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Chapter Thirteen

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Scarlet and Asha go to the club to meet up with Mikey and his crew

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Chapter Thirteen
"I feel fuckin amazing!" Asha yelled throwing her hands in the air and twirling around as the two girls made their way down the street.

The girls had just stopped off at their dealer, Butcher's house to pick up $200 worth of coke. He had told the girls that it was really potent stuff and that they needed to be careful. Butcher had a soft spot for Asha and Scarlet and would always give them warnings about the drugs they bought if they were particularly strong. He would even give them a curtesy call if he had anything particularly good in stock. He had shouted the girls a line each as a sample before they made their purchase and the two were now only a 10 minute walk away from the club and completely off their heads.

"Now aren't you glad you came? Tonight's going to be awesome and I'm so up for a big one!" Scarlet squealed talking a mile a minute.

Asha and Scarlet had bought a $50 bag each and had received a call from Mikey asking if they could get him and Gerard a $50 bag each too, which of course was no problem.

"Yeah I guess. So, I met Mikey's brother the other day." Asha said as she began to skip down the pavement for no apparent reason.

"Oh, Gerard. Yeah he's cool. He should be coming tonight, actually." Scarlet replied as she took Asha's hand in hers and joined her in skipping.

"I dunno. He seemed pretty weird to me!" Asha shrugged.

"Yeah, he comes off that way a bit. I think he's just a little shy, kinda like me when I first came to New Jersey. Remember what I was like?" Scarlet defended.

"Yeah, you were such a mouse." Asha giggled.

"Yeah, I think he just needs a little encouragement, that's all. I reckon he'd be an awesome guy if he just spoken up a little." Scarlet said thinking about all the encounters she had had with him over the last two weeks.

The girls soon arrived at the club, had their IDs checked and made their way inside. They made a quick stop in at the restrooms before they did anything. While waiting for Asha, Scarlet carefully re-applied her clear lip gloss and straightened out her clothes. Asha soon finished in the bathroom, washed her hands and began to examine herself in the mirror.

"Do I look ok?" Asha asked turning to her friend.

Scarlet looked Asha up and down and felt nothing but jealousy. As per usual Asha looked perfect. That was the one thing Scarlet hated about her bestie, the fact that no matter what she wore, she always looked like a million dollars. She could have been wearing a sack and still looked like a super model, but tonight she had chosen to wear a short black pleated skirt with a white ¾ sleeve button down collared shirt with a red tie and black stilettos. Scarlet on the other hand was wearing a black pleated mini that was decorated with little white skulls printed all over it and a white lace trimming that sat over a few layers of black netting, making the skirt flare out slightly. She had teamed this with a black lace corset, black and white striped thigh high socks and chunky black knee high boots. She looked at her reflection and then at her mate's and sighed.

"You look amazing hun." Scarlet smiled.

"Good coz I wanna hook up tonight." Asha giggled.

"Trust me, you won't have any problems. Now let's go find Mikey." Scarlet laughed taking one last look at herself in the mirror before exiting the bathroom and making her way to the main area of the club.

"Hey Mikey, they're here." A slightly drunk Gerard whispered to his brother as he watched Scarlet and Asha make their way into the club.

The guys had chosen a table in the far corner of the club directly opposite from the entrance so Mikey could see when the girls arrived, so Frank could meet a couple of Mikey's "new" friends.

As soon as Scarlet had entered the room, Gerard had noticed her. He was completely drawn to her presence. She looked amazing, like a cute little goth punk fairy or something with her skirt sticking out ever so slightly and her corset that accentuated her bust and made her waist look tiny. Moments before alerting Mikey to her entrance, Gerard had merely watched her, eyes glued to the rise and fall of her perfect chest as she took smoke into her lungs from the cigarette she had lit moments after entering the club.

This was his night. Gerard could think of nothing but Scarlet for the past two weeks, but had barely spoken to her. He didn't understand what was wrong with him. She had been so nice to him ever since they had met, yet he couldn't help but be rude to her and not really even acknowledge her existence. But tonight was going to be different. He was going to actually have the balls to talk to her. Well maybe not just yet, but definitely after a few more drinks and maybe a couple more lines. He was definitely buzzed, but still not confident enough yet.

"Thanks bro." A tipsy Mikey said into his brother's ear, slapping him on the back.

"Hey Frank, come meet these girls I was telling you about." Mikey said before downing the rest of his drink.

"Sure dude. They're hot right?" Frank said stubbing out the last of his smoke.

"You'll be pleasantly surprised." Mikey smirked.

Mikey and Frank walked towards the two girls standing with their backs to them and as they quickly drew closer, Mikey tapped Asha on the shoulder.

"Hey Mikey!" Asha said turning around along with Scarlet.

"How are..." She began as she glanced over at Mikey's accomplice.

Franks and Asha stood there completely speechless. Scarlet just stood there and smiled. Finally the three of them were reunited again, after so many years. Scarlet, although she knew Frank was going to be there tonight, was still shocked at the sight of her old best friend. She was nowhere near prepared for this moment.
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