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Chapter Fourteen

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Gerard begins to get closer to Scarlet and she tells him something that catches him a little off guard

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Chapter Fourteen
"Oh my God!" They all screamed grabbing each other into a huge group hug.

"What the fuck are you guys doing here? I haven't seen you guys in like forever!" Frank practically squealed embracing each girl individually.

"Oh, ya know. Just came to meet up with my good friend Mikey." Scarlet replied putting her arm around Mikey's shoulder and then kissing him on the cheek.

"Wait a sec. Did you already know Frank would be here tonight?" Asha asked turning to face Scarlet.

"Kinda. Mikey and I just happened to discover that we both knew Mr Frank Iero over here, so we decided to all get together. I thought it would be cool if it was a surprise. Surprise!" Scarlet beamed with satisfaction.

"Fuck yeah, this is cool. Come and sit down, we can have a chat. I wanna know what you guys have been doing. Every little things ok?" Frank said putting his arms around both girls and escorting them to the table.

"So you knew Frank when he was just a little grasshopper huh?" Bob asked before downing his shot of whiskey.

The group had been talking for an hour or so, getting reacquainted with each other and everyone was well on their way to being completely wasted. Bob was supposed to be the designated driver for the night but had been convinced by Asha to get loaded. After all, her was supposed to be the designated driver last time and being sober for two events in a row, just didn't seem fair. It looked like everyone would be taking a taxi home.

"Fuck yeah. He was so cute back then, like a little hobbit. As a matter of fact I don't believe you've grown an inch since I first met ya!" Scarlet laughed ruffling up Frank's hair much to his dismay. He actually began to blush which was a very uncommon thing for Frank. Hardly anything could embarrass Frank.

"Yeah, we used to bum smokes off him. Speaking of which, Frankie light me up?" Asha spoke up putting on her best pouty face.

Frank merely sighed and pulled out a smoke and lit it for Asha.

"So what are you doing with yourself now Iero? Did you become a jockey like I said you should, or did they turn you down because you're too short?" Scarlet teased.

"My god, you two give him more shit then any of us combined. I'm actually starting to feel a little sorry for the guy." Ray said looking sympathetically at Frank.

"It's ok, I can take it." Frank said dramatically before pretending to burst into tears.

"Ok, so who's up for lines?" Mikey said leaning into the group and lowering his voice a little.

"Oh, I'll go." Asha said raising her hand eagerly.

"Bob can we use your car?" Mikey asked turning to his large friend.

"Sure, just don't lock the keys in there... that goes for all of you... Frank!" Bob said sternly handing over his keys.

"What do you mean by that?" Frank asked looking a little hurt.

"You know exactly what that means. Who has locked the keys in my car 5 times in the last 6 months? That's right you!" Bob replied.

"Oh yeah." Frank said looking a little sheepish, making the group break out into a fit of drunken giggles.

"Be back soon." Asha said standing up from her bar stool, a little wobblier then intended.

"Is it weird that I'm doing this with my boss?" Mikey asked the group with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh, just move you're skinny butt!" Asha replied grabbing Mikey's hand and pulling him out the door.

Luckily Frank was a good friend of the bouncer that was manning the door to the club so the group was free to move in and out of the club without having to be checked for stamps or ids again.

"So, who wants a shot?" Scarlet asked the already alcohol soaked remainders at the table.

Most of them just shook their heads or groaned a little but Gerard saw this as an opportunity to spend some alone time with Scarlet, so he spoke up.

"Yeah, I'm up for it." Gerard piped up.

Scarlet was slightly taken aback, this was the most she had ever heard Gerard say. It took her a moment to get over the shock but when she did Scarlet simply shot Gerard an evil smile and grabbed him by the hand and dragged him over to the bar.

"He likes her." Ray said watching the two drunken figures stumble to the bar for yet another drink.

"Huh?" Frank asked looking confused.

"Yeah, it's obvious he likes her." Bob spoke up, lighting a cigarette.

"Whoa, wait a second. I thought he was still moping around after..." Frank began before being cut off by a clearly angered Ray.

"Let's not even talk about that situation." Ray said running his fingers through his mop of curls.

"You know this is the happiest I've actually seen him since" Bob started.

Ray shot Bob an angry look.

"Hey, Ray said let's not talk about it so let's not okay. Let's just have some more drinks or something." Frank said quickly trying to diffuse the situation.

"Ok, so what do you wanna drink?" Scarlet said into Gerard's ear trying to be hear over the dull roar of the crowd.

Her hot breath on Gerard's ear made the hair on the back of Gerard's neck stand on end.

"Uh, whatever you want." Gerard managed to get out.

"What about Jaegar Bombs?" Scarlet enquired.


"Jaegar Bombs. Haven't you had them before?" Scarlet asked.

"I haven't even heard of them!" Gerard slurred.

"Oh, ok well we'll get one each and if you like them we can always have more." Scarlet giggled.

Jaegar Bombs were her favourite shots of all time. They were easy to drink and kept her up and full of energy all night.

"Two Jaegar Bombs thanks." Scarlet called to the bar tender, slapping her money down on the sticky wet bar top.

"So, are you having a good night?" Scarlet asked as she played with the straws that were sitting in a plastic container on the bar.

"Yeah, an awesome time. You?" Gerard said. He had gained a lot more confidence then he thought but that also meant that he was a lot drunker then he had originally thought.

"I'll have these shots and then have a few lines to help me sober up a little." Gerard thought to himself.

Coke always made him straight. The effects of the coke seemed to over take the effects of the alcohol eventually maing him forget he had even drunken anything.

"Yeah, I'm having a great night. It's so good to see the guys again and Frank after so long too. Most of all it's nice to see you out of the basement." Scarlet giggled lightly punching Gerard in the shoulder.

"Funnily enough, it's nice to be out of the basement." Gerard replied completely honestly.

This had been the first time in months that he had come out and not felt like killing everyone around him.

"You look really nice tonight." Scarlet said almost shyly as she pushed her hair out of her eyes.

Was she flirting with him? Was SHE flirting with HIM? Gerard had been handling the conversation quite well until that very moment. Her comment threw him completely off track.

"Uh..." Gerard began blushing slightly and diverting his gaze directly to the ground.

"Two Jaegar Bombs." The bar tender said approaching Gerard and Scarlet with two glasses as well as two shot glasses in his arms.
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