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A Naruto High School Story

by pinkhater07 4 reviews

At Kohona High, nothing's easy. Sakura's scared of some creepy teacher, Sasuke's romantically confused, and Naruto is writing poetry.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Humor - Characters: Hinata, Ino, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Sakura, Tenten - Published: 2007-05-29 - Updated: 2007-05-29 - 469 words

Pinkhater07 is proud to present her first Naruto fanfic:
A Naruto High School Story.

ch 1: Gym Class

----English Class----

"And all this time I thought I had the hardest row to hoe. This will always amaze me." said Sakura as she read the last sentence in the book.Then Sakura closed her book with a sigh."Wonderful, Sakura! Now, then, what's your opinion about this book?" the sophomore english teacher, Kakashi-sensei said.The class leaned forward to heard her reply, for they loved the sound of her voice."Well, my opinion is-" Sakura began to said, but she was cut off by the bell.Sakura groaned, as she was not looking forward to gym class, meaning that she would have 2 run with HIM with the other girls in gym class again.

---Gym class---

Sakura walked to the girls locker roon, and started to changed from her clothes into her gym clothes."Hey Sakura! Whaz do you think of him?" Ino's face popped up in front of her."Him? you mean our gym teacher?" Sakura said with a disguisted face.Ino nodded, and Sakura nodded, saying, "Well, he's so creepy! I hate him! The way his tongue hangs gross!" and shudders.Then the tardy bell rang."SHIT!!" they both yelled and ran out of the locker room, running to the track field.

----The Track Field---

"Now girls...girls, listen up." Orochimaru said as the girls stood before him, very nervous. Orochimaru's eyes searched each girls and he licked his lips, as his eyes laid on Sakura, smiling slightly, and Ino bit her lips, for she was worried about her best friend. Orochimaru walked over to Sakura, smiling.
Now then....the gym fitness test is next week, so i am going to train you.But, before we started, I have something important to annouce. The school's guidance consuluer had an unfortunate accident, the poor soul,I will be filling in for her. So, if you have any worries, feel free to come into my private office." he said as he started to stroke Sakura's right cheek. Sakura did not like the way he stroke her cheek. 'Ugh! What a pervert!' Sakura thought. "Um...sir? can we start training now?" Tenten said timidly, Hinata was standing next to her, her face growing a bit paler than her usual face, her face trembling. Orochimaru said, "Yeah. Run 3 laps, but dont sprint yourself or I'll
have to carry you all the way to the nurse's office...." but before he could finish his sentence, the 4 girls had ran off in a whirlwind,leaving him sitting in the grass on his ass. Orochimaru smiled, and thought, "Sakura will be mine....soon." before running to catch up with the girls.

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