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Is the honeymoon over already?

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Brendon's POV

Before you know it we went to Rome and was on a flight back home. When Izzie and I got home we were so exhausted from our flight that we wanted nothing more than to sleep. We left our luggage at the bottom of the stairs and proceeded upstairs. As we headed in separate directions to our own rooms, Izzie came into my room with a confusing look on her face.

"What's the matter babe?"

"Well I was about to head to my room then I realized we never talked about the sleeping arrangement. Do we still sleep in our own rooms or do we sleep in one room. But which room, your's is bigger but mine has the closet that is practically a room. So what do we do?"

"Izzie we will sleep in my room due to it is bigger but you can keep your closet and we can close off that entrance that leads into the room and make your old room the spare guest bedroom. Satisfied?"

"No, I need sleep so move over."


"Fine!" We both fall asleep and are waken to the sound of Izzie's cell phone going off.

"Hello? Hey mom. Yea we made it home safely. Well mom, Brendon and I were too tired and must have fallen asleep for like 8 hours." Now she was sitting up looking at the time it was 10 at night. Izzie's eyes got big as her mom kept talking. "I don't know mom if William's plane landed safely in Chicago. Well mom I can not be a bad girlfriend if Will and I broke up. Yes mom I said we broke up. Why? Mom that is really none of your busi.. what do you mean if me and Brendon are dating now?" She was smiling and she began to stroke my hand. "Mom I am not smiling or smirking into the phone. Mom me and Brendon are just friends and roommates. What you want to talk to Brendon? Hold on let me go in to his room to see of he is awake." She waited for a few moments before she said, "Brendon are you awake my mom wants to talk to you." She hands me the phone.

"Hello Mrs. Raines. Oh sorry Maria. What do you mean if me and your daughter are dating? Yes I know she broke up with Will. No Mrs. Raines I am not lying to you. What do you mean I am a bad liar? Have you asked Isabella? And she was beating around the bush? Well Maria I don't think it would be in the best interest if me and Isabella were dating and living together. Oh you can hear Isabella laughing in the background. Hold on let me put you on speaker phone."

"Hello again mom."

"Now the two of you cut the bullshit!" Izzie's mom screamed into the phone. "I know the two of you are together because you two are made for each other. Brendon you are the worst liar ever, ever since you were younger and I asked you where my daughter was you always said some bullshit excuse and then Isabella was always found locked up or tied up somewhere. And you Isabella, I know when my own daughter is lying. You were lying to yourself all these years when you told yourself over and over again that you did not have feelings for Brendon even though that summer you and your sister went to go visit his family and you two had your first kiss with one another. You said you felt nothing but yet you kept talking about it. So tell me the fucking truth are you two together or do we have to call Brendon's mom to join in the conversation?"

"There is no need to do that Mrs. Raines."

"So should we tell her?"

"We have no choice."

"Yes mom me and Brendon are together and kinda got together right before Will and I broke up."

"So who confessed their feelings first? It was you Brendon, wasn't it?"

"Yes Mrs. Raines."

"So when can I be expecting grandchildren from the two of you?"


"What do you still expect me to believe that you are still a virgin now that you are with Brendon? Will was one thing, I knew you would not give up that easily to him. But I am not getting any younger and I want grandbabies damn it! Because you know your sister Diana isn't going to have any with that attitude of hers because she can not even keep a boyfriend or girlfriend."

"Mom me and Bren haven't even talked about marriage so what makes you think we are even ready for kids?"

"Because Brendon already knows you are the one and he is too scared to ask the big question or even bring it up." Izzie's eyes shot up at me in shock.

"Oh by the way Brendon you have the permission from me and Isabella's father to marry our daughter."

"Umm thanks Mrs. Raines."

"Oh please call me mom."

"Mother can you not tell dad about us yet because I don't think it will sit very well with him if he knew me and Brendon are dating and living together."

"He is going to find out one way or the other. So look I am going to let the two of you go back and do whatever it was you two were doing. And remember I want a grandson first! Love the two of you."

"Same here on both fronts mom. Bye."

"Bye lovebirds!" Then she hung up the phone. Izzie turned off her phone and looked at me trying to find the right words to say.

"Your mom is scary. I mean she knew that you and I were together. Also that you and I are having sex and she wants us to start making grandbabies especially a grandson. Izzie talk to me and let me know what you are thinking."

"Is it true you want to get married?"

"I am not going to lie to you and not say that the thought has not crossed my mind."

"Brendon I am only 18 and I can not even drink legally and you thought about getting married?"

"What you haven't?"

"Not until now!"

"What did you think about marriage with Will?"

"Why even bring him up?"

"Hmm, I don't know because you two were together for 6 months!"

"Yea we were together for that long but the thought never crossed my mind. And why has it crossed yours? We haven't even been together for 10 days and you are talking about marriage and kids."

"Get it right Isabella! I was only talking about marriage not kids! That was your crazy mother talking about kids!"

"Don't call my mother crazy. You know what to solve your dilemma about the whole marriage thing, I never really planned to get married because I never believed in the thought of marriage! Happy now?"

"That is complete bullshit and you know it! Who was the one always cutting out pictures of engagement rings and watching those shitty wedding shows? Oh right, that would be you!"

"You know what Brendon, I do not need your shitty remarks right now and I don't need for you to be yelling at me! I am going to my room!"


"FINE!" she got up and slammed my door. How can she say she did not believe in marriage? Did I just lose the best thing that has ever happen to me?
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