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Dreams Die

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Sabrina Harlem thought her dreams were nothing important, nothing special, until one day her friend, Angie, appears on her door at an ungodly hours protesting the most horrendus thing anyone could ...

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I could tell from the way her hair hung on her face, wet with sweat and tears that something was wrong, horribly wrong. The way her lips seemed to tremble began to tug at my soul, a horrible aching feeling. I didn't know what to say, for the first time in my entire life, I was speechless. It wasn't like she was trying to communicate either though. Still for her to say something, anything would have made me feel better. Would have made me feel safer. I watched as the tears rolled down her cheeks, and she was just staring at me as if I was the one to blame. Her eyes bore into me, with a look of 'why weren't you there?' Tears welled in my eyes as I felt my knees weakening under me.

She took a step forward, stumbling over her own feet as she tried to move closer to me. It was as if she was drunk, only the fearful look in her eyes could not be more sober. I reached a hand out to her, wordlessly. I felt a million things to say bubbling inside me, and yet I couldn't find the words to explain any of them. As if in fast forward she rushed towards me, wrapping her arms around me as she sobbed into my collar. I wrapped my arms around her in response, feeling tears slipping down my own cheeks as well. "Why did this happen, Sabrina?" I heard her choke in-between sobs, her eyes red and tired looking. "Why did this happen to me?!" She screamed into my shirt as she gripped onto me, as if I was the only solid thing left in her life, and I pretty much was.

I looked down at her, remembering the day we met; how we were best friends within the next three days. Why wasn't I there to help her? Why did I have to be visiting my family? I should have been there; I should have been there to shield her from all of this. I stroked the back of her head; her short blonde hair matted and dirty. "I don't know, Angie." I said as I felt her shivering once more, thinking I always knew the answer, I was always perfect for comfort. "I just don't know."

I felt weak, something that killed me inside. I felt like I had no control over the situation, something I wasn't accustomed to, something I didn't like in the least. I had worked so many years to put up a strong façade, to make me seem like the one no wind could blow over, but this was no wind. This was a hurricane. I made a 'Shh' noise, in a vain attempt to calm her. I looked over her shoulder, seeing my mother look at me wide-eyed. After all, I didn't blame her, When a girl arrives on your doorstep at two in the morning, dirty and soaked with tears, questions will be asked. Still she sat there silently, as if soaking in the situation, trying to wordlessly piece together what was going on.

Something about the horrified gleam in Angie's eyes told me everything; we had always had a way of silent communication since the middle of seventh grade. We could just give the other a sideways glance, or blink a certain amount of times and we automatically knew what the other was trying to say, even when words were vacant. I hugged her tight to me, trying to offer her all the solace I could. We had always said we were sisters in everything but blood having heard that from some movie or TV show that escapes me now, but the feeling was stronger then ever. We were sisters; I was the only one she had left.

They were gone, I didn't know how or when, but they were gone. I could see it in her eyes, and in the way she moved. We were never able to keep secrets from each other; we knew each other far to well for that. Even though we had our fair share of skeletons that we dared not take out of our closet's we both knew that the other was always there to fall on. While I knew I would need her to fall on one day, more likely then not, I knew right now I was her support beam. People usually saw us as the sharp tongued, quick-witted friends conjoined at the hip, and the truth was; we were just as able to be hurt as they were. We didn't show it, oh heavens no we never did, but I can not explain how many long nights we spent comforting each other, finishing off by putting our careless guises back on.

I pulled away slightly, pushing a lock of hair away from her face. "You know you're welcome to stay with me." I said softly, causing her to smile faintly and nod. The smile made me cringe, it was her usual blithe smile not even the fake one that would even once in a while fool me. This was a haunted smile, one that shook the very foundation of my being. I had to look away from her; I had to keep my composure. I could mourn later, I would mourn later; but for now she needed me to be strong. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, guiding her into my house and up to my room before my brothers woke up, before they could ask questions or patronize her before they knew what was going on.

I sat her on my bed, running into my closet and grabbing a blanket that I draped around her shoulders. I walked back into my closet, grabbing a secret box that only we knew about. In it was the most valuable thing either of us could wish for, the most amazing medicine in the history of forever. A good old fashion bar of Heresy's milk chocolate. I unwrapped it, breaking it in half for us to share, as always. She had a matching box at her house; one we would always keep filled with the deliciously satisfying, side-effect-free drug. Next I walked into my bathroom, grabbing a warm wet rag for her. I handed to her, watching as she wiped away the salt and dirt from her face. "Did you walk all the way here?" I asked, knowing she lived at least eight miles away.

"I...I couldn't stay there." She said as she looked down at the bed, covered in a now muddy satin blue comforter. I took note of her clothes, rushing over to my dresser and pulling out a pair of her cotton pants and a T-shirt. At both of our houses we had one drawer filled with the other's clothes, just incase one of us comes over on the spur of the moment, or in case of an emergency. "The fire, the screams...Sabrina I just couldn't-" I cut her off before she could get herself into a more hysterical state.

"Shh, Angie just calm down. Everything will be okay. You're safe now." I said as I placed my hand on her shoulder, watching her sink her teeth into the chocolate once more.

"Their gone Sabby. Granny, Pop, Kathy, and even Justin. They're all...They're all." She couldn't even choke out what we both knew they were. They were dead. I hugged her once more, watching as the moon light streamed in through the window. Once again I found myself in the horrible silence, pulling at my mind as I tried to steady my breath. I couldn't lose my cool now. I couldn't break down when she needed me so greatly to be strong. I pushed my emotions back, locking them in a case that I hid in the corner of my heart once more, as always.

"You hungry?" I asked, my jaw dropping as she shook her head. It wasn't right, Angie was always hungry. It was something we held in common in a sea of differences. Then again, it was our differences that made us such a great team. I suppose that it why they called us partners in crime. It wasn't that we'd get in trouble on purpose, or look for a problem; but whenever one occurred both of us shut our mouths like clams. We wouldn't speak a word, and no matter what they did or said neither of us would ever mutter a single thing against the other. I pushed away the urge to allow my lips to turn up into a smile as I remembered the time she actually bit a counselor when they shook their finger in her face. She had been threatening to throw me out of our school if Angie didn't tell her what she wanted to know about a fight I had gotten in. As always she just clamed up refusing to mumble a single word, only this time she clamed up on the ladies finger.

I had been so proud, as soon as they let both of us go back to class we did our usual hand shake; sliding our right hands across each others then bumping our knuckles together, finishing by turning our hands clockwise to where our thumbs were facing up. We referred to this as 'lockin' it'. It was a silent promise, saying that no matter what happened we'd be best friends, because we locked our friendship away where no one else could reach it. It was truthfully funny how we had become friends, sitting in an English class, silent as church mice. I was scared, not that I'd ever admit it. It was a new school, filled with knew people, and eventually I broke the ice. "Hi, I'm Sabrina." I said as I extended my hand to her, with a giggle she introduced herself as Angilina, and from there on in we were inseparable.

I looked back at her, coming back into the present from my glorious trip down good old memory lane. Her eyes were red, her mascara was smudged across her cheeks, her hair was sticking up everywhere, and she looked more vulnerable then I had ever seen her. I placed my hand on her shoulder, giving her a lopsided grin as I grabbed a brush off my vanity, forcing her to turn away from me. I ran it through her short razor cut hair, a gesture we had developed as both bonding and comfort. I could hear her sniffles as she tried to push back her tears, trying to seem strong. The last time I had seen her liked this was in eight grade, in a more then annoying time.

"Do...Do you think your parents will take me in?" She asked as she looked at me with teary eyes. "I've been to foster homes, I don't want to go back." She said as she looked at me with a heart breaking expression.

"They will." I said simply, knowing that if they didn't I would take her in my self. We were sisters; we were always there for each other, no matter what. I looked at the clock, two sixteen blinking in the semi darkness of the room. I pet her shoulder as I pulled the covers out from under us, fixing myself into a comfortable position. "We'll talk in the morning, okay?" I asked as she looked away from me, out the window.

"I'm scared, Sabrina." She said slowly in a monotone voice I had never heard her use. I sat up, looking at her with a confused look.

"Angie, It's over now. I promise you're safe." I said with a small smile as tears rolled down her cheeks. "What? What is it?" I asked as I forced her to look at me. She turned away once more, refusing to meet my gaze. "Angie, look at me!" I said as I grabbed her face, forcing her to look at me. "What are you afraid of?" I asked as tears dripped down her cheeks in a steady stream.

"Sabby, It wasn't on accident. He did it...I know he did!" She cried hysterically. I tilter my head to the side scrunching my eyebrows in order to understand what she meant.

"What?" I asked as I held onto her hands. "Ange, what are you talking about?" I asked with my face covered in confusion.

"He tried to get me back again, I said no and he was angry! Sabby he said he'd get back at me and he has!" She cried, as my eyes grew large in horror. "He won't stop Sabby, I'm so scared!" She sobbed as she shoved my face in her pillow. I stood up, pacing around the room as I pulled at my hair.

"I told you for the beginning he was no good!" I barked as I looked at her angrily. "I told you from the beginning he would do anything to get you back!" I hollered as her wails increased. I shook my head, falling back onto my bed with a stabbing feeling in my gut. He was after her, and he wouldn't stop till she was either his once more, or dead. I had warned her, I had warned her so many times that he was bad news, that he wasn't the perfect guy he seemed to be. On the outside he was everything a well-brought up boy should be. I had known better, I had told her and she hadn't listened. He was unstable! I knew he was eventually going to explode, and the worst part was that I was right. For the moment I had ever seen him I knew he was rotten, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that he was capable of murder. Things aren't always what they seem, I guess.

"I know you did, Sabrina! I'm so sorry." She cried into my pillow, barley understandable. "I don't want to die Sabby! I don't want to die!" She sobbed into my pillow as before, causing tears to leak from my own eyes.

"You're safe for now Angie, he won't come looking for you now. As far as he knows you're in that house." I said in a comforting way as I looked at her with painfilled eyes. I could tell by the disbelieving look on her face that this hadn't completely hit her yet. She knew her family was dead, but she hadn't accepted it. I knew tomorrow would be the blunt of it, tomorrow she would be hit with it head on. When she woke up and realized she wasn't in her own bed she would feel her whole world crashing down. I knew because I had sadly been there and done that. And I knew, when the sun rose over the horizon the reality would set in, and she would realize how alone she was, but then she would realize she was never alone, or at least I hoped she would.

I rolled over on my side, pulling the blanket high up over my shoulders. I could hear her staggered breathing, praying she wouldn't have another panic attack. I continued looking at the wall, jamming my eyes shut as I tried to shut out the noise. I just had to get through the night, then go down and talk to my parents in the morning. They were going to be scared for us; I know they would, but to what extent are they going to go to, to keep us safe. I sighed as I listened intently, hearing her breath growing steady and rhythmic. If she weren't asleep already she would be soon. I felt tears stinging my eyes as I wiped them on the back of my hand. This was too much to bear; a sixteen-year-old girl shouldn't have to deal with this.
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