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The Movie Store

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Pete gets out of the hospital and runs into some crazy fans. CRAZZZZAAYYYYY!!

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Pete arrived home the next day with his friends and his new roomate. The doctor was quite right about the possibility of being dizzy, so Pete had to retreat to the couch. Kate, Patrick, Joe and Andy joined him. All of them sat on the tiny couch and flipped through the channels on the TV.
That evening before they arrived home, they went to Kate's house and helped her get her things and move them back to their house. It was quite easy since she didn't have many things to get. All of her furnature was ripped, all of the decorations in her house were broken, and her expensive jewlery had been taken. The only things that she took with her, were her clothes and a few other things. Pete could tell by her moving in, it was the start of something special. Plus, he liked the idea of her cooking him food. That was always a nice thought since Joe, Andy and Patrick couldn't cook shit.

"What do you guys wanna watch?" Pete asked as he held the remote.

"Hmph, I don't know. Let's watch a movie." Andy said.

"Yeah." Patrick agreed. "Let's rent one."

With that settled, the five of them got their coats on, and went out to the car. Well, at least Joe, Patrick, Kate and Andy did. Pete stopped at the stairs. Their, laying on the doorstep, was a picture of him and his pink hair on the cover of the newest VOGUE magizine. In big font on the front of the cover, underneath his picture it read 'Is Pete Wentz Gay?'
Pete threw the magizine to the ground and jumped up and down on it.

"Pete, what the fuck are you doing?" Joe shouted from his car window.

"Hold on a sec!" Pete yelled back. He grabbed the magizine and ripped it to shreds so you could no longer tell it was his face on the front of the magizine.

"C'mon Pete! Let's go!" Andy shouted out the back window.

"GRRR!!" Pete stomped towards the car and entered it slamming the door behind him.

"What's up your butt?" Andy asked, refering to Pete's attitude.

Pete sighed. "Nothing." he threw his hood up over his face and turned towards the window.

When they arrived at the movie store, Pete made sure to keep his hood up at all times and make sure no one could see his hair. They were stopped at the door by a few fans who wanted their autographs.

"Oh, my, god. Becky. Is that Fall Out Boy?" One blond-haired girl asked the other.

"Holy cow. Like, oh my god. Yeah." The other girl with the brown hair replied.

Pete,Patrick,Joe and Andy all tried to avoid the weird fans, but it was pointless. The girls stepped in front of them, blocking their path to their current destintation; the Horror section.

"Oh, my god. Can I get your autograph!?" One of the girls screamed.

Pete flintched noticably and grabbed the small barbie notebook from the blond-haired girl without saying a word.

Joe, Patrick and Andy sighed the book as well and tried to get away from the crazy fans.

"Wait! What about my friend!? You didn't give her an autograph!" The girl called behind them.

The four boys stopped dead in their tracks and turned around to give the other girl an autograph.
Once they signed her notebook, they were about to leave until one of them spoke.

"Hey Pete. I saw what happened to your hair. Why did you dye it pink? Are you gay?" The girl whispered to him.


The girl was speachless. She never thought he would yell at her. "Oh,ok. Just wanted to know." She said in a bitchy voice.

"Let's go Becky. We have shopping to do." She gave Pete an evil glare and walked away.

"Wow, dude. Talk about major meltdown." Andy said.

Pete sighed. "Sorry guys. Got a little carried away."

"You could say that again." Joe said, making his way towards the Scifi movies.

When the five of them had picked out a few movies they could all agree on, they went home as soon as possible. Plus they couldn't risk another fan asking Pete if he was gay. He might just rip their heads off...

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