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Chapter 4: Breaking Backs With Heavy Hearts

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Abby and Patrick are teenagers in love....drama insues

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Chapter 4: Breaking Backs With Heavy Hearts

Heya Peeps! Kendra(falloutpanicgirl) here! I wrote this one so lemme know what you think!

Patrick's Pov

I awoke the next morning with a throbbing headache. I barely remember last night. I remember going to a party after the radio show. A scene played through my head of earlier this morning.


It's around two am. I've consumed numerous glasses of alcohol.I know there was something I was supposed to do..but I can't put my finger on what exactly. Before I'm quite obvious to what's going on I have a pair of unfamiliar lips pressed against mine.I slowly start to kiss back when I remember,Abby! Using all the strength I can muster;being 18 and drunk; I shove. It was the most popular girl from my old high school. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I somehow manage to say. "Word got around that you were in a band 'Trick. Bands usually get famous which equals money,duh" Lauren stated. "Yeah well drunk or not I am not sleeping with you. I have a girlfriend waiting for me back home. Which I am going to call so move your slutty ass out of my face!" I see my band mates looking at me in shock,but personally? I don't care. I'm usually shy,but nothing will ever come between Abagail and I. That was one promise I was planning on keeping. I collapse on my bed and pull out my cell to call her. Everything seems to be spinning and finally my eyes just shut,and my cell falls gently on my cheap hotel bed.

End Flashback

"Welcome to the world of hangovers kiddo" It was Pete. "Shut up" I grumble sitting up. He can be so annoying at times but I'll admit this,he's a better lyricist than I'll ever be. I shudder and think back to the album I wrote whilst still in high school. I was comparing it to the newer stuff that either he wrote or I wrote and he helped me write. Yeah definitely better. I look at the clock. Seven in the morning California time. That means it was at least eight in the morning Chicago Time. I picked up my cell and finally,dialed Abby's number.

Abby's POV

"Do you Abagail take this man to be your husband?" " I do" "And do Patrick take this woman to be your wife?" For some reason Patrick's voice was replaced with a ringing. I awoke to the not so pleasant sound of a telephone. "Hello?"I snapped. It eight in the morning and pregnant girls get moody. "Hi baby..." My attitude changed hearing my boyfriend. "Hi honey! I didn't miss your call last night did I?" "No..I was erm busy last night. How are you baby?" "Actually Patrick there is something I have to tell you..."Same here" "Abagail breakfast!" "Patrick we gotta go!" "Fuck" "love you bye"

It was clear now.With my luck I would never get to tell him. I knew what I would now have to do.

Eleven Months Later

I rocked a crying Melanie in my arms. Patrick still didn't know. They were getting ready to shoot another video. Patrick's 19th birthday was right around the corner. We had been in contact via email mainly because I didn't want him to hear Mel. I missed him so much. I wondered when I would ever see him again?

end Abby's pov

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months and Years passed. Abby had given Mel up for adoption when she was two. Patrick had become very successful. They had finally got signed onto a major record label. He wondered if Abby would recognize him? He had changed over the years. Pete was off doing an interview so Patrick flew home to Chicago. He gently knocked on the door.

Abby's Pov

What was supposed to be mine and Patrick's sixth anniversary was today. There was a knock on the door. I didn't feel like company,but I answer it anyways. "Hel...Patrick?" I look at the stranger in front of me. "Yes Abby it's me" I don't say any more, I launch myself onto him attaching lips to his. He kisses me back fiercely then pulls away. "Abby..I know it's been three years but I'll be home for a while. I need to know.." He kneeled in front of me. "Marry me?"

Author's Notes: mwhaha queen of cliffhangers. I know there's some questions that need to be answered. Yes there was time transistions. We needed to get this story rolling. I hope it's not too confusing. Point two. Yes Patrick drinks or atleast he used too, and even if he didn't it's called fanfiction for a reason. See ya in chapter 6!
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