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Colorado Here I Come

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There in flames on the middle of my lawn was written I know you're here Angie, and I'm coming for you. I watched as all the color drained from Angie's face, her hand placed over her heart.

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I didn't know what time it was all I knew was that a scream was filling my room. I shot up in bed, looking over at Angie as she staired over at the window in horror, her pale skin even lighter then usual, and tears rolling down her face. Without thinking I reached under my bed, taking out a concealed pistol. I cocked it, looking around the darkness as I held my finger on the trigger, ready for anything. "You should have known I'd come for you, my dear." His voice filled the room, a frothy almost wind like voice. My hands were shaking as I aimed the gun at where I thought the voice was. I quickly pulled the trigger, causing a thunderous boom to echo through the room.

His laughter reached my ears, causing me to narrow my eyes as I cocked the gun once more. "I will shoot you I swear to god I will!" I yelled as Angie buried her head in the pillow, her muffled sobs still audible.

"Have you ever shot anyone, Sabby?" He asked as I could hear his voice coming closer. I cocked the gun once more, hate and blood lust in my eyes.

"No, but there's a first time for everything." I said as I cracked my neck. There was a silence in the room, as everything got darker. I felt something in my hand, more real and colder. I was sitting up, and my gun was pointed at the wall. Had it been a dream? I looked over at Angie, she was still sound asleep. I sighed as I pushed my bangs back. Sleeping with my gun on the floor where I could reach it. I closed my eyes, trying to push past the unpleasant thoughts. I could still sense him in the room, watching us as we slept innocently. I could smell his breath lingering in the air. I reached down to my gun, holding it in my hand as I listened to the night; my body shaking as my breath was staggered and scared.

It had been a dream, nothing but a dream. I couldn't help but think though, if it were only a dream why do I feel this eerie presence in the room. Maybe I he was really here, maybe I was just scared, or maybe I was down right paranoid. Either way the metal in my hand never parted from me. I closed my eyes once more, the darkness of the room swirling in around me as I tried to sleep. Still I was afraid to sleep, what if this time the dream returned and I accidentally shot something? What if I accidentally shot Angie? Still I couldn't let go of the gun, now when the threat of Her psycho Ex Benny was all too real.

When I opened my eyes again only moments it seemed after I had closed then I noticed light streaming into the room. I sat up in bed, stretching my arms as a stiff yawn escaped my lips. It was then that I saw Angie's dirty cloths on the floor, and the whole haunting memories came back. I looked to my right, noticing that Angie was gone. I looked around frantically, had he come while I was sleeping? I jumped out of bed, checking the bathroom for her. I ran down the stairs, letting out a deep sigh of relief as I saw her sitting at the kitchen table, tears rolling down her face silently as my mother was holding her hand in her hands.

"Mom?" I asked as I approached them, seeing her eyes were red. She looked up at me I could see her shaking as she motioned me closer. I walked over slowly, watching as she placed a pamphlet on the table. I picked it up, looking at the cover. It looked like a castle, with guys in slacks and blue button up shirt while the girls were in black skirts with the same color blue oxfords. Their ties were blue and black, smiles on all their faces. "Bellmont...M-mom what is this?" I asked her as I looked at her with confusion in my eyes.

"Dear, I sent an application for you months ago, as a sort of surprise. I was going to tell you last night you were accepted before Angie arrived. I personally know the dean of administration, and have pulled the strings to get Angie accepted as well." She said causing my jaw to drop. "The police were investigating the house this morning and found her grandparents will, stating that we would receive custody in the event of something tragic like this." My mother said as she took a deep breath. "And from what Angie has told me, you two aren't safe here." She said as I looked at the clock, noticing that it was already two.

"M-Mom...You have to be kidding." I said as I placed my hand over my heart, feeling slightly taken aback. Was my mom trying to get rid of me? Why had she not even told me? I looked at her wide-eyed, watching as she rose from the kitchen table, encircling me with her arms. I breath in her motherly scent, the usual chocolate chip cookie, kosher smell I had grown up with. Things had never been easy for us, especially when my dad went away to fight in the war, but now it was worst. I looked over at Angie, watching as her eyes avoided me with envy gleaming on her face. She had not grown up with her real mother, which was the reason she had lived with her Grandparents. She had never known a mothers love, and for that I was truly thankful that I did.

"You need me here, mom." I said as I held onto her arms, looking at her with an almost pleading expression.

"Sweetheart, this will look great on your Collage Application. It's a wonderful school I promise you'll love it." She said with a smile as I looked back into the pamphlet.

"Where is it?" I asked as I looked through it.

"Colorado, only a couple hours away if I fly." She said with a smile. Atleast it wasn't in Maine or anything, Atleast Texas and Colorado were remotely close. I blinked my eyes, looking at the paper with a shocked expression on my face. Me, of all people, in a prep school? Don't get me wrong or anything, I'm not like some grunge rocker or Emo or something, but I still can't imagine it. I took in a deep breath, locking the air in my lungs for a moment before letting it out slowly. A calming technique my voice coach had taught me long ago. I looked over at Angie, seeing the worry and pain in her eyes.

"When...Do we leave?" I asked my mother as she blushed slightly, looking nervous.

"Friday." She said slowly, causing my eyebrows to fly up and my jaw to drop open.

"Mom, that's in tomorrow!" I hollered as I looked over at Angie, who looked just as shocked as I.

"I know I know dear, come we must get some shopping done for Angie, she'll need some normal cloths beside the uniforms you two will receive." She said as she grabbed her bang, "And you two of course." She said with a proud smile on her face. I smiled softly, giving her a weary look as I traveled her out, grabbing onto Angie's hand as we both walked out to the blue Ford F-150. I climbed into the front passenger seat, causing Angie to climb into the back. My mother smiled as she sat herself in the driver's seat, pushing the key into the ignition and starting the large truck up with a short hesitation.

"So...where we going?" I asked with my head leaning on the window as I watched us zoom by other cars. I looked in the side view mirror back at Angie, watching her eyes focused on her tennis shoes, ones she had borrowed from me. I couldn't help but feel horrible for her. I saw a tear roll down her cheek, watching as she quickly swiped it away before it was seen.

"Well, I was thinking we would just go to the mall and get some things." My mother finished as she looked at the rode.

"You don't have to buy me cloths mom, I mean I got plenty and..." I faded away as my mom stopped a and smiled at me.

"Honey, I won't see you until winter break, I want to get you this." She said as she pulled into the parking lot of the mall. We walked into the cold air-conditioned building, my arm linked with Angie's as she pushed through her pain, a smile on her face.

"Where do you girls want to go?" She asked to Angie and I, causing me to shrug.

"I don't care." Angie said as she clung to my arm, I could tell she was seconds from tears. We walked past a store, causing my mom to stop.

"Oh, lets go in here!" My mom said with a wide smile as she pulled us into the store, browsing around with a smile. She grabbed a pair of tan caprice, which came up mid calf with ties at the bottom. Next she grabbed this white long sleeved top with a short sleeved pink over shirt. Next she walked to the back of the store, grabbing me a pair of low black converse, and a pink beenie. "Oh try this on dear." I rolled my eyes as I walked into the dressing room, the clothes in my arms. I pulled on all the clothes quickly. The caprices were slightly baggy, but tight where the tie was. They had big pockets and actually looked pretty good. The pink shirt didn't exactly thrill me, I already had a million pink things, so I called my mother to my stall, handing her the pink shirt and beenie.

"Do you think you can get those in Green mum?" I asked as she hurried back to the rack, grabbing the same things in lime green. I pulled them on, smiling into the mirror. The green in the top and hat made the green in my eyes to stick out against my light brown hair, and I actually looked pretty.

"Sabrina, let me see!" My mom said in an excited voice as I walked out of the stall, causing her to smile. "Oh you're getting that." She said with a smile as she walked over to where Angie was changing. Angie came out in a black swishy skirt, a white button up top, and black cowgirl boots.

"You look cute." She said with a small smile.

"You too." I said as I walked over and looked at the top. "You do know I'll have to borrow that." I said causing her to laugh slightly. We were just about the same size, apart from the fact that I was about four inches taller, but we still had the same waist size.

"Adorable!" My mom said to her as she rushed over, causing Angie to blush. She shoved a blue dress in my face, demanding me to try it on. I walked back into the dressing room, stepping into it. It was actually pretty cute. It was slightly low cut, and went just below my knees. It has spaghetti straps with beads on them, and fit me snuggly. I stepped out of the dressing room, smiling as I spun around in a playing way.

"Ouch!" Angie said with a smile as she looked at the dress. "You do know I'll have to borrow that!" She said with a large smile as she looked over the dress, causing me to smile. It was nice to catch a short glimpse of the real Angie, knowing in a matter of seconds it would be gone. For the next two hours my mom shoved things into our arms, from shirts to dresses, hair straightners to makeup, and shoes to ear rings. Finally we were back in the car with enough new cloths to fit into the new luggage my mother had bought us.

"Thank's mom." I said with a smile as I looked between the two women, the sun setting behind the horizon.

"Yea, thanks Mrs. Harlem." Angie added as she leaned forward, looking in-between our two seats.

"No problem girls, I had fun." She said as she took my hand, smiling at me fondly. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, trying to get it off my neck as we pulled up to the house. My jaw dropped, as we didn't even pull into the driveway. There in flames on the middle of my lawn was written I know you're here Angie, and I'm coming for you. I watched as all the color drained from Angie's face, her hand placed over her heart. My mom grabbed her cell phone, calling the cops to our house.
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