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Le American's in Paris

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All aboard to Paris! What happens when Brendon does something behind Izzie's back? What is it and what opportunity arises? Hmmm how about Read, Rate and Review?

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Brendon's POV

Izzie and I woke up the next morning and packed up all our belongings and met up with the others to go to the train station to Paris. On the train ride over I laid my head on Izzie's lap while she sketched into her sketch book. She seemed to get frustrated and threw her sketch book on the floor. I picked up her book and flipped through the many sketches she had drawn since we had been in Europe.

"Hey babe, why didn't you show me these earlier? They are really good."

"Don't lie to me. I know they are all shit and I should just give up designing clothes."

"Babe I would not lie to you, you know that. How about you show these to Pete? I heard he is looking for another a designer for Clandestine."

"Yea right. Pete would probably laugh at my sketches."

"No he won't he is not like that."

"That's ok, I will keep my sketches between you and me for now. I am going to use the bathroom and then go get me a snack. Do you want anything?"

"Coffee and a kiss."

"I can manage that." She bent down and kissed me and left. As soon as she left I got up and sat next to Pete.

"What's up man?"

"Nothing. I think I have found that new designer for Clandestine you have been looking for." I handed him Izzie's sketch book and I kept an eye out for Izzie just in case she came back much sooner than expected.

"Who drew these?"

"The one and only Izzie Raines. She even makes some of the stuff she draws. Like that dress she wore at our house warming party, 100% all her. So what do you think?"

"I think you just found my new designer. Hey Izzie come over here for a minute." Izzie had come back way too soon and she handed me my coffee and looked at Pete who was holding on to her sketch book and gave me the look of death.

"Brendon, why does Pete have my sketch book?"

"I have your sketch book because Brendon thought he had found my new designer for Clandestine. Now are all of these sketches 100% your original ideas?"

"Yea I would never steal my ideas from another designer."

"Good. So when we get back to the U.S. I will draw up the contracts and you can start helping designing the spring collection."

"Wait you are going to give me the designer position?"

"Yep, and you can thank Mr. Urie for that. But make sure when you thank him it is not in front of me. I do not want to be traumatize."

"Yea thanks Pete for the opportunity and you will not be disappointed."

"Good, now you two kids leave me alone to sleep until we get to Paris."

"Okay," we both said in unison. We headed back to our seats and Izzie gave me the death look again.

"Okay, I know you told me not to show Pete your sketches but I did not want your talent to go to waste. So please stop giving me the death look right about now."

"Brendon, I am only going to say this once and then never say it again. Thank you for showing my sketches to Pete but when I say not to do something that involves going behind my back don't do it, I won't be as forgiving the next time. Okay?"

"Okay, but you got the position and Pete did not laugh. He actually really loved all your sketches."

"So now that I am a designer for Clandestine, do I quit school for it?"

"I don't think your parents would be very happy if you decided to quit school before you even went. You still have an entire year before you need to make that decision."

"What if Pete asks me to move to Chicago or LA to design?"

"I don't think will ask you to do that. And besides he has to fight me in order for you to move out of our house." She laughs and I pull her in for a kiss until I heard a cough behind us. I turned over and Will was staring at us and went back to reading his magazine. "How long has he been sitting behind us?"

"I honestly don't know and don't care because you were about to kiss me before we were rudely interrupted by the ex."

"Oh yea?"

"Yea," we kissed and pulled away from one another and just stared at each other for a minute before Izzie laid her head down in my lap like I was doing earlier. I gently stroke her curly black hair. She dosed off and before we knew it we were in Paris. We get our luggage and head to the hotel. Again we were in a car with Will, somehow I think he is upset that Izzie and me are dating and he wants to make sure her and I don't do anything while he is around. We get to the hotel and check in, Izzie gave Sisky her room and we headed up to our room. She smiles sleepily and looks at me.

"Do you mind if we don't have sex tonight?"

"Yea I don't mind. You don't have to ask not to have sex with me."

"I know I just I am so exhausted that I just want to go out to eat tonight and walk around a little bit to look at the lights and then come back to sleep next to you."

"That sounds nice, but we can watch movies."

"Brendon no offense but we are in Paris and the last time if I can remember everything here is in French."

"Yeah but I brought my portable dvd player and cables and we can watch movies on the t.v. And I brought you your Grey's Anatomy dvds just incase you were bored at all during this trip."

"My love for you has literally grown over the past two minutes."

"Oh so all I need to do is bring up Grey's Anatomy and you love me more."

"Umm...yea." She came up to me and kissed me, "but seriously I love you no matter what."

"So do I. Now let's get ready for dinner and Paris at night." She nodded and both of us got ready. We went to dinner and walked around the city for about an hour. We head back to our hotel and took a shower together, just a shower. Then both of us crawled into bed watching movies and Grey's Anatomy. After 4 hours of watching nothing but movies, Izzie fell asleep curled up next to me with one hand on my stomach and the other laced with one of my hands. At that moment I knew she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
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