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Chapter Three - Ashamed of the Way the Songs and the Words Own the Beating of Our Hearts

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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I've decided that it's not fair to keep those who actually read my story waiting... I've got more than 20 views on the last chapter and only one review so I assume that either it sucks or people are just too busy to take some time and comment. Whatever it might be, it's ok, I still got some people reading and actually enjoying mi story so it's all good...

"So..." Ele asked her friend when they finally reached their apartment, smirking. "What happened between you and Mr. Ryan Ross?"
Sar grinned and started jumping around the room. "He asked me out! Can you believe this? I'm going out on a date with Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco..."
Ele laughed.
"You still own me 20 bucks..." Sar informed her as she stopped jumping.
"Well, you own me 20 as well! He did ask for your number..." Ele tried to argue.
"No no no... You said that Ryan was going to get my number but that Brendon wouldn't... which he did, so you own me 20..."
Ele rolled her eyes taking a 20 dollar bill out of her wallet. "Happy, now?"
"Well, I'm gonna go sleep... Bye..." Ele said still a bit mad.
They both went into their own room to try to get some sleep before they had to go to work.

The next morning Ele and Sar sat in the kitchen having breakfast.
"Wanna lunch together?" Sar asked.
Ele had to do an interview for a show airing at the Universal Studios as well. "Aren't you going on a date with Ryan?"
"Yeah, but after work... lunch is still work... he will be there though, with Pete... do you mind?"
"Of course not... 12.30?" She said gathering her purse and car keys.
"Great... See ya later..."
Sar smiled when her friend left the apartment, grabbing her sidekick off the table.
She didn't think twice before hitting enter on one of the numbers.
"Hey Sar!" the male voice answered on the other line. She melted.
"Hey Ryan..."
"What do I own the pleasure of a beautiful girl calling me?"
Sar giggled. "Well, are we still on for today right?"
"Of course... did you change your mind?"
"Oh no, no I didn't... Well, Ele and I are having lunch together, and since you and Pete are gonna be there as well, do you mind maybe... bringing Brendon along?"
"Sure, no problem..."
"Thank you, I own you a favour..."
Ryan laughed. "Don't worry, I think he likes Ele..."
"That's great..."
"Yeah... well, just for the record, I, hum... I like you... so maybe when you're off work we should go dinner alone, ok?"
Sar was speechless. Had he just said he liked her? "Yeah, I can't wait..."
"Great... see you later Sar..."
"Bye..." she said hanging up, mouth open. "Wow... he likes me..." she said out loud, because that sentence had the best sound ever.

Sar and Pete joined Ryan and Brendon off the set. They had just finished shooting the last scene before launch, so now they were heading out to meet up with Ele.
"Where are we eating?" Pete asked from behind Ryan and Sar who were walking pretty close.
"Hard Rock... it's the closest..." she answered turning around, smiling.
Ryan gently put his arm around her waist and the two kept talking among themselves all the way to the Hard Rock Café.
Ele was waiting for them sitting on a bench in front of the Restaurant entrance. Once she spotted them she got up and went to hug them all, Brendon being the last one.
They went inside and sat on a table, looking at the menus.
"You know E, I think I'm gonna pay with these 20 bucks I just found in my wallet..." Sar said, provoking her friend, who shot her a death glance in return.
"Oh really? Isn't that just great?" Ele answered.
Now the three boys were looking at them confused.
"Yeah, you're just mad because you lost..."
"I'm not mad and I didn't lost... you said so, but it's not true!"
"What are you arguing about?" Pete asked raising his eyebrow.
"We can't exactly talk about it..." Sar said.
"Well, we had this little bet and even though we both won that she still made it look like I lost so yeah, she got the 20 bucks out of it..." Ele explained.
"And that's all we can tell you, sorry..." Sar added.
Luckily the waitress came by to take their orders so the subject was eventually dropped.
They ate making small conversation all together.
"What time do you have to go back to work?" Ele asked looking at Sar and Pete.
"Three... what do you have to do now?" Sar answered.
"Nothing... I have the rest of the week off..." Ele stuck her tongue out at her friend, laughing.
"Damn, I hate you!" Sar groaned. "We should go, by the way... it's 2:30 already..."
Pete and Ryan nodded then got up, following Sar to the cashier after saying their goodbyes to Ele and Brendon.
"So, what do you wanna do?" Brendon asked as Ele took another sip of her soda.
"Well, have you ever been to the Mummy's Ride?" Brendon shook his head no. "That's the best ride ever, you HAVE TO go on it. And, oh my God! I want a picture with Spongebob, if we're lucky he's still around..." she said overly excited, which made Brendon laugh.
"Ok, let's go then..."
They paid then left the restaurant hand in hand.
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