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Chapter Eight - Just STFU

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Ele entered the kitchen to find Sarena sitting at the table, talking with someone on her sidekick.
"Oh my God, that's awesome! ... Yeah, I know! ... Ok, let me know when we start! ... Cool, bye!" she pressed "End" and smiled at her friend. "Guess who's gonna be the next featured artist on 'MTV Diary Of'?" Sar asked excitedly.
"Britney Spears?" Ele joked.
"ME!" Sar said, ignoring her friend's comment. "If you get on your knees and start worshipping me, MAYBE I can let you do a small cameo... But you gotta be convincing babe!"
Ele kept a straight face. "STFU, that ain't gonna happen!" She said before grapping a bowl and some cereals. "Wanna know why? Cause while you're gonna hide Ryan away from the cameras, I will be hanging out with Brendon! And we're gonna have fun!" Ele stuck her tongue out then walked back into her room.
She flipped the TV on just as Sarena came storming into the room.
"ELE! This is drama!"
Ele put the bowl on her bedside table and shut off the TV.
"I know... we're gonna find a way though... I mean, it's not like they're going to follow you 24/7, right?"
"Well... Kind of, I guess... Damn, this totally ruined my excitement... Ryan's gonna break up with me, I just know it!"
She collapsed on the bed covering herself with the bed's covers, as Ele sighed, taking the covers off her.
"STFU he's not gonna break up with you! Besides, this won't last forever, as soon as the filming is over you guys can be all lovey dovey again!"
"Oh my God, I gotta call him..." she said getting off the bed and running out of Ele's bedroom.
Before she had a chance to get into her own room, the doorbell rang.
All Ele heard was Sar screaming "RYAN!", then what sounded like her jumping into his arm and the usual kissing sounds. She rolled her eyes and decided to get ready.

Ele parked her car in the desert parking lot of her brother's club and got out. She took her sidekick out of her purse and decided to call Brendon.
"Hey awesome!" he greeted her, making her smile.
"Whassup love?" she asked in her best gangsta voice.
He laughed. "Nothing, really, I am getting a coffee at Starbucks. You?"
"I'm about to go help my brother with some errands he needs to run at his club... I needed to get out of my apartment, Sar & Ryan are driving me crazy!"
"Yeah, I know the feeling..."
"Why don't you come over? It's gonna be fun, we can play in the DJ booth!"
"Ok, I'm gonna be there in half an hour. Want a cappuccino?"
"I'd be forever grateful if you could get me one..." She laughed.
"Alright, see you later... bye love..."

Half an hour later Brendon made his way into the Viper Room. It looked so much different from when it was filled with people. He looked around and spotted Ele and Andy talking standing next to the bar area.
Before he joined them, Andy was off to talk with some guys that had called him from the balcony.
"Excuse me miss, but... you shouldn't be here all alone..." he said approaching her.
Ele broke into a smile and immediately hugged him, careful not to spill the two coffees he was holding.
He gently leaned in and kissed her.
"Well, I'm not alone anymore..." she replied once they parted, both desperately needing to breath.
"For you..." he handed her the cappuccino and she took it, thanking him. "So, where is that DJ booth you were talking about?"
She grinned and took his hand, dragging him up some hidden stairs behind the bar area.
"Where are you taking me, you naughty girl!"
"Oh shut up! You asked for it!"
"I did?"
"Perv..." she said before opening a small door and motioning for him to go inside.
He shook his head, refusing to move. "Ladies first..."
Ele rolled her eyes. "Like I wouldn't know you just want to stare at my ass!"
Brendon laughed. "I am your boyfriend, you know?"
All Ele could do was playfully push him inside as they both laughed.

Meanwhile Sarena and Ryan were still at the girls' apartment.
Ryan was laying on Sarena's bed as she was rummaging though her closet, trying to find something to wear.
"I don't think they're gonna follow you all the time, like... literally. When you say you gotta go somewhere, you just go..."
"But what if they see you and then... make up bad stories?" she pouted sitting on the bed, folding her clean clothes on her lap.
"They won't, and even if they do, I don't care..."
He hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek gently.
"So you promise you're not gonna break up with me?"
Ryan laughed. "That's a stupid reason to break up with someone, don't you think?"
"Yeah, but what if you get tired of having to hide because I've got some stupid cameras following me?? What if they will see us? You're gonna lose all of your fans because of me!!"
"Baby..." he got up from the bed and went on his knees in front of her, to be able to look her in the eyes. "I personally don't care. Seriously. If they see us then they will know. I don't want to hide. And I won't lose any fans because my personal life has nothing to do with them, believe me, they won't care!" he sighed. "Just promise me you're gonna stop being so paranoid and start acting like your old self, alright?" He smiled and kissed her on the lips.
Sar smiled as well and nodded. "Alright, I will..."
"That's my girl!"

This is the last chapter I've wrote up to date. I need to continue this, so updates may be slower from now on...
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