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Making up is fun to do

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After the couples fight Brendon tries to resolve it. What happens when Izzie doesn't want to listen? read rate and review

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Brendon's POV

No matter how hard I tried I could not fall asleep. I decided to go into Izzie's room and beg for forgiveness. I went to her room in just a t-shirt and my boxers and turned the door knob but it was lock. Then I knocked to for her to let me in but she said no. Not one to give up I continued to knock on her door which turned into me practically banging down her door until she finally opened up.

"May I help you with something? I am trying to sleep and you continuously banging on my door is not helping." I looked over what she was wearing. She was wearing a black baby doll lingerie top that tied at the bust and matching panties. "What are you staring at? Earth to Brendon! Unless you want a broken nose I suggest you stand away from the door before it lands on your face." She swung the door close but my foot as in the doorway to prevent it from closing. I walked in and slammed the door shut behind me.

"Excuse me the last time I remembered this was my room and you are violating my personal space."

"Funny the last time I remembered the deed was in my name so that technically makes this my house and my room. And also the last time can remember this was the spare guest room."

"Fuck you Brendon. I just get my shit together and leave and spend the night at a hotel."

"To hell if you are."

"Seriously move the fuck out of my way. Brendon I am not joking move." I just stood there in front of the door not willing to budge. She turned away and proceeded to exit out of her closet. I grabbed her arm to spin her around and push her up against the wall.

"If you leave now you and I will never recover from tonight. Now do you want that to happen?" The next thing I felt was her palm colliding with my face. I forced a kiss between us and she kept resisting. When I pulled away she took her other palm and smacked the other side. Seeing that I wasn't giving up she pulled me in for a kiss. She quickly removed my shirt and pushed me back until I was at the edge of her bed and she pushed onto the bed.

Not one who doesn't like a girl who is in control, I mean I think it is fucking sexy when a girl is control, I decided that I needed to be in control this time around. So I flipped us over so she was on the bottom and untied her baby doll top and threw it somewhere in the dark room. I started to bite hard on her neck almost making sure she would have marks the next day letting her know who she really belonged to. I continued to bite her all the way down her body and when I got to her panties I pulled them off with my teeth and threw them in the dark oblivious room. I then quickly removed my boxers and pushed myself inside of her. We both had so much built up frustration that even though I may have been rough she continued to moan and scream out my name.

Then on a total impulse I flipped us over again to where she was on top. She looked at me confused because this was the first time she was on top. She straddled me and begins to grind me in circles. I grab her hip and continue to thrust into her. I feel her getting tight around me and we both cum at the same time. She collapses on top of me and slides off to lay on her side. I kiss her gently and she gives me her apologetic eyes and begins to open her mouth to speak before I cut her off.

"You don't need to say you are sorry I am the one who should not have yelled over something as stupid as talking about marriage and kids."

"Yea but I almost left because of it instead of talking about it."

"I know and I am sorry if I was rough with you but I needed to make my point across that I was not going to let you give up on us that easily."

"And I am sorry for smacking you...twice. Does it hurt?" She put her hands to both sides of my face and I took both her hands into mine and pulled her into a kiss.

"Not anymore. At least it stopped hurting after we started to have sex. And by the way we need to have more fights to have more amazing sex like that and you need to get more lingerie like that too. And where did that lingerie come from?"

"I have secrets that I need to keep to myself Mr. Urie and there might be some more like that in your near future." She giggled and kissed me.

"Good because I think I may have ripped the one you were wearing." She smiled and looked at me again with her apologetic eyes.

"I just want to let you know I just said the things I said because I just wanted to make you angry. I really do want to get married and have kids but not now at least."

"I know and when you are ready to settle down I will be here waiting."

"You have no choice. Because who else is going to give you mind blowing sex like me?"

"Audrey or obsessed groupies?" I looked over at her and she wasn't laughing. She arched an eyebrow and she was getting up to leave. "Izzie I was joking."

"I know but I want to go to sleep in my room."

"Izzie this is your room."

"Last time I remembered this was the guest bedroom and I sleep in our room. Or did you forget already?" She open the door and left but not before she poked he head in as asked "Are you coming?" So I got up and followed her into our room and feel asleep in our bed.
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