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Chapter Quatre

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four little ants walked out the door, never to return.

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Hi all, the summary was my way of mourning, sortof. My goldfish, Corn, died about ten minutes ago. So sad :'(. This chappy is dedicated to ron337 and Rara for guessing the song, it was High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup. Todays song is appropriate for Corn's passing, please try and guess it "You were young, you were bright, you were beautiful. You were everything anyone could want from a child. You were not supposed to leave this world that way. You were not supposed to leave this world that day." Just a hint, its a Good Charlotte song.

The next couple weeks went by smoothly.

Today was the day Gerard, Chloe, Good Charlotte, and Joel and Benji's girlfriends (or in Benji's case fiancé.). Everyone was happy to finally meet Benji's fiancé, she hadn't been able to fly out before because her boss made her stay in New York.

Mikey, Veronica, Chris, Katherine, Frank, Ray, Bob, Ellie, and Kaitlin were all waiting for them.

"This tour is going to be so fun!" Kaitlin said.

"Yea, I can't wait for everyone to get here. Do you know they sent us three busses?" Veronica said.

"They did? Are they the same size as last time?" Ellie asked.

"Yep, eight bunks in each, plus there's a pull out couch in each one. I thought me, Mikey, Chloe, Gerard, Joel and his girlfriend, Benji and his fiancé, and then the kids on one bus. Then Kaitlin, Ellie, Frank, Ray, and Bob and his girlfriend on another one. Then on the last one Billy, Paul, Dean, then Tony if they brought him, Brian and their manager on the last bus." Veronica said.

"You over thought that." Joel said from behind Veronica.

"Joely!" Veronica yelled turning around. She hugged him.

"Hey Vee." Joel said. "This is my girlfriend Aurora." He gestured to a short redheaded girl next to him.

"Nice to meet you." Veronica smiled.

"You too, Veronica I'm guessing." Aurora said.

"That's me." Veronica said. "How'd you guess?"

"Um, besides the two kids hiding behind you, Joel talks about you a lot." Aurora laughed. "The black and pink hair was one of my first clues."

"Ah, okay. This is Katherine and Chris." Veronica pulled her kids from their hiding spot behind her.

"Hey Katherine and Chris, I'm Aurora." She said crouching down.

"Hi." Katherine and Chris both said at the same time.

"Mr. Benji, introduce me to your fiancé." Veronica said turning her attention to Benji.

"This is Ericka, my fiancé." Benji said pointing to the girl standing next to him. She had long black hair and striking electric blue eyes.

"Hey." She said shyly with a wave.

"Hi!" Veronica said, she pulled Ericka into a hug. Ericka hugged back, startled. "Congratulations on the engagement."

"Thanks, I think." Ericka looked to Benji, he chuckled. Veronica laughed too.

"So, are we waiting on Gerard and Chloe?" Billy asked.

"Yes. Oh my god, I forgot about you and Paul and Dean, Billy." Veronica rushed to hug all three of them. "I haven't seen you dudes in so long!"

"Hey! Why do they get all the love?" Someone said from behind Veronica, Mikey laughed.

"Gee!" Veronica yelled turning around. She hugged Gerard and Chloe.

"Um, hi would work." Chloe said after Veronica hugged her.

"Yea, yea. Get home and get your crap so we can go on tour." Veronica said.

Once everyone had loaded all their stuff on their designated bus, they were ready to go on tour.
Okies, i have less than i thought left to post. The next chapter is going to be the last, then this story will be over, for good. So i dont want anyone to ask for another addition to it, you'll understand once you read the next chapter. Just as a warning, its really short.
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