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Too many phone interruptions makes a person go crazy!

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Title explains the chapter.

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Izzie's POV

After our fight last night and our mind blowing sex, I know how much we love each other despite our difference at times. Both of us wake to the sound of a phone ringing. Mine was off and no one dared to call the house phone this early, oh rather this early in the afternoon. I nudge Brendon to let him know his phone was going off. He turns to his side and picks it up.

"'Ello? Oh hey Pete. No of course you did not wake me up. Izzie? Yea she is right here hold on. Pete wants to talk to you."

"Hey Pete what's up?"

"Sorry if I woke the two of you up but I drew up the papers and they are just waiting for your signature. So if you want to fly out here to Chicago the sooner the better so we can start collaborating on new designs."

"No offense Pete but we just got off an 18 hour flight, and I am not in the mood for flying right now. Can I possibly fly out either tomorrow or the day after?"

"Yea that's fine. I will book the flight and email you the information."

"Thanks Pete. See you then. Bye." I hung up the phone and crawled over Brendon to put his phone back on his nightstand.

"Pete wants you to fly out to sign the contracts? He doesn't waste anytime. We haven't even been in the U.S. for more than 24 hours." Brendon then gets all pouty with me, "and not to mention he is dragging you away from me for a whole day or more."

"So that means when I get back you should be super horny and when I come home you and I will be having sex like if there is no tomorrow. Right?"

"Right, but who says we can't have sex like there is no tomorrow now?"

"Well first my stomach is screaming for food and I am in desperate need of a shower."

"Well why don't we take a shower together and then I can make you breakfast."

"Ok first off us taking a shower will lead to us having sex. And second you don't know how to cook and I don't need holes in my stomach from your food."

"Fine we can order in and in the mean time we can take a shower together." He tried to kiss me but I grabbed his phone and handed it to him.

"No loving until you order food. And I am craving Italian, so anything with pasta that has veggies or seafood in it oh and garlic bread."

"Anything else?"

"Yea hurry up before all the hot water is gone." I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I must have taken Brendon no longer than 5 minutes to place in the order before he joined me in the shower. I lather him up and step aside for him to rinse off. I pretended to get out of the shower but he was too quick and pushed me up against the wall. With the hunger in both of our eyes, I bit my lip and Brendon smiled before he attacked me with his lips. He took both of my hands and placed them over my head pinning them there and placed one of my legs around his hip before thrusted into me. Having no total control really bugged me out but having sex in the shower is super sexy. He let go of my hands so he can have a better balance. I bit him on his shoulder making him go faster and banging my back into the cold hard tile in back of me. He keeps pumping in and out of me much harder and faster and deeper each time. I start screaming his name over and over again until he cums and after a few more thrust I came hard. We just stand there looking at one another breathless to even speak.

"You know a shower is suppose to make a person clean not dirty."

"That is the best part of sex. The dirtiness behind it."

"Well that little work out Mr. Urie made me even more hungry and if I don't get food into my stomach I don't think I will be able to have anymore sex." As soon as I said that the doorbell rings and Brendon jumps out of the shower.

"My savior!" He screams. I laugh and dry myself off when I hear Brendon coming back upstairs into the bathroom. "Wait what are you doing?"

"I am drying myself off so I can put on clothes."

"No no, we can eat the food in our towels and then burn off all those carbs with more sex. So it is essentially pointless for you to put on clothes."

"Can I at least put on a robe?"

"As long as you are naked underneath, it by all means."

"And you said you created a sex monster?"

"Hey you are going to be gone for a day or two and I need to get my fix somehow."

"Yea just imagine when you are on tour."

"Don't say that evil word again."

"What word?"

"Tour, I don't even want to think about the tour because that means I would have to leave you home by yourself."

"Well thank god for phone sex."

"Yea that's true or you can always be my personal groupie."

"Yea let me think about that one but now I want to eat." I threw on my robe and Brendon chased me downstairs. All throughout our meal Brendon was fondling me which made me tell him over and over "if you keep doing that while I am eating you are not going to get anymore sex." But Brendon who is hard of hearing ignored me and kept fondling me. After we were done eating Brendon threw the dishes into the dishwasher and I checked my email for my flight reservation. Brendon finished up in the kitchen and drugged me upstairs. Before we could even start having sex Brendon's phone goes off. I looked at him and he tells me just to ignore it. I rung again and out of frustration he picks up his phone.

"Yea! I am busy at the moment. No I can not come right now. Ok fine you owe me." Brendon looks at me with disappointment, "That was Ryan and he is freaking out because one of the songs doesn't feel right and he wants me to record a part over again. So I have to go. Can we pick up where we left off when I get back?"

"All depends I have an 8 am flight in the morning so I might be asleep. But I love you baby."

"Yeah I love you too and now I am extremely horny right now."

"See you when you get home?"

"Yea, bye." Brendon gets changed and leaves. While he was gone I packed for my trip to Chicago and I realized in my old room the pictures of me and William all over my dressers and walls. Will is a good man but I don't love him like I do Brendon. I removed all the pictures and put them into a box and stashed them away in my closet. Then I prayed to myself I would not bump into him while in Chicago. After I finished my light packing I went to bed and did not even here Brendon come home. I woke up the next morning to give Brendon a morning delight and left for the airport.
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