they would know that I am so not gay!" She said crossing her arms and pouting.

"Double true" nodded Emily.

"That's not so bad. I mean people say that Brendon and Ryan are gay all the time and they're least that we know of." Chimed in Spencer.

"What do you mean if they saw your room?" I inquired.

"Well, I have a wall. It's covered in pictures of guys that I believe to be good looking. It takes up a good fourth of a section of wall."

"Are on it?" Asked Jon.

I shot him a look. He kind of shrunk back in his chair.

"Um, yeah" Nicky said blushing "You guys are on it."

"Oh come on, Rain, be honest." Meg said.

Nicky narrowed her eyes. "I have no idea what you're talking about"

"Yes you do and if you don't say it I will."

"No please don't!"

"Ryan, there is about 30 pictures on that wall. Let me just say that you are in how many, Rain? 12? 13?"

"Yeah, some where around there" Nicky mumbled, turning the color of a tomato.

I looked over at Nicky. She looked like she was going back into her own world. That shy world, just when I had been getting to know her.

I slipped my arm around her. "Don't be shy. That's cute." I whispered in her ear. "Maybe a little stalker-ish, but hey it could be worse."

"That is very true. I read this girl's blog online. She was in Vegas and went to your house from when you were little. She actually took a piece of a rosemary bush as a souvenir. Now I have never done that, nor would I ever do anything like that. Its just a liiiitle creepy."

"Erm, yeah that is alittle weird. Heck, that's not a little weird. That's a lot weird. I'm actually fearing for my safely right now."

"Aw, don't be scared" She said cuddling up against me, since I still had my arm around her. "I'm here, and Brendon, Jon and Spence are here and Lane, Meg and Emily are here so we can all protect you."

"Oh yeah, I feel soooo safe with seven people all under 200 lbs and with no defense training that I know of."

"That is not true! I took karate until I was seven!" Nicky said.

"And how old are you now?"

"17" she said smiling.

"Case and point." I said.

"Oh snap!" Brendon said "Its getting later!"

"What time is it?" Nicky asked

"A little after eleven."

"SHIT!!!" Nicky said hopping up out of the chair, with the other three girls following suit. "We were all basically supposed to be home an hour ago."

"Why didn't your parents call?" I asked.

"I rarely ever turn off my cell, but I figured, heck, dinner with Panic! At the disco? Now that is worthy of turning off your cell phone."

"Um ok. Do you need a ride home?"

"No, we can catch cabs. Thanks though." She said walking out in to the night.

The guys and I had all thrown some money on the table to cover the bill and tip before we ran out of the restaurant.

The girls were waving down taxis. Lane and Meg got into the first one after huggning all of us good bye.

Then the second was flagged down.

"Well, I got to go." She said turning towards me

"Ok, um, well, can I like call you tomorrow?" I asked.

Her face lit up. "Of course!"

I moved towards her and gave her a tight hug. Just as we were pulling away I place a kiss on her cheek and her face immediately went red. "God, Ryan. I never blush, but you make me do it so easily!"

I smiled and looked over at Emily and Brendon to catch a kiss between them, but they weren't as shy as me and Nicky so they had kissed except on the lips (gasp) Jealous.

Nicky and Emily got into the taxi quickly, both smiling so much it looked like it hurt. Then the cab sped off into the night.

"What a night" Spencer said.

"Yeah, You can say that again" I said

"What a night" Brendon said

"I didn't mean that." I said hitting him on the side of the head.

YES LONGEST CHAPTER YET. R and r please! I really worked kind hard on this one!
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